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Enter Orton and his cohorts.

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The five of us spun around to be met with the sight of five‭ ‬men vampires.

‭"‬Shouldn't you be out draining some poor,‭ ‬defenseless teenage girl,‭ ‬Orton‭?" ‬Matt asked,‭ ‬his voice portraying more annoyance than fear.

‭"‬You know,‭ ‬I was on my way to do just that when I stumbled across this pathetic gathering.‭"

I hissed quietly.

‭"‬Watch who you're calling‭ '‬pathetic‭'‬,‭ ‬asswipe.‭"

His eyes shot to me,‭ ‬looking over my body unabashedly.

‭"‬And you are‭?" ‬He asked,‭ ‬his eyes finally resting on my face.

‭"‬Dodger Way‭; ‬a hunter from Cleveland.‭ ‬What's it to you‭?" ‬Mike shot,‭ ‬taking a threatening step forward.

Orton laughed shortly,‭ ‬eyeing Mike.

‭"‬Nice boyfriend,‭" ‬he said,‭ ‬looking back at me.

‭"‬Mike,‭" ‬I hissed,‭ ‬not comfortable with the idea of him egging vampires on.‭ "‬My best friend is a bit over-protective,‭" ‬I stated matter-of-factly,‭ ‬reluctantly turning my gaze back to the vampire.

A very noticeable look of joy crossed Orton's features before he composed himself.

‭"‬You two aren't together‭?"

"No.‭ ‬Not that it's any business of yours,‭" ‬I answered,‭ ‬glaring at him.

A‭ ‬sexy confident smirk settled on his face.

‭"‬Well it's a good thing.‭"

Mike's expression was immediately suspicious.

‭"‬And why is that‭?" ‬he asked,‭ ‬taking a discrete step toward me.

‭"‬I'd hate to take her from you.‭ ‬It'll be so much easier if she has no...emotional attachments.‭"

"Back off,‭ ‬Orton,‭" ‬Matt snarled.

‭"‬Ooh,‭ ‬not very friendly.‭ ‬Scared she'll end up like your little friend‭?"

An almost feral growl ripped from my throat.

‭"‬No fucking way.‭ ‬I'm not Amy.‭"

Orton disappeared,‭ ‬and I almost immediately sensed him behind me.

‭"‬Dodger‭!" ‬Mike called,‭ ‬but it was too late.

Randy had his arms around me,‭ ‬and the next thing I knew,‭ ‬we were where he had been standing not two seconds previously.

‭"‬No,‭" ‬he breathed,‭ ‬tightening his hold on my waist.‭ "‬You're far more beautiful than her...and with far more promise.‭"

My head lulled back at the tone of his voice.‭ ‬It was almost intoxicating.

‭~‬3rd Person‭~
Mike's eyes narrowed at Dodger's reaction.

‭"‬What is‭ ‬happening‭?" ‬he hissed to Matt,‭ ‬ready to stake the bastard himself.

‭"‬He's enthralling her,‭" ‬Matt explained,‭ ‬narrowing his eyes.

‭"‬Enthralling‭? ‬But-‭ ‬we thought it was a myth.‭" ‬John was mystified.

The two of them had,‭ ‬of course,‭ ‬heard of enthralling,‭ ‬but they'd never seen it happen.

‭"‬Let her go,‭ ‬Orton‭!" ‬Matt yelled.‭ "‬She's done nothing to you‭!"

A twisted smile made its way onto his face.

‭"‬No.‭ ‬She hasn't,‭" ‬he admitted.‭ "‬But that's going to change very soon.‭"

"Come on,‭ ‬man,‭" ‬Cody Runnels-‭ ‬Randy's right-hand man-‭ ‬started,‭ ‬cautiously watching his leader's face.‭ "‬Maybe you should let her go.‭ ‬We're too evenly matched.‭"

Randy sighed,‭ ‬knowing he was right,‭ ‬and shoved Dodger roughly back to her friends.

‭~‬Dodger's PoV‭~

I felt myself pushed forward,‭ ‬and only regained my bearings when a new pair of arms wrapped around me.

I struggled and kicked,‭ ‬not knowing if I was in the hands of friend or foe.

‭"‬Hey‭! ‬Relax,‭ ‬Red,‭ ‬I'm trying to help‭!"

Something in the tone of this new voice told me it was okay to trust him,‭ ‬and I stopped struggling.

My ice blue eyes met his warm brown and the world vanished.‭ ‬All I could think of was the breath-taking man in front of me.
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