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Listen Close

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Vex sits and listens when he has trouble sleeping, but tonight, something sounds different.

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Lying in bed with headphones covering his ears, quietly playing soft classical music, Vex thought back on the events of the last few days. That doctor - Natalie something - had come back once a day for three days. It was the first time he'd ever had a doctor examine him, but he was used to being watched at all times of the day. That wasn't what bothered him.

After so long of being left to do just about whatever they pleased, he and his brothers were having their health checked. Why? He couldn't help but wonder. Why now, after so long? Was something going to happen to them? Worry plagued him, not allowing him to sleep, but he wasn't sure if he could say anything to his brothers.

He had been keeping his music quiet for the past few days, at times even turning it off, but keeping his headphones on. He had been listening. Nothing out of the ordinary was said, not even when they were out of earshot. None of the people around him knew just how well or how far Vex could hear, but they still said nothing suspicious.

Sighing to himself, he slipped his headphones off of his ears and set them aside. Instead, he focused on the rooms to his left and right and listened to the sound of his brothers' breathing as he had done many nights before when sleep eluded him.

Solace made small noises in his sleep, mumbling quietly about something Vex couldn't understand. Blight was breathing steadily, coughing every once in a while. More than usual. It worried Vex a little, but the regulated hum of the machine Blight was always hooked up to reassured him. Havoc, on the other hand, was snoring loudly, tossing in his sleep every five minutes or so. Chaos, as always, was completely still, taking in evenly measured breaths. Vex shook his head, a small smile tugging at his lips. Chaos was completely in control, even in his sleep.

After nearly thirty minutes of listening, Vex started to drift between consciousness and sleep. A shift in the regular sounds he had been listening to called for his attention. He was almost too far gone to hear it. He shot upright and focused his attention on the next room over, blocking everything else out. It was different. Something was wrong. The quiet, mechanical hum coming from the room to his left had changed.

Blight wasn't breathing.
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