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Patrick and Danni experience a day in eachother's shoes...let's see how this goes.

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Danni’s POV
I had the urge to use the bathroom but nooo way I’m standing up and there’s nooo way I’m checking out Patrick’s business…well maybe I could? Nah I bet it he doesn’t have anything to sneeze at but he does have buns of steel though. I thought as I checked out Patrick’s ass in the mirror. Well now that I think about when Patrick wears those tight jeans it does look like he’s packing heat between his legs. This is so so so so weird how did this happen?? Why did this happen? At least it’s only for a day and who knows it might be fun living the life of a rock star for a day.

I brushed Patrick’s teeth and washed Patrick’s face and I have to say for a guy he takes care of himself white teeth soft and smooth face and speaking of his face what a pretty one he has yes I said pretty I mean come on isn’t he? His eyes I can’t even describe that gorgeous color and like I said his skin is so soft I love the fact it’s the color of porcelain oh god and his lips they’re so full his lips makes Angelina Jolie’s look small. Patrick is handsome heck he’s beautiful he just doesn’t know it that’s one thing I hate about him he has a very low self esteem he’s like a sixteen year old girl on her period. I grabbed some clothes out of Patrick’s bag an argyle sweater vest white button down shirt and some jeans oh and let’s not forget a hat. Patrick would approve.

“So what do I do now?” I said as I walked in the kitchen taking a seat across from Patrick I mean me?

“You need to get to the venue and rehearse with the guys.” He said with a mouthful of cereal.

“Where’s the venue?”

“I don’t know you going to have to call Pete he’s probably there if not call Andy.”

“Okay.” I said as I poured myself juice.


“Well what?”

“What do I have to do today?”

“Well your avoiding your boyfriend Josh go to work.”

“What’s work?”

“You don’t know what I do for a living? Some friend you are.”

“Sorry I’m not interested in everything about you.”

“Well you should I'm very interesting.”

“Danni get to the point and tell me where you work.”

“I’m a bar tender.” I mumbled

“What? You’re a car tender?”
“Bartender! I said bartender I’m a bartender!”

“Wow I’m so surprised. You Danielle who hates to drink works as a bartender.” He said sarcastically.

“Fuck you Stump.”
“Your Stump I’m Saporta so you just told yourself fuck you.”

“I hate you.”

“I love you more.”

“Okay whatever I gotta go.” I said as I grabbed Patrick keys cell and wallet it felt weird not carrying a purse.

“Yeah me too. I think? Do I have to wait till Gabe get’s back?”

“Yes you do actually.” I said as I left Patrick alone in my brother’s apartment.

I found myself walking towards the red convertible Mustang but then I remembered that’s Danni’s car I’m Patrick and I drive a Civic. Once I got into the car I realized I don’t know where I’m going so I got my phone no excuse me Patrick’s phone out Patrick’s pocket and dialed Pete.

“Hey Trickster how’s it hangin?” Pete said as he answered cheerfully.

“Um I have no idea how to answer that.”

“Haha it’s okay. So where were you last night?”

“Oh I was at Gabe’s place I hung out with him and Danni.”

“Ohh Danni you make any moves?”


“I’m not surprised you don’t have the balls.”

“I do too!”

“Then why didn’t you make a move?”

“Because I’m not interested.”

“Fine I’m not going to get into this we need you here I’ll text you directions to the venue.”

“Okay see you there.”

Once I got Pete’s directions I arrived at the venue two big beefy guys led me towards backstage and Pete Andy and Joe greeted me.

“Hey Patrick have fun at Gabe’s house?” Said Andy.

“I did actually we talked shared some laughs it was cool.”

“Was Gabey wasted?” Pete asked sarcastically.

“Is the sky blue?” I said as I laughed. This isn’t going to be so hard after all.

After Joe helped me with Fall Out Boy songs I didn’t know I warmed up Patrick’s voice so I don’t sound bad and make Patrick look and sound bad. I gotta give it to the guy he is talented as hell. A few minutes later we were on stage opening with one of my favorite Fall Out Boy songs Thnks Fr Th Mmmrs I really hope I don’t fuck up man I’m nervous how does Patrick do it? I mean he’s so shy.

“Patrick come on!” Joe screamed at me.

Well let’s see how this goes.

