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Dreams, Schemes, Moments Wasted... In A Good Way Of Course

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Some crazy shit with Cobra... Nothing more needs to be said....

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I didn't think while walking through the streets of Chicago that I would get run over by some lunatic. In Chicago, a star would have to be crazy to go walking through the streets without some kind of security. But this one was. I wasn't expecting a thing, just looking for my friends. But then he hit me. No, not "it", but "he". And of course, I would react as though a rapist was trying to take me away.


"What the fuck?! Are you blind or do you just not know how to use your damn eyes?" I said, glaring at the unknown mad man with green eyes. I sat up, dusting off my coat and using him shoulder to push myself up. I grimaced down at his head until he started to get up, before deciding on what to do. "If you don't answer the damn question, I'm gonna scream really, really loud." I threatened, my arms folded across my chest stubbornly.

He stood up, his face darkened by the shadows and lit a little by the moonlight. "Sorry," he said, his voice hitting me as strangely familiar. "I was in a hurry, and I couldn't see because it's so damn dark." he said, frowning. "Please don't scream. I don't need that." he said, "I have an idea," he said, digging through his backpack and grabbing my hand and putting some cardboard papers in it.

I swiftly pulled my hand away and squinted to try to read the shiny silver print. "What the hell is this?" I said, raising an eyebrow suspiciously. I folded my arms across my chest again, looking at him with truly curious eyes.

"Tickets to my band's VIP CD signing. Keep them, as long as you don't scream." he said, smiling apologetically. He looked so familiar, I felt like I knew him, but at the same time I didn't. An almost Deja Vu-like feeling.He set the backpack down, rubbing the back of his head and making a little wincing sound.

"What makes you think I'd want these? I don't even know what band you're fucking talking about!" I said suspiciously, looking at him with clouded green eyes. "Why would you just assume? It makes an ass out of you and me." I said, giggling at my bad joke before going back to a serious face again. As if these were gonna make up for her sore ass. "Who are you anyways?" I said, My cheeks turning a little bit rosy. There wasn't much of a need to ask. I had a pretty good idea."

"Cobra Starship? I think everyone's heard our name. They've been giving tickets away for our concert all week on the radio. I'm Nate Navaro, the drummer." he said matter of factly, rubbing the back of his head again. "You can just keep them,' he said, looking a little hurt for a second. "I mean, even if you don't want them, you could some good money for those.

After he said Nate Navaro, I had to hold in a scream. "So, how do you know I w-w-want these?" I stuttered, My cheeks even pinker that before. He smiled a cocky grin, slinging his backpack over a shoulder. My green eyes shone with excitement as I looked down at the tickets again. Without saying a word, I just smiled stupidly, forcing myself to keep up my tough girl act.

"Because you're fucking stuttering. It's hard not to catch..." he said, breaking off into a laugh. "You're very easy to read." he said. "The only thing I can't read is what your name is..." he said, trailing into a question.

I was about to respond when I heard the worried calls of my friends that I was looking for. "Ali?! Where are you Ali?!" they called. "Over here guys!" I responded. I looked down. Only three tickets. "Cough 'em up... I need two more tickets." I demanded, holding out my hand and wiggling my fingers.

He looked at me for a second, completely silent. So, to hurry him up, I opened my mouth, as if to scream. He grabbed his backpack, rifled through it, and found two more tickets, grabbing me and putting his hand over my mouth.

"HOLY GOD! GET THE HELL OFF HER YOU ASSWIPE!" My friend Amy yelled, though I quickly gave her a hand motion to stay where she was. I grabbed Nate's hand, and took it off my mouth quickly. "Really? With all the black you're wearing, you could totally pass as some evil rapist who's gonna molest me till I die in his dirty apartment." I said bluntly.

"Wow. Descriptive much?" Harper (my other friend) said as the whole group came up behind me.

"Guys this is Nate. Nate, this is Amy, Mandy, Harper, And Sora." I said. They all erupted into a chorus of "hellos".

"Well, I gotta get going." Nate said, I started to turn but he grabbed my arm and folded my hand around the remaining 2 tickets.

I looked at him. "Thanks. But you gotta go. Get outta here!' I said and smiled, slowly slipping my hand out of his and hearing muffled whistles and giggles behind me.

"Only if you promise I'll see you at the CD signing..." he said, giving me a crooked grin, and looking at me with hopeful brown eyes.

"If it makes you leave, then of course," I said, my face bright pink. It turned from embarrassed to humorous. "But if you ever run into me again, I'll kick you where it hurts." I said, giggling and turning away. I heard him chuckle, amused, and started walking, of course being shrouded with questions, teasing, and comments.
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