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Saintly Devil's

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Question: What do a normal teen girl, two demons and two rambunctious spirit detectives have in common? Answer: Koenma. Let the games begin.

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Title: Saintly Devil's
Author: Wonderland_ism
Fandom: Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters: Mostly Hiei/Kurama/OC Juliet(Julie) Seiko but all will be mentioned.
Prompt: #1 Red
Word Count:2,116
Rating: M
Author's Notes: I'm rating this M, just to be safe. I'm not sure what some people would count as too much, but for me personally, I just feel better this way.
Disclaimer: General disclaimer applies. Yes its a bit boring. I had to get the start out of the way. If there are question regarding how this story will work I will break it down for you, there are two parts to this story. Part one: Saintly Devil's will be fifty chapters long. Part two, which I am not revealing the name of just yet will be an additional fifty chapters.


The numbers on the clock changed and the alarm went off. It was time for the day to begin and as the radio blared and a black haired teen rolled, palm slamming into the off button; across town at the same moment another teen closed his eyes ignoring the yells from his mother to get up and go to school. Emerald eyes shined taking in the females appearance in the mirror and she yawned and smiled. It was just another day in Tokyo-paradise.

She showered quickly and dressed drying her long straight black hair into smooth perfection allowing it to lay and flow down her past her shoulders to red on her back. She applied a glimmering eyeshadow and a thin clean line of eyeliner around her eyes to make them pop and a thin layer of slightly tinted red gloss. It was Friday and Juliet had some big plans for after school.

Yusuke Urameshi growled lightly as he pulled his school uniform on and yawned largely. Kuwabara would want to walk to school with him again, and it was already a bad morning. It was proving to not be his day. Botan said it was going to be his day off for the weekend and to enjoy it. He never had a day off, and already figured she was lying.

Juliet waved as she opened the door to the outside “I'll see you late dad!” she giggled and grabbed her school bag. Juliet Seiko junior class B that's what it said. And she was really enjoying her life as that. She ran down the stairs and saw her friend, Erina waiting for her. “Hi Eri!” she grinned and ran to her friends side.

“Kuwabara why don't ya just shut up already?” Yusuke glared stretching his mom had forced him out of bed in time. So it was school or nothing if he didn't want to be grounded again.

“What did you say Urameshi!?” the tall red head responded his voice reaching new levels of annoying.

“You hear me, shut it” Yusuke yawned again glancing up. “Yo Hiei get your tiny ass down here already” the demon glared and continued to ignore the two on the grounds bickering. It was after all a waste of his time. He would be off stealing something or killing someone by then if it wasn't for Koenma.

“So is your dad letting you come tonight Julie? I know he was really hesitant.” Juliet looked to her best friend and nodded. Her bangs fell forward into her eyes shielding them from view for a moment.

“Yeah, he is letting me, but I have to come home, I can't stay. He doesn't like that your mom wont be there. Says its not me he doesn't trust, its everyone else. I don't know parents are weird” she smiled and touched Eri's elbow. “Lets run okay? I need to get some energy out, and the triathlon is coming up!” Juliet giggled and started to jog down the back streets Eri fallowing.

Hiei stopped walking suddenly and turned his eyes narrowing. “Yusuke” his voice was cold and hard as it normally was. He could smell a demon on the air that wasn't familiar; it was odd that Koenma would let a demon they didn't know into the area without alerting them. It was there jobs.

“What's up Hiei, you've got something?” Yusuke ran up to the tree and back flipped his way onto a branch leaving Kuwabara on the ground. He allowed his senses to wander and shudders. There was definitely something in Tokyo that wasn't supposed to be there. He glared and sighed. “God damn-it!” he flipped out of the tree and took off running.

“Whats going on Urameshi?” Kuwabara asked fallowing behind not as light on his feet as his friends. Hiei jumped from tree to tree fallowing the two in the direction of the demon.

“Why don't you shut up and use your sense idiot” Hiei sighed and somersaulted down landing silently in front of Yusuke. “There are humans with this demon. I would bet they are in a bit of trouble” Hiei's smile was one that promised death. It was only when humans were in danger that he was allowed to kill.

Panting Juliet set her bag down and bent her hands resting on her knees as she took a break with a smile. Eri was still far behind her; she was slower. She stood to her full height again and stretched feeling refreshed. Running always made her feel better. Glancing ahead of her she saw a strange man with long purple hair and gray eyes he creep-ed her out and she suddenly wished that Eri would hurry up and catch up already so they could leave.

“Why, what do we have her” the mans voice was a low hiss, it was unnatural and caused a shiver to shoot up her spine. She could feel the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end and goosebumps spread up her arms. She backed into the wall as he crept closer.

“I. I'm just waiting for my friend” she swallowed nervously hand tightening on the handle of her bag. He stopped and inhaled deeply with a sadistic smirk.

