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Making Amends

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Chapter 5

By: Brynn Parker (who has decided to name this chapter...and does not own Full Metal Alchemist, just for the record)


Havoc trembled as he heard his doom stomping up the steps. He almost started crying when he heard the door swing open, and he really did when three terrifying words echoed through the apartment.


It seemed as if his life was flashing before his eyes...from the earliest thing he could remember: the first time he ever put a cigarette in his mouth, to joining the military, to trying to get a date with Armstrong's sister... 'Hey, that really did suck...' he thought, 'Wait a minute...why am I thinking about this...I AM ABOUT TO DIE!'

"Oh, so you're jealous, huh?" That was Hawkeye's voice. She wasn't trying to explain anything? Did she want Havoc to die!

Mustang simply screamed a little more and then Havoc heard footsteps coming towards his hiding place. He suddenly realized that the closet in Hawkeye's bedroom probably wasn't very clever...he looked around and, seeing a pile of clothes in the corner, quickly began to cover up with them.


When Roy opened the door with a look of pure rage on his face and started screaming at Riza, she completely forgot about Havoc's predicament and proceeded to push him farther over the edge. She was so angry...

Roy stormed away and started looking around, "HAVOC!" he yelled, looking under the bed and then walking back into the living room, "HAVOC!"

Riza followed him around, sighing, but almost started laughing when he finally opened the door to the closet Havoc was in.

The blonde guy was sitting there, covered in Riza's clothing. Roy, however, didn't think this was funny, and pulled Havoc out of the closet by the front of his shirt after pulling a white glove out of his pocket and preparing to snap his fingers.

Riza chose this moment to burst out laughing. Roy looked at her strangely and Havoc turned towards her with a tears building up in the corner of his eyes. "Roy..." she said, gasping for breath, "Put him down..."

Roy dropped the man and Havoc scurried to safety behind the couch. "What's so funny..." Roy snarled.

She swallowed and finished her laughter, grinning at the man that she had just played for a complete fool, "I told you Havoc was here to make you jealous," she said simply, shrugging.

Roy's eyes widened and he looked over at the man that had nearly been toasted just a few seconds ago. Havoc grinned nervously over the side of the couch. "So you're saying...but...why is he here?"

"Uh, can I go now?" Havoc whimpered. Riza and Roy both glared over at him and he shut up quickly.

"He offered to give me a ride home and I thought he'd found out about you and I took him up here and to tell him what would happen if he told."

Roy took her hands and pressed his lips to hers, then held her to him, putting his chin on top of her head. "I'm sorry..." he said.

Riza sighed, thinking of seeing that girl in his house, "This isn't over you know," she said, glaring up at him, "Who was that girl in your house?"

"I haven't seen her for years, I swear," Roy said, "She was an old girlfriend of mine...I still don't really know why she was at the house."

Riza kissed him again, "Then I should be the one saying sorry. I overreacted."

"We both did," Roy said firmly, "Is that fair?"

She nodded and leaned up to kiss him again, but Havoc cleared his throat nervously. "Uh..." he stuttered, "I r-really think I should g-go b-before you...uh..."

Riza turned towards him. "You promise you won't tell a single soul about us, not a word to anyone?"

Havoc nodded, and Riza tossed him the keys. He scrambled up from behind the couch and ran out the door as the couple started kissing more passionately.

He wiped his forehead as he got into the car, getting his breath back and slowing his heart, "This has got to be the weirdest night of my life..." he groaned, putting another cigarette in his mouth, "And I can't even tell anyone..."


Roy pushed Riza against the wall, requesting entrance to her mouth. She let him in and their tongues fought once again.

She pushed him away, and he simply stared at her as she sighed sadly. "It's going to be hard to start back where we left off," she said.

"Why?" he asked, "I thought we'd worked this out..."

"We did," she said, walking into the living room, "I just...don't you feel upset that I didn't trust you? I mean, how are we supposed to be together if...if I could think you were cheating on me and you could think..." she smiled a little, "that I was with Havoc?"

He walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her from behind, putting his hands on her hips and kissing her temple. "How? We love each other...don't we?" he whispered in her ear.

She felt like melting into his touch, but she sighed. "Roy?" she turned around, "Do you love me?"

"Of course I love you," he said, "I told you that back at the park..."

"But don't you tell that to every woman you go out with?"

He bent his head, ashamed. It was true...every man knew that there was no better way to get a woman to sleep with them than telling her he loved her. "Yes...but it's real when I tell you."

She wrapped her arms around his neck and then leaned her head against his, "I trust you," she said, and then kissed him fiercely. "Now let's get back to where we left off."


Lilly quickly got into the cab. She didn't know when Mustang was getting back, but she knew she didn't want to be there when he did. "Where you going?" the cab driver asked.

"Central headquarters please," she said. She smiled a little, thinking of the fact that she was on her way to getting the money that she had promised for this stunt.

"Hey Archer," she said from the door, "I got what you asked are your pictures." She threw the photos of Mustang and Hawkeye o the desk. "Now, can I have my money?"

"Hello," a voice said from behind her. A man with long, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail was standing in front of the door, a maniacal grin on his face. "I bet you'd never realized how beautiful the sound of explosions are..."

Lilly spun around, glaring at Archer. "Who is this guy?"

"Kimbley!" Archer said, ignoring her, "Please bring this out on the balcony...and get someone to clean it up later."

"I'd be delighted," Kimbley answered, advancing on the girl.

Lilly didn't even get the chance to scream.


Riza stretched as the morning sun poured through the window, and jumped when she saw who's arm was wrapped around her.

Roy looked over at her, raising an eyebrow, "Surprised to see me?"

She laughed, "Just for a's been a long time."

"Really?" he said, "You seemed so intimidating when we first started dating, like you knew what you were doing."

"No, I did," she said, "I'm just usually a bit more ruthless."

They were silent for a moment, and Roy finally broke the silence. "You know, I might have kept my cool on our other dates, but I was actually really nervous."

"I felt like a little kid," Riza agreed, "When I got home after you took me to that nice restaurant, I came home and I shrieked."

"You shrieked?"

"I did."

Black Hayate jumped up on the bed and rested his head on Riza's stomach, growling softly at Roy. Riza tapped him on the head, "Hayate!" she scolded.

"No, it's alright," Roy said, smiling, "I'm an intruder."

She got up and pulled on a robe, "Well, I'm going to go shower...we've got to go to work."

"Yes ma'am," he muttered. She threw some soap at him from the bathroom and he chuckled. Things were going to be a bit different from now on.

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