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Your The Kind Of Girl I Would Take Home To Mom If My Momma Was Dead

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Nothing really happens in this chapter it just adds another piece to the puzzle.

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Danielle’s POV
I rose up my hand to knock on the door but it already opened.

“Hey lil sis what’s up?”

“Nothing my so called boyfriend is being a huge asshole. Is it okay if I crash here?”

“Of course you can stay Danni.” He said as he hugged me and let me in.

“Thanks Gabe.” I said as I laid down on the couch.

“So what did he do? Do I need to break some bones?” He said as he started punching the air.

“No I don’t think your girlish fighting skills are going to help.” I said as I laughed.

“Ha ha you’re so funny.” He said sarcastically.

“I know I’m funny.” I said while laughing at him.

“Well I’m gonna go to the gas station I need something from there.”

“What do you need from a gas station?”

“Take a guess.”

“Red Bull?”

“Yeah I have vodka but no Red Bull it’s like having jelly without peanut butter.”

“Okay I got you.”

“You need anything while I’m out?”


“Alright I’ll be back in a minute.”

I watched Gabe leave and sat back down on the couch I wanted to watch TV but I knew nothing good would be on it’s the middle of the day either Oprah is on or some cheesy soap. The phone started ringing. “Gabe you dumb ass you forgot your phone.” I said as I walked toward the kitchen table and answered it.


“Danni? What are you doing at Gabe’s?”

“I know Patrick I have no right being here since Gabe is my brother.” I said sarcastically.

“That’s not what I meant asshole. I mean why are you there?”

“I was getting cooped up in my house. Josh was being an asshole so I came over here.”

“Oh that’s cool. Well uh is Gabe there?”

“No he went to the gas station he’ll back in a minute though.”

“Okay I’ll call back later.”

“Whoa wait a minute. What’s your rush Trick? You don’t like talking to me?”


“Who says I get a kick out of you?”

“Your signals.”

“What signals?!”

“You want me I know it Danielle.”

“Oh yes Pat I need you right now.” I said dramatically.

“Blow it out your ass.” He said as he and I both laughed.

“So how are you?” I said while I went through Gabe’s stuff.

“I’m good I just have a little project going on here in town and I was wondering if I could drop by.”

“Oh sure that sounds good. I’ll see you when I see you.”

He laughed. “Okay see you Danni.”

I hung up the phone. I like Patrick he’s funny sweet and he’s really cute but I don’t know me and Patrick have a really good friendship if we do go out what if something happens? What if we break up? That will ruin everything that’s happened to me once I won’t let it happen again.

“Honey I’m home.” Gabe said as he walked in.

“Hey Patrick’s coming over.”


“No Swayze.” I said sarcastically.

“Don’t mock the dead it’s not cool.”

“I’m not mocking the dead I’m mocking you.”

“Make yourself useful and put out food for my friend.”

“What food? This place is bone dry all you have is booze!”

“Well then put out booze genius!” He said as he hit my forehead.

I ignored him I know Patrick doesn’t drink well he drinks just not as much as Gabe does well now that I think about it nobody drinks as much as Gabe. I found some cheese and crackers and put them out hey it’s better than nothing. A few minutes later someone was knocking at the door.

“He’s here he’s here!” Gabe shouted jumping up and down.

“Instead of jumping around like a little girl answer the door dumb ass.”

Gabe ran like a girl towards the door and opened it for Patrick.

“Stumpy!!” Gabe yelled as he picked up Patrick and hugged him.

“Ahh! Gabe you idiot put me down!” Patrick screamed as he hit Gabe.

“Sorry man I’m just happy to see you it’s been awhile I missed seeing your pretty face.”

“Why thank you I’m flattered.” Patrick said sarcastically.

“Hi Patrick.” I said as I walked out of the kitchen and towards him.

“Hey Danni. How have you been?” He said as he hugged me.

“I’ve been good how about you?” I said as I hugged him back.

“I’ve been doing good just working as usual.”

“That’s cool.”
A few hours went by we all talked shared some laughs debates and arguments.

“No way I disagree on that!! That’s crazy don’t get me wrong Bowie is cool but he’s no Prince!”

“Stump I hate to break it to you but Prince is a tad over rated.”

“What do you know your related to him!” Patrick said as he pointed to Gabe who was picking his nose and tweeting at the same time how’s that for multi tasking?

“What did I do?!”

“Everything.” Patrick and I said at the same time.

“Well guys this was a lot of fun but I’m gonna head home.”

“Aww Patrick don’t leave.” I whined as I tugged on his arm.

“Yeah man it’s late. Why don’t you crash over here tonight?”

“I can’t I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“No imposition at all.” Gabe said as he got the glasses off the table and put them in the sink.

“Well if you guys insist.” Patrick said as he yawned.

“Yeah you could even sleep with my sister it’s on the house.” Gabe said as he pushed me towards Patrick.

“You bastard.” I said as I hit him.

“That’s not nice Danielle if our guest wants to sleep with you he’s gonna sleep with you.”

My cheeks felt warm I looked over at Patrick and his were turning red.

“Shut up Gabriel.” I said as I hit him in the stomach.

“Well as much fun I’m having I think I’m gonna hit the hay.” Patrick said as he kicked off his shoes and laid down on the couch.

“What are you doing?” I said as sat on his legs.

“I’m sleeping look it up.”

“Your sleeping in the bedroom I’m sleeping on the couch.”

“Danni I’m not letting you sleep on the couch.”

“Your not the boss of me.”

“No he’s not but his best friend is my boss so let him sleep where he wants.” Said Gabe.

“Let’s flip a coin.” I said as I pulled a quarter out of my pocket.

“I call heads.” Patrick said as he threw off his hat. The quarter hit the floor and it was tails.

“Haha I get the couch.” I said as I poked my tongue at him.

“No your not.”

“Yes I am now move.” I said as I tried to push him off the couch.

“Noooo!!” He said as he kicked his feet like a little kid.

“I was just trying to be nice but if you want to be a doody head then fine.” I said as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

“Okay.” Patrick said as he dropped his head on the pillow with a huge grin on his face.

“Your such a little asshole.” I mumbled as I walked away.

I went into the guest room and got ready for bed. I laughed to myself boys they’re so crazy especially Patrick he’s such a little smartass if he could walk a mile in my shoes he would see it’s not just drinking and partying there’s another side of me Patrick has now clue about. I stripped off my clothes and into my pajamas. I eventually drifted off to sleep.
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