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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

“This is really good Mrs. Way,” I heard from beside me. It was really good.

“Please, call me Donna dear,” my mom said. She hated it when people called her ‘Mrs.’ Or ‘Mama’. She thought it made her sound old. I smiled at my thoughts.

“What’s so funny, Gee?” I heard my brother ask. I guess he saw me. I looked up, not knowing where he was.

“Nothing,” I said. I went back to my pizza, cutting off a small piece and sticking it in my mouth. I could feel someone’s eye’s on me. I had a feeling they were Frank’s.

‘Frank’ I heard my brother’s voice say. No answer.

‘Frank’ I heard again. This time there was an answer. Mikey asked him something about pop. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was trying to figure out why Frank was looking at me.
Did I have something on my face? If I did, Mikey would’ve pointed it out by now. He always pointed out the littlest things. He would do it to annoy me; kind of like waving his hand in front of my face.

“Gerard?” someone said, bringing me out of my thoughts. They called my name again and I realized it was my mom.

“Yea?” I answered.

“What’s the matter? Mikey and Frank are done and are upstairs unpacking. You’ve barley touched your pizza,” my mom’s voice was filled with concern. I then realized how long I had been thinking.

“I’m just lost in thought. And I’m done. I’m not as hungry as I thought.” I heard my mom say ‘OK’. She got up off her chair and grabbed my plate. I assumed she went to the sink.

“You know, I think he likes you,” mom said.

“You think?” I said with a laugh.

“I seriously think he does Gee. You should’ve seen the way he was looking at you.” I couldn’t help but smile. I’ve only known him for an hour and I already like him.

I guess my mom knew what the smile on my face meant, “And you like him too, huh?”

“I guess…yea.” I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Nobody had actually liked me before. I’ve been attracted to guys all my life, but not like this.

“You should go see what they’re doing,” my mother suggested. That was a good idea.
I got up and made my way into the living room where the stairs were. I grabbed a hold of the railing and started to climb. I hate stairs. I have ever since I was ten. I actually fell down these. I had to get six stitches in my arm. I hate needles…

I reached the top of the stairs and walked down the hallway. I stopped when I heard voices coming out of the extra bedroom.

“Oh, I knew it!” Mikey almost yelled.

“But, he’s not like that…or is he?” Frank asked.

“Oh he totally is. He has never been attracted to girls. He only loved them for their advice. He was always friends with the girls and not the guys. He was too afraid to get close to any guys,” I knew they were talking about me.

“So, do I have any chance with him?” Frank asked kind of hesitantly.

“Why don’t you just go talk to him? He’s still downstairs with mom,” Mikey suggested. I turned around and walked down the hallway and down a few steps; making it look like I was just coming up the stairs. I heard footsteps.

“Hey Gerard,”

“Hey Frank.” I think he tried to say something, but then he didn’t. I felt him pass me and he went into the bathroom.

I smiled a little to myself, knowing that he liked me. I walked down the rest of the hall and into my room. I went over to my stereo and turned on the radio.

“Do you like Frank?” I heard from behind me, making me jump.

“Mikey?” I asked, turning around.

“Do you like Frank?”

“Well yea,” I said, already knowing where this is going.

“You know what I mean Gee.”

“Well, does he like me?” I asked, knowing the answer obviously.

“You already know the answer to that question. I knew you were by the door when we were talking. You’re not the only one with good hearing.” Damn I’ve been caught.

“Maybe a little,” I answered. I knew he wasn’t buying it. He cleared his throat and walked closer to me.

“Gerard,” he persisted. I knew I wasn’t getting out of this alive.

“Ok, I do. I do like him.” I finally admitted.

“There. Now, was that so hard?” he chuckled. I just glared at whatever was in front of me.
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