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Almost Here

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Dodger, Mickie, Mike, and John had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they went to the aid of a friend in Chicago. (Vampire AU)

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‭”’‬In nine out of ten murders,‭ ‬the killer is someone the victim knew.‭’ ‬That is a theory I’ve heard many times over.‭ ‬Let me just tell you right now,‭ ‬it’s not true.‭ ‬At least,‭ ‬not in Chicago it isn’t.‭ ‬However,‭ ‬that could be because in nine out of ten murders here,‭ ‬vampires are to blame.‭ ‬At this point you’re probably contemplating my sanity,‭ ‬in addition to trying to locate the nearest exit.‭ ‬I can assure you that I am entirely sane,‭ ‬while being deadly serious at the same time.‭ ‬Vampires.‭ ‬Not a word you hear used when talking about reality.‭ ‬But vampires are a very real part of our everyday lives.‭ ‬Past your previous shock,‭ ‬you’re probably trying to figure out why the hell I’m telling you all this.‭ ‬My reasoning is simple:‭ ‬I’m reaching out across the country,‭ ‬trying to find anyone and everyone who can help my friends and me fight these monsters.‭ ‬Please…please help us.‭”

The signal cut out,‭ ‬leaving Mickie and me staring at the blank screen.

‭“‬Was that-‭“

“Yeah,‭” ‬I answered.

‭“‬Did he-‭“


“Should we-‭“

“Let’s go.‭”

The two of us leapt from the couch and headed into our room to pack our bags.

‭“‬If we leave now,‭” ‬I started,‭ ‬throwing random articles of clothing into my bag,‭ “‬we can probably get there by early afternoon tomorrow.‭”

From the corner of my eye,‭ ‬I saw Mickie nod,‭ ‬confirming she’d heard me.

I quickly zipped my bag,‭ ‬immediately heading into the weapons storage room.

After Mickie and I moved to Cleveland from Virginia,‭ ‬we knew we’d made a mistake.‭ ‬The city was littered with vampires,‭ ‬and the two of us were entirely unprepared for it.‭ ‬Luckily for us,‭ ‬we ran into a pair of self-proclaimed‭ “‬hunters‭” ‬who gladly gave us advice on taking out vampires.‭ ‬The four of us have been hunting together ever since.

‭“‬Should we call Mike and John‭?” ‬I asked,‭ ‬picking up my bow and arrows and my silver swords.‭ (‬Blades and arrow tips both doused in Holy water,‭ ‬of course.‭)

“Matt made it sound like they were completely overrun.‭ ‬We should bring all the back-up we can.‭”

“Right.‭ ‬I’m on it.‭” ‬I pulled out my phone,‭ ‬silently thanking ever divinity I’d ever heard of that I’d remembered to charge it.‭ ‬I held down the‭ “‬5‭” ‬key,‭ ‬and the phone speed-dialed Mike’s cell.

‭“‬Hey,‭ ‬hey,‭ ‬hey,‭ ‬Dodger‭! ‬Long time no talk‭!”

“I talked to you yesterday,‭ ‬Hennigan.‭ ‬Where’s Mike‭?” ‬I asked shortly.

‭“‬Ooh,‭ ‬someone’s in a bad mood.‭ ‬He’s right here.‭” ‬There was a rustling on the other end,‭ ‬followed by a muffled,‭ “‬Mike‭! ‬Phone‭!” ‬before a voice came through the receiver.

‭“‬What up,‭ ‬D‭?” ‬I rolled my eyes at his gangster greeting.

‭“‬Looked in a mirror lately,‭ ‬Mizanin‭? ‬News flash:‭ ‬You’re white.‭” ‬He laughed,‭ ‬and I could almost hear him shaking his head.

‭“‬John said you sounded serious.‭ ‬What’s wrong‭?”

“There’s a problem in Chicago.‭ ‬A big one.‭”

There was a short pause,‭ ‬and I could tell he was trying to figure out what to make of this.

‭“‬What kind of problem‭?” ‬he questioned,‭ ‬a trace of worry in his tone.

‭“‬The kind with sharp fangs and bad attitudes,‭” ‬I answered,‭ ‬hearing a sharp intake of breath.

‭“‬How bad‭?”

“Like,‭ ‬city’s overrun and only a few people are there fighting.‭ ‬Mickie and I are leaving,‭ ‬like,‭ ‬now,‭ ‬so we need to know of you’re coming with us.‭”

There was another pause,‭ ‬and muffled voices confirmed he was discussing it with John.

‭“‬Yeah.‭ ‬We can be ready in five minutes.‭”

I nodded,‭ ‬then realized he couldn’t see me.

‭“‬Alright.‭ ‬We meet you at your place.‭”

I closed my phone,‭ ‬not giving a farewell.‭ ‬We didn’t really have time for niceties.

‭“‬They’re coming,‭” ‬I called to Mickie,‭ ‬picking up my bag and slinging it over my shoulder.

