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My Goodbye

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Moving forward.

Category: Yu Yu Hakusho - Rating: R - Genres: Fantasy,Humor - Characters: Botan,Hiei,Kazuma Kuwabara,Koenma,Kurama,Yusuke - Published: 2010-01-20 - Updated: 2010-01-20 - 2535 words

Title:My Goodbye
Fandom:Yu Yu Hakusho
Characters:All YYH characters and original/s
Prompt:#2 Pink
Word Count: 2,497
Author's Notes:Second chapter. Emphases on Characterization.

“Juliet Seiko, daughter of Amelia Huntington, deceased and Roku Seiko. Junior class B, near perfect academic record, closely matching our Kurama's” Koenma glanced up from her file and took in the girls appearance; it was her eyes that gave away her energy, but nothing else. She was human, but her energy signature was a lot higher then a normal humans.

She would benefit from some training with Genkai, combat training with Yusuke, Hiei and Kurama even. But first how to get her to agree? Koenma's eyes scanned the papers in his hands. He didn't need anything large just something little he could use to his advantage...ah. There it was.

“You live with your uncle Miss. Seiko?” he asked looking over the paper at her. She was huddled so closely to Kurama and Hiei it looked almost as if she had bound herself to them.

“Yes sir.” green eyes fixed on the floor and she fought the urge to shudder. “My real father is in prison for armed robbery. My uncle took me in when I was little and raised me as his own. He is my father for all intents and purposes.” The room was suddenly cold, the look on Koenma's face was so twisted and untrustworthy.

“I see, that is a shame.” Koenma stood and looked up at them. “Ogre.” he called and turned and addressed Yusuke. “You will take her to Genkai. She will be properly trained before the next Dark Tournament.” They all looked at the leader in shock.

“Do you honestly thank that's best sir?” Kurama stepped forward looking concerned. “She has no skill as a fighter, that is a horrible way to break her into this world.”

Botan stepped forward, “Lord Koenma sir, as much as I trust your judgment I have to agree with Kurama. I remember at the last tournament Keiko suffered post-traumatic stress for months after. I do not think this is a wise idea” she argued.

“The fox and onna are right” Hiei drawled lazily. The Dark Tournament is no place for someone who shimmies up drain pipes when faced with a low level snake demon.” His hands were tucked into his pockets eyes closed as he leaned back against the wall. Koenma was quite for a moment and he looked at Yusuke as he spoke.

“She will be a much needed asset. The demons at this next tournament will be even stronger then the last. And as much as we would love to attend Botan and I will not be able to. Juliet could help you in ways no one else there will even try. With proper training she could be a very effective healer. You cannot afford to turn this down Yusuke. But it is up to.”

The ogre entered the room, he was purple with an orange horn, Juliet couldn't help but to think he was an odd creature; purple and orange did not go together. No one else seemed to notice him the way she did, as Koenma spoke she was mostly focused on other things, it didn't make sense to her what he was talking about. Until he said the line that was sure to catch her attention. “An effective healer, you cannot afford to turn this down...”

Green orbs finally looked at the tiny ruler with an odd look and she stepped forward for the first time since entering the large ornate office of the spirit king's son. “You mean...I could help them?” she asked softly aware that all eyes were now focused on her. She hated public speaking it was like debate all over again.
Nodding gravely Yusuke answered; “The Dark Tournament is very dangerous, the last one I barley made it through alive. It was a challenge for all of us mentally and physically. We all almost died at one point or another. A healer on our team would be a great help, but I wont make you do this Juliet.”

He looked down staring at his feet, his face was slightly sad, his tone soft. It was the most human she had seen him look since they had met. “As much as I know we could use your help on this, its a dangerous place, hell I don't even think I will Keiko come again. Its up to you; what ever you decide is my choice.” He looked back at her, brown eyes locked on green ones and broke the grave atmosphere with a smirk.

