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Chapter 3

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Lonesoul goes hunting and meets another wolf. What will he do?

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Chapter 3
Lonesoul woke up the next day, Moonhowler pressed against his side. "Uhm…Moonhowler? Your kinda close there …"Lonesoul said, lifting his head and yawning. Moonhowler lifted his head. "Huh? Oh…right…sorry…"He got up and walked a couple yards away from Lonesoul. "Just got cold last night…winters comin' at last and the winds get cold." Lonesoul got up and shook out his fur. "No no…I was just wondering why you were in my fur is all."He said with a smile. "Oh ha ha very funny… this time you go get breakfast…"Moonhowler smiled as well. "Oh fine…Ill go get a nice buck for us." Lonesoul jumped behind a bush and began the hunt.
With his ears perked his ears forword and listened to the sounds of nature. He heard a russling in an opening and poked his head through wondering what lay ahead. He saw a nice plump buck in the small clearing, chewing on the grass. He began to crouch, readying to pounce when a she-wolf pounced on it and made the final kill, digging her claws and teeth in the buck's neck. She was a strange purple wolf with a light blue muzzle and underbelly. The buck resisted for a second, kicking wildly at first then it slowly lost the energy to fight. She lifted her head, muzzle covered in the buck's blood, and smiled. "Food for the pack tonight!" She yelled. Lonesoul thought about what he and Moon had discussed last night and sighed. For Moon, he thought as he stepped into the clearing. The she-wolf gasped and looked at him. "Wh-who are you?" She asked, taking a step back. "Oh're…you're a lone wolf aren't you?! Shit shit shit!!"She started to turn but Lonesoul interrupted her. "M-my name is Lonesoul…and I'd like to join your pack."
Moonhowler was sleeping peacefully when Lonesoul burst through the bush yelling. "Ahhh Moonhowler! Get the hell up man! We're joining the Star Tracker pack!" Moonhowler lifted his head lazily. "We…we're joining a…pack?"He asked, confused. "I thought you said that…" Right then the female walked in, looking around. "So this is a lone wolf camp?" She asked, confused. Moonhowler looked at her then Lonesoul, equally confused.
"Moon…this is Star…Alpha of Star Tracker. She has been willing to give us positions in the pack." Lonesoul explained. "Well…ok" Moonhower approached her and bowed. "My name is-"Moonhower began.
"Moonhowler…mix of Silver Tongue and Windhowler…interesting…" Star said, eyes dazzling. "I personaly am full Windhowler" She smiled and turned her head to show him the yellow star outline with a pentagon cutting off the legs from the center and yellow lines reaching from the tips of the legs to the edge of the leg across it. "Woah…."Moonhowler stared at her.
"Ey…grab anything you need to and lets go…we need to hurry up if we wanna get there by night." Lonesoul told, snapping Moonhowler out of his trance.
"Right…"He said, grabbing some deer meat.
"You won't need that…we have plenty at the packs camp…now let's go! My betas are probably wondering if I got lost or some shit like that." Star yelled. The lone wolfs nodded and proceeded to Star Trecker's camp.

Star and the lone wolfs walked through the entrance of the camp filled with about thirteen or so wolves. The camp was on top of a hill with downed logs with blackberry bushes growing through the cracks between the logs to serve as a wall. Moonhowler walked in ears foreword but Lonesoul was not as eager as Moonhowler to walk in to the potentially hostile camp.
“This is your guys’ new camp. Get to know everybody here…might come in handy if your helpless that someone here actually likes you lone wolfs. The dens for the males is that cave over there.” Star gestured to the four-foot high cave in the hill. “Over there is the females dens…males do not approach that den after dusk and same for females with the males den.” She points with her muzzle to a group of black berry bushes with a blanket of leaves on the roof to protect against rain. “Over there are the couple’s dens…and from time to time we get some new pack members from that den” she smiled and pointed to the den surrounded with bushes like the females den but cushioned with piles of leaves for the pups. “And last but not least my den is on the very top of the hill. Now you guys go and meet some new friends…Ill be with my betas.” With that she turned tail and walked towards the den at the top of the hill about three feet of bush until the leaf roof topped it all off.
“Well…seems like a nice camp…not exactly Silver Tongue but it’s a nice camp.” Moonhowler stated smelling the air. “Well…time to go claim our spots in the den am I right?” He smiled and disappeared in the darkness heading to the direction of the den. “Hmm…yep…it’ll do Moon…” Lonesoul said with a sigh. He trotted to Moonhowler and stopped when he heard other voices.
"Sleep outside you lone wolf filth!" One rang out through the cave. Then Moonhowler's,"Why cant we sleep in here?" A white wolf stepped up to him from inside the cave. "Because lonewolf, you must be used to sleeping in the open. So you and your buddy shouldn't need to use up space in here."He smiled and walked back into the cave.
Moonhowler turned to Lonesoul and shrugged. "Looks like we're sleepin outside again."He then walked over a couple yards away from the cave opening and layed down. Lonesoul followed and layed down next to him. This was going to be a long week.
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