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Folie A Who??

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Patrick wakes up in the morning feeling like Danni. HA! Take that Ke$ha! =P

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“Wake the fuck up.” Gabe said as he threw a pillow in my face. “I gotta go and I need you to wake up.”

“Okay I’m up asshole.” I said noticing my voice sounding different.

“Alright Danni and Patrick I’m outie!” Gabe yelled while he left.

I rolled out of bed wait a minute bed? I thought I slept on the couch? Danni must’ve moved me or something like that. I walked down the hallway and into Gabe’s bathroom. I switched on the light turned on the water but when I looked up the mirror I noticed something very different about me. Holy shit wait a minute that’s not me! That’s Danni!!

“AHHHH!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK?!!” I screamed as slapped my hands on my mouth realizing that’s a girl’s voice! “What the fuck I have tits!!!” I screamed as I started squeezing my new breasts I should stop that. How did this happen??? Why did this happen?? Why today?? I have a show today with Fall Out Boy! Fuck my luck!

“Why the fuck are you screaming?” I quickly turned around watching myself walking up to me?

This does not make any sense! What the fuck is going on?!

“Danni?!” I said as my voice wait erm I mean her voice trembled.

“No it’s Santa Claus now why the fuck are you screaming?”

“Danni look at me don’t I look different to you??”

She rubbed her eyes uhh my eyes blinked hard and looked at me um herself.

“What the fuck I can’t see shit?! Why can’t I see anything??” She yelled as she rubbed her eyes again.

“Holy shit this is fucking crazy!”

“Patrick stop screaming like a girl!”

“Oh my god I am a girl!!” I screamed as I looked in the mirror once again pulling down her pants noticing there’s nothing hanging between my legs proving that this is real.

“Uhh should I be worried?”

I ignored what she said and picked up my glasses off of the coffee table in Gabe’s living room and handed them to Danni wait I mean me no I mean Danni!

“Put these on and look in the mirror.”

“If I do will you stop screaming and tell me what the fuck is going on??”

“Okay but once I stop I bet your gonna start.” I said nervously.

She rolled her eyes at me um my eyes and then put on my glasses. She turned around and faced the mirror. Once I saw her mouth drop I put my hands over my ears.



I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself down. “I don’t know we just need to relax and try to take this in.” I said calmly.

“Your right.” She said as she took a deep breath.

“So what are we going to do?” I asked confusedly.

“I don’t fucking know I just asked you that…wait!”


“I think I know someone who can help us.” She said cheerfully as she got her phone out of her purse. It looked so weird watching myself go through a hot pink purse and pulling out a bedazzled Blackberry.

“Shit I can’t talk to him.”

“What do you mean??”

“I have your voice he’s not going to know it’s me. You have to talk.” She said as she handed me the phone.

“What the fuck am I supposed to tell him?? Wait how is he even going to help us?”

“He studies brain patterns and shit and he told me once this happened to a friend of a friend…and he fixed it.”

“Let me guess you met him at party and the both of you were wasted?”

“Shut up.”

“I knew it.” I said as I laughed at her.

“Listen are you going to stand here and make fun of me or call Boone?”

“Your trusting this guy and his name is Boone??!”

“It’s his last name okay?! I don’t even know his first name now that I think about it.”

“Shocker.” I said sarcastically.

“Shove the sarcasm up your ass and call okay?”

“Fine but what do I tell him?”

“Okay I’ll make a script so your tiny brain can comprehend this and don’t worry I won’t make you use big words.”

“And you say I’m an asshole.” I said while I watched her write down what she wanted me to tell this Boone guy.”

“Okay here I dialed the number all you have to do is hit the shiny green button and use your mouth words.”

“Fuck you.” I said as pressed the dial button.


“Uh yeah is this Boone?”

“Yeah. Danni is that you?”

“Yeah um how are you?” I said sounding like I was reading a book.

“I’m good. You?”

“I’ve been better actually.” I said ignoring the script Danni wrote for me.

“Well what could I do ya for?”

“Well uh this is going to sound crazy but my name is Patrick Stump and right now I’m somehow switched places with Danni.”

“Man I thought that I would only come across this once in life.”

“Can you fix this?”

“Yeah no doubt about it but I hope you and Danni don’t mind waiting on me for a day.”

“Shit we do?”

“Yeah my schedule is packed.”

“Okay good enough.”

I hung up the phone disappointed. I can’t fucking believe that I have to live the life of Danni Saporta for a whole twenty four hours.

“Well what did he say??”

“He can do it just not today.”

“Shit! So you mean I have to be you for one whole day?!”

“Yeah and I got a fuck load of shit to do!”

“Well you’re just going to have to reschedule whatever your doing because I’m not leaving this apartment.”

“Fine be that way but when forty thousand angry fourteen year old girls come to your door demanding a Fall Out Boy show don’t come to me.”

“You have a show today?! I can’t sing!”

“Dumb ass you have my voice!”

“Oh right. Thank god I can play guitar.”

“Do you know how to play Fall Out Boy songs??”

“Yeah a couple.”

“Does a couple mean a twelve song set?”


“Fuck! This is going to be a disaster!”

“No shit.” She said as she went through my bag.

“What are you doing? That’s my bag.”

“For today it’s mine. I don’t think a hot pink mini skirt is your kind of style.”

“Okay fine but you can’t shower.”

“That’s disgusting just because you’re a slob doesn’t mean I have to be one.”

“Ohh so you do want to see my bodacious body.”

“You know what? Fine I won’t shower long as you promise the same.”

I walked over to the guest room where Danni’s bag was I wasn’t comfortable with the clothes that I had to wear.


“Do you have anything in here other than miniskirts and heels?”

“Umm I think.” She said as she looked through her bag. “How about this?” She said as she pulled out a red sun dress.

“Hell to the no. How about some jeans?”

“Yeah I have jeans but they’re hot pink.”

“It’s okay a real man can wear pink.” I said as I took the jeans from her.

“Yeah that and admit another man is hot.”

“I can do that….I just don’t want to.”

I went to the bathroom brushed my teeth (with Danni’s toothbrush since it’s her teeth.) and washed my face umm Danni’s face fuck this is getting confusing. How did this even happen? Well it just proves I have the most horrible luck ever. Once I washed up I put on Danni’s clothes….wow that sounded weird.

I took off the black tank top Danni put on last night and the polka dot pajama bottoms once they were off it revealed Danielle’s gorgeous body. I should stop gawking I thought but my hands slithered down towards the black lace thong instead. I then stopped myself.

“I made a promise.” I whispered. Well technically I promised her I wouldn’t shower I said nothing about taking off her panties and checking her out. No I can’t it’s not right. I love Danni I really do and if I ever see her naked it’s going to be special. Yeah okay it’s decided I’m not gonna do this. Hmm maybe just a peek? I thought as I took her bra strap off. No! Bad Patrick! You can’t it’s perverted and typical male! Everything that I’m not so I’m definitely not doing it!

Once I did the right thing by not looking at Danni naked. I put on her clothes she picked out hot pink skinny jeans a black v-neck t shirt and high tops. I was comfortable with that I’ve worn worst.

I walked over to the mirror still in shock. “I’m a girl I’m a fucking girl.” Oh and not just any girl I’m Danielle Saporta this is fucking great. I took a deep breath.
“Oh well let’s see how the life of Danielle is lived.”

Haha I know this is really weird but I like it plus it’s different hopefully you guys think so as well? Lol don’t forget to R&R babes.
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