“Genkai, I take it she is going to be the one training me?” she asked one hand held onto her arm so tight it almost hurt. But she knew she had to do this; it was against everything she had been taught to turn any opportunity to help others. It was the only thing she remembered of her mother. Amelia, was always helping people, her uncle told her almost every day; “Your mother would be so proud of you” it was not her place to disappoint her now.

The chuckle and nod were her reply as Yusuke stepped forward holding out his hand, “welcome to team Urameshi” he winked, and she slid her smaller hand into his giving it a shake and an even smaller smile.

“Thank you” looking behind her she saw Botan smiling, “I'm not going home tonight am I?” Juliet asked feeling a pang of homesickness already. It was going to be so hard to be away from her small family of one. Her uncle was all she had left.

“I am afraid not Miss. Seiko” Botan smiled understandingly. “But do not worry! Kurama and Hiei will be at Genkai's as well, so you will not be alone by any means.”

“I can understand telling her Kurama will be there, but Hiei is as good as a brick wall when it comes to conversation” Yusuke laughed.

“Brick wall Urameshi? He's too dangerous to be a brick wall!” Kuwabara finally broke his silence looking worriedly at Hiei. “Great now you've pissed him off and he is going to kill us all!”

Kurama chuckled lightly and rolled his eyes slightly, Juliet was sure she was the only one who saw. One ruby eye opened and Hiei finally spoke. “Hardly.” With the one word he walked over to a corner and leaned back in the shadows seeming to disappear. Botan stepped up next to her side and linked an arm with her own, blue hair bobbing slightly as she moved.

“Come on Miss. Seiko, lets get you to the temple. Maybe tomorrow we can go shopping!” she giggled lightly and Juliet smiled in return, it was hard to be worried with Botan so close. A glowing circle appeared before them once more, and Botan pulled her through, she was almost sure they others fallowed, but she threw a glance over her shoulder anyway. As she had figured Kurama was fallowing behind them and she smiled when he noticed her gaze on him; and then she turned back looking around herself.

The temple was large, but that was to be expected, to the left and right she could see training area's. It held many places that would be very good for meditation and just running. The tree's added a relaxing feel to the place; providing shade and the sense of ancient life only tree's could provide. The sound of running water calmed her and she closed her eyes with a smile. Juliet was an outdoor person, and the temple seemed to be made for someone like her.

A small old woman slid open a shoji door and looked at them with a hn and a sigh she walked to them at her own pace, hands tucked neatly behind her back. Her eyes were so calm and calculating it was a look that showed she was always in control and Juliet was suddenly nervous, self consciously smoothing the skirt of her school uniform.

“Hey Grandma!” Yusuke yelled obnoxiously stepping forward and past her to stand in front of the woman she could only guess was Genkai.

“What are you doing here idiot?” her voice was cracking as she talked and rough. She was a smoker, that much Julie could tell. “Don't you have better things to do then waste my time?” she drawled lazily looking directly at Julie.

“We've brought your latest project to your front door and this is the thanks we get?” Yusuke chortled and back flipped out of the way of a well aimed kick that was aimed at his face, he landed in the branches of a tree to the left and Julie suppressed a giggle stepping forward.

Bowing she locked eyes with Genkai and smiled lightly to be polite, “I am sure, they will tell you my name but I rather wish to introduce myself. I'm Juliet Seiko, but I think...from now on Seiko will be just fine.” her lips turned upward in a genuine smile. “Miss. Genkai, I was brought here to ask you to train me, I know I have nothing to offer you in return, but I was told I could be a help.”

Seiko could feel there stairs boring into her back it made her nervous once more, but she was determined. “Never forget my Julie, as long as you help others you will always make me proud” Her mothers voice was faded now, but she still remembered that day years ago; the too sterile smell of the hospital, the cool metal bar her tiny hands tried desperately to encircle as she talked to her mom for that last time. Somehow, even as a little child she knew, that conversation was going to be important.

“I'm not a fighter, and I doubt I will ever be good with combat; but I'm a fast learner, and a hard a worker. I'll do my best to make you proud in every way I know how to, but please...I can't do this without the proper training. Koenma says you are the best.”

