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Chapter 2

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Lonesoul and Moonhowler begin to grow-up

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Chapter 2
The next couple weeks were, by all definition, hell on Earth. Not only has the pup, Moonhowler he called himself, scared away most of his prey, the pup insisted on keeping him up at the night with his annoying whining. One day, the last day of the second week, Moonhowler had decided to howl at the moon. (Note from the author: No...That pun was not intended.)
"What are you doing?!"Lonesoul jumped up and tackled him.
"I...I was just trying to contact my pack...I...I really miss my mom...and my dad" His eyes grow wide and started to water.
"Well do you want the Shadowdemons finding us?!"Lonesoul yelled, making Moonhowler flinch.
" but-"
"They're gonna if they find out that two lone pups are out here! May as well lather yourself in deer meat and wave yourself in front of their noses!"
"OK!" Moonhowler snapped, tears streaming down his face. "I get it! I'm a worthless piece of meat! Got it!"
Lonesoul smiled. "Atta boy...that's the attitude ya need out here..."
"R-really?" Moonhowler sniffed.
" know...we might actually manage a friendship."
"Really?!" Moonhowler smiled and jumped up, tail wagging
"Now get to bed...tomorrow...I'll start teaching you how to be quiet when hunting...but only if you don't make a single all got it?"
Moonhowler nodded furiously and lay down, asleep in seconds. Lonesoul sighed and laid his head on a clump of grass. What did he get himself into?


The next morning the lessons began. While Moonhowler didn't get it at first, he was surprised at how fast he managed to get it down.
In a couple of weeks, he had it down exactly.
"I gotta hand it to ya Moon...I never thought you would manage it." Lonesoul glanced around quickly, checking the location of any hostile predators.
"To be honest I thought I wouldn't either!" Moonhowler smiled.
" that you can...go get me a deer...and make it snappy...consider it your final test."
Moonhowler nodded and ran off and Lonesoul sat down. A couple minutes later Moonhowler came back with a full grown buck in his mouth, blood dripping from his cheeks. Lonesoul got up and examined the buck.
"Well...looks like you pass your test...let's eat." Moonhowler nodded and dropped the buck. They started eating, the buck gone in seconds.


In the next months, Lonesoul's and Moonhowler's bodies grew until they were full-sized, full-grown wolves. Lonesoul became a large, muscular-built male while Moonhowler became a lean, skinny male. While Lonesoul seldom talked, Moonhowler was always trying to kindle a conversation out of everything. Though Lonesoul usually just nodded, one time he snorted saying,
"You need a female least then you would be outta my fur."
He merely sighed. "What female loner wants me? Hell I haven't even seen a female since we almost ran into that pack's recon..."
"Yeah...I know what'cha mean..."
"How 'bout we sleep here tonight?" Moonhowler points at a spot under a tree.
Lonesoul looked up at the sky and nodded. There they lay down and Moonhowler was, as usual, asleep in seconds. Lonesoul started thinking though he was extremely tired. Maybe Moon was right... maybe they did need to find another pack and...Join into it. The thought disgusted him but...maybe it was necessary if not for him, for Moon. Lonesoul sighed and closed his eyes.

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