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Last Stop

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Natalie makes her last visit, to Chaos. Will she come back out alive?

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When she left, Havoc said nothing, but he didn't try to stop or harm her again. She almost wished that he'd resisted. She could've stalled her next visit.

A hand landed on her shoulder and she realized she'd been standing in front of the B1 airlock for nearly a minute. She looked at the guard standing next to her.

"Put these on for now." He said, handing her a pair of dark sunglasses, "It will take a moment for a more suitable replacement. Stay back until the proper block is put in place."

She nodded and let all three guards walk in ahead of her. Once inside, she saw the boy sitting at the table with his back to them. His right hand moved and she heard paper rustle. A book, she realized. He was reading a book.

She was sure the guards didn't make a sound while approaching him and he didn't look at their reflections in the glass, but before a guard could tap Chaos' shoulder, he spoke up.

"Can we do this quickly?" He inquired without picking his head up, voice an even monotone. "I'm busy."

Thinking back on Blight's words, Natalie nodded but didn't step forward. "It shouldn't take long."

She looked towards one of the guards and the man held up a steel blindfold from where it had been hanging on his belt. Without a word, Chaos put a bookmark between the pages he had been reading, closed the book and set it on the table beside him, all without every moving his head. He held out a hand and the guard with the blindfold handed him a strip of white fabric. Cotton, Natalie thought. Chaos wrapped the strip around his eyes twice, looping it around and tying it behind his head. Once that was done, he straightened up and waited for the guard to fit the steel into place around his head. It locked securely in the back.

Once that was done, the guards stepped aside a little, enough for Natalie to do her job. It didn't take long, as she had promised, and Chaos bore through it without a word. He followed her instructions, but otherwise didn't move from his spot. When she was done, Natalie was ushered out the door before his blindfold was removed. Once she was back into the main hall, she let out a sigh of relief. She could finally leave B complex and find somewhere to sooth her frayed nerves. But she knew she would have to come back the next day and the next and the next before her duties were truly over.
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