Seiko trailed off, the soft breeze blew her bangs into her eyes and caused her skirt to rustle softly as the material moved against itself. “You wished to be trained?” Genkai looked a little startled at the request, and looked to Yusuke for an explanation.

“She is to be our healer for the next dark tournament, our alternate as well.” Kurama was the one to answer inclining his head to Yusuke an apology for answering the question directed at him.

“What Kurama says is true. Koenma has enlisted her to be our alternate, and our healer, she doesn't have much time to train.”

“That is correct, she does not. We will start at dawn. Idiot, wasting time talking, she is scrawny. Yukina is already working on dinner, I will alert her to our increase in number.” The old woman walked away from them at a steady pace not once looking over her shoulder.

“Hey Grandma! Who are you calling an idiot you old hag!” Yusuke yelled running up behind her only to knocked to the ground.

“Did I miss something?” Seiko asked looking at Kurama, he was the one who seemed most forthcoming with answer's.

“Genkai may little, but don't let her size fool you. Yusuke has learned everything he knows from her, she is a very powerful psychic. No doubt you will get to see her true power soon enough; Yusuke will take this opportunity to train some himself; we all will.”

Seiko nodded at the red-head and yawned lightly as the sun turned the sky a dark orange with pink swirled in. “You've had a long day Miss. Seiko” Kurama stated offering her a light smile that she returned unsure of her ability to answer without sounding rude.
“Its been...interesting” she laughed sheepishly and looked at Hiei who was watching her intently. “You...don't talk much do you?” she questioned not looking away from him.

“Hiei is a man of few words. But do not worry, he will grow on you,”

“Are you sure about that Kurama? He doesn't seem like he grows on anyone. If you ask me, we grow on him.” The red heads answering laugh was all the assurance she needed.

“Perhaps Miss. Seiko you are right. I have never thought of it that way personally. But it does make sense, shall we go in?” She nodded her head lightly and fell into stride beside him, the silence wasn't all together comfortable, but it wasn't awkward either. It was just...companionable? No, it just was. And as they neared the door to the entry way, she smiled; and looking up at Kurama she leaned her head to one side and laughed.

“Only I could get myself in this kind of situation by shimming up a drain pipe” she continued to laugh wrapping an arm over her stomach blushing lightly.

“It will be a good story to tell the grandchildren someday” Kurama replied his own soft laugh joining her own. Everything about him was so gentle. Non the less, she wished she could go home, his laughs reminded her of her uncle. Homesickness set in and she had to force her laugh to continue.

“Hey, get in here! Genkai wont let us eat until your with us and Kuwabara is starting to drool!” Yusuke called his head the only visible body part as he leaned it out the door.

“What'd you say Urameshi?!” Kuwabara's answering yell made Seiko giggle again and she skipped forward a bit and turned to her two solitary companions. She smiled widely and looked at them.

“Lets eat you two! We have a long day tomorrow!” she laughed and spun back around jogging slowly over to Yusuke. “Yes sir” she saluted slipping her shoes off and disappearing through the door.

“She is an interesting girl is she not Hiei?” Kurama asked with a slight smile as he looked up at the sky which was taking on a bloody red hue as the sun sank more rapidly to allow their world to be covered in darkness.

“Hn” was the short males reply as he strode forward to the door eyes closed. Kurama simply smiled and also continued into the house. I will take that as a yes, Hiei. Even if you do not voice it as such. Kurama gave a fox-like grin and slid his shoes off to join the others at the table. You can think what ever you please fox. It matters little to me. The answer in his head caused the grin on Kurama's face to widen and he chuckled softly.

AN: Reviews, like much in life are appreciated, but not forced upon you. I am always open to ways I can approve my writing, as it stands, I am sure this story seems a bit armature to you all. In all honesty I am just having trouble getting back into my grove. Once I find that again I promise the updates will come faster, and also will be better written and more interesting. That is all. Thank you for reading.
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