“Fear. Its the best smell in the world” He whispered as he came closer and closer to her. “It is so sweet and spiked. Fear is such a beautiful emotion” he whispered in her ear as she willed her body through the wall behind her. His tongue slithered out like that of a lizard and slid over her cheek before it grazed and wound around her neck. “Yes, you taste of fear” he chuckled as his tongue released her neck.
“P..please” she tried to push him away from her finding it impossible, his chest was like stone and the glare he sent her was more terrifying then anything before it. Juliet's head turned as she heard Erina's footsteps come nearer. “Eri run! Get help!” She yelled as the teen turned the corner and gasped. “Eri RUN!” Juliet yelled stepping on the mans foot as hard as she could before kneeing him in the the balls in an attempt to get away that failed.

“You little bitch” he growled his skin turning black; scales covered the limbs she could see and crept up his face. She stood her ground giving her friend time to get away and hopefully find help.

“Oh kami...what have I gotten myself into now.” Her hands shock as she tried to look unafraid “I don't think the cops will have much effect here” she whispered to herself and dropped her back ducking under his arm she jumped up on to a stack of crates and shimmied up the drain pipe to hopefully get a little ways out of his reach.

“How much further Hiei?” the school bell rang and Yusuke cursed, he was going to have to skip at leas until lunch now. The demon's aura was getting stronger as the neared but it was still weak.

“Just around the corner” Hiei's answer proved right as the rounded the corner and saw the snake. There was a dark haired girl Yusuke knew of from school she was a Junior, in class B. But he couldn't remember her name; it wasn't a good thing though.

“Juliet?” Kuwabara asked catching her attention. Her emerald eyes locked on them and she whimpered. The snake demon turned and laughed.

“Yusuke Urameshi, spirit detective” it hissed its walk was more of a looping. Hypnotic and calculated. Hiei's katana was already drawn as he stepped forward. “Hello thief” it smirked stopping a safe distance away.

Kuwabara looked to Yusuke who nodded and looked to Hiei and whispered. “I'll distract him, you get the girl to Kuwabara. He can get her out of here, and then you can kill him” it was a sloppy plan, but there biggest priority was getting her out. She would have to be taken to Koenma, she had seen and heard a bit too much. Hiei's frown in reply wasn't a happy one. But he seemed to agree to the plan.

“Hey ugly!” Yusuke yelled. “Why don't you get over here and let me give you a make over!” he charged the demon and landed a punch in its stomach. It hissed and chased him as he fainted left and took off running the way they had come. Hiei jumped into the air and grabbed the girl from the drain pipe and tucked her into his chest and he skirted his way down the wall and landed on the ground.

Emerald orbs met ruby ones and she smiled her breathing shaky. “Thank you” she whispered softly and grabbed Kuwabara's offered hand standing. “Hello Kazuma!” she smiled sniffling. She looked back at Hiei who nodded and took off after Yusuke.

“Are you alright Julie?” Kuwabara held her back at arms length and looked at her. Where the demons tongue had touched was red, there was most likely venom in his saliva, but with puncture woulds she would be alright.

“Define alright?” she laughed nervously and walked over to get her bag. “I'm late for school” she sighed crouching to get it. She was still afraid, but seeing someone she knew was always calming to her. “I guess that's a silly thing to worry about. But I had an exam today” she looked at him. “I'm not allowed to leave am I?”

“I am afraid not” Juliet jumped and looked behind her where a new boy stood next to her almost friend. “I'm Shuichi Minamino, its a pleasure to meet you” he approached slowly and offered her his hand. She took it hesitantly and stood. “I have something for you neck, I am sure it hurts.

“Just a little...It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Juliet Seiko.” she smiled a little and looked at him. His hair was a shocking color of red, it was natural, but more of a rose color then ginger like Kuwabara's; his eyes were a brighter Emerald then her own and his skin was the same soft porcelain. “May I..I...Can..What are all of you?” her brow furrowed and she shook her head.

“You will find out in a short while I imagine Miss. Seiko” Kurama smiled and then glanced over his shoulder. “Ah, I see you made short work of him Hiei. Shall we go then?” the dark haired one nodded and folded his arms as Yusuke came back to join them.

“I think Koenma should be fired some days.” He laughed looking at her. “I'm Yusuke Urameshi, we go to the same junior high. We've never met personally. I'm sorry it had to be this way that we finally did. I hope you don't mind but...well...we have to take you to our boss now.” His face was serious and she nodded looking at Kurama.

“I won't be hurt or anything will I?” she asked nervously self-consciously smoothing her skirt. She really wished the day could have had a do-over button; at least that way she could pretend it was a good day. Her dad was not going to be happy when she got home. She didn't mean to skip class, but how to you explain a...demon attack? Is that what it was?

“No no, you will be perfectly safe. I swear it. No Harm will come to you while you are with us Juliet Seiko. We will be your body guards” Kurama chuckled softly and looked at Yusuke. Shall we then?” the teen with dark hair nodded and help up a small round yellow device.

“Botan, we need a portal to Koenma's office. Right now please”
“You've got it Yusuke!” a cheery voice replied and Kurama pulled her through the portal and into an office with a baby in a large plush chair. “Today is really not my day.”

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