‭“‬Good.‭ ‬We might need their help,‭” ‬she answered,‭ ‬coming out of the room to meet me by the front door.

I nodded,‭ ‬not seeing the need for a response.

‭~‬12‭ ‬hours,‭ ‬14‭ ‬minutes,‭ ‬and‭ ‬36‭ ‬seconds later‭~

"Oh my god,‭" ‬I breathed.‭ ‬The once magnificent city of Chicago lay before us in ruin.‭ ‬Mike and I shared a disbelieving look,‭ ‬unable to fathom how the city had gotten so bad.

There was debris everywhere‭; ‬most of the buildings looked like bombs had been set off inside them.

Mike set the car in park,‭ ‬sending me a‭ '‬be careful‭' ‬look before getting out of the car.

Everything was eerily still‭; ‬the only movement was of John pulling up beside us.

It looked as if the entire city had been completely abandoned,‭ ‬but the four of us knew better than to believe that.

The late afternoon sun glinted off of the few windows that were still intact,‭ ‬casting eerie shapes onto the ground.

‭"‬Where‭ ‬is everyone‭?" ‬John asked in a whisper,‭ ‬scared to break the blanket of silence surrounding us.

‭"‬When Matt said that vampires were everywhere,‭ ‬I didn't think he meant that‭ ‬everyone was a vampire,‭" ‬Mickie said,‭ ‬glancing nervously at the setting sun.

‭"‬Don't be ridiculous,‭" ‬I started,‭ ‬probably sounding more hysterical than confident.‭ "‬When the vampires showed up,‭ ‬everyone probably left.‭ ‬There's no way the entire city of Chicago was turned into vampires.‭"

"Thank God for that,‭ ‬because otherwise,‭ ‬we'd have an even bigger problem.‭"

It took a minute for my brain to register that someone else had entered the conversation,‭ ‬but once it had,‭ ‬I turned to face the speaker.

‭"‬Matt‭!" ‬I ran to him,‭ ‬hugging him tightly.‭ ‬After a second of him not reacting,‭ ‬I pulled back,‭ ‬thinking maybe it wasn't Matt after all.

‭"‬D-Dodger‭?" ‬He asked,‭ ‬as if he didn't believe I was standing right in front of him.

I grinned,‭ ‬shaking my head.‭ "‬What other‭ ‬5‭'‬6‭" ‬tattooed redhead would be tackling you‭?"

He returned my grin eagerly,‭ ‬picking me up and spinning the both of us around.

‭"‬What are you doing here‭?" ‬He asked after returning my feet to the ground.

‭"‬We're here to help,‭ ‬Matt,‭" ‬Mickie threw in,‭ ‬coming to stand next to me.

A confused look settled on his face.

‭"‬Help‭? ‬With what‭?"

"The girls saw your broadcast,‭ ‬man,‭" ‬Mike clarified.

‭"‬Y-y'all fight vampires‭?" ‬He asked,‭ ‬eyes wide.

‭"‬Well...yeah.‭ ‬What else would we be doing here‭?" ‬I asked.

‭"‬I just...I never would have expected you four to have to deal with them.‭ ‬Just wishful thinking,‭ ‬I guess.‭"

"You look like you've had it rough,‭" ‬I said softly,‭ ‬pointing to the lacerations across his face.

He nodded,‭ ‬letting out a sigh.

‭"‬It's been...well,‭ ‬after what happened to Amy,‭ ‬nothing's been easy.‭"

I rolled my eyes,‭ ‬sure it was just some needless drama.

‭"‬What happened‭?" ‬Mickie asked,‭ ‬glaring at my uncaring expression.

‭"‬She got bitten,‭" ‬he stated,‭ ‬a note of regret in his voice.

‭"‬Well...that can't be all bad,‭" ‬I reasoned,‭ ‬thinking about vampires‭' ‬special abilities.

‭"‬It wouldn't be,‭" ‬he confirmed,‭ "‬if Orton didn't have complete control over her.‭"

I felt my jaw drop.

‭"‬What‭?! ‬How‭?!" ‬I demanded.

‭"‬Apparently,‭ ‬when a girl is bitten,‭ ‬the vampire who turns her has total control over her mind and actions.‭"

Yeah.‭ ‬Like that's not sexist at all.

‭"‬So...there's no chance of saving her‭?" ‬Mickie asked.


"Unless‭?" ‬I asked,‭ ‬not sure I wanted to know the answer.

An eerie wind blew.‭ ‬The sun-‭ ‬now barely above the horizon-‭ ‬was covered in thick,‭ ‬black clouds.

‭"‬Unless you kill me.‭"

I know it's a bit long, but I wanted to sufficiently lay down the plot. If you haven't looked at my profile, I am WaYcEsTisLoVe. I got myself locked out of the account, so I just made another one. So....don't kill me lol.
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