Patrick’s POV
Once Gabe got back to the house I went on my way to the bar turns out Danni works at Angel and Kings Pete’s bar. How come I never knew that? I also found out she works at a record store I have to say I’m impressed she works two jobs I didn’t know she had it in her. A few hours went by and I was getting extremely tired the night was full of drink orders and drunk guys hitting on me I mean Danni! Also half of the drinks people wanted me to make I had no idea what they were yes I’m twenty five years old and I don’t know anything about liquor. All of sudden I watched a tan dark haired blue eyed guy walk towards me.

“Hey Danni baby where have you been?”

I had no idea who this was but I’m guessing it’s Danni’s boyfriend Josh I think?

“Around.” I said as I cleaned the bar with a rag this is kinda cool I feel like Tom Cruise in Cocktail.

“How come not around me?”

I thought of the simplest explanation and what Danni told me.

“Because you’re an asshole.” I said bluntly.

He sighed and looked down. “Can I talk to you alone for a minute?”

“Sure but if I get in trouble I’m blaming you.”

I followed him to the back of the bar hand in hand. I’m not so sure about this guy I’m getting a really bad vibe from him.

“Danni I made mistakes everyone does can’t you find it in your heart to forgive me?”

“Why should I?” I said pretending I knew what was going on.

“Listen I can give you everything you need. Okay you don’t need to work at bars if your with me.”

“I like working at bars Jake.”

“It’s Josh! Stop pretending you don’t know my name you slut!” He yelled as he hit me against my head Danni’s head actually if it was my head I wouldn’t care but the fact that he even considers touching her like that made a trigger go off inside of me.

“You fucking son of a bitch!” I screamed as I rose my leg up and kicked him in between his legs as hard as I could. He automatically fell to the ground holding his crotch. I grabbed a fist full of his hair and jerked his head up so he could look me in the eye.

“If you ever touch me again like that I will make your insides your outsides! You got it punk!?”

“Yes ma’am.” He said as his voice trembled.

“If I catch you following me again I will make you regret it. Get your shit out of my place when I get home you better not be there!”

“Yes ma’am!” He screamed as he ran out of the bar.

What a fucking bastard! I can’t believe that he hit her. What if this has been going on? What if this wasn’t the first time he touched her like that? Just as I was about to call Danni to ask her all of this questions I remembered she’s on stage well technically I’m on stage. Maybe I could get over there and see how she’s doing? I walked over to Danni’s co-worker to find out if I can go I think his name is Drew I can’t remember.

“When is my shift over?” I yelled over the music.

“I think in about thirty minutes. Why? Do you need to go? I’ll cover for you if you want?” I’m guessing this guy likes her.

“Could you?” I asked nicely.

“Of course.” He said as he smiled. Oh yeah he definitely likes her.

“Thanks man I owe you one.” I said as I shook his hand.

“Don’t worry about it.” Yes I’m supposed to worry about I’m a guy too I know how this works he wants to go out with Danni well not gonna happen buddy I was (probably) interested in her first.
I grabbed my things no wait Danni’s things and got into her car and drove to the venue. Once I got there the pain in the ass that we call security wouldn’t let me through. Hmm if Danni was here she could get through if she well ya’ know? Convinced him but I can’t do that I just have to come up with something.

“I left my wallet in there can I please get back there?!” I said as I pretended to be frantic.

“Ugh fine but make it quick kid.” He said as he moved out of my way.

I can’t believe that worked maybe it didn’t maybe he just wanted me to get out of his face or maybe he thinks Danni is cute and he couldn’t say no? Yeah I think that’s why because that’s what I would do.

Once I got in back there I found a perfect view of the stage backstage. Wow she’s doing a good job well actually I’m doing a good job no she’s doing a good job she is playing the guitar perfectly. It’s so weird to hear myself live and watch myself like that. It’s eleven right now so the show should be ending pretty soon and so is the day. It wasn’t really that bad being Danni for a day it was kinda fun actually and I feel pretty good because I told her douche bag son of a bitch abusive boy friend no I mean ex boyfriend to fuck off. I wonder if she’s gonna be mad at me because I did that? Girls get mad at everything so she probably will.

Danni’s POV
Wow that was so much fun! It was the most coolest thing I’ve ever done. The crowd was amazing the music was amazing being on stage with the guys was amazing everything was amazing! I loved this! I walked over to bathroom to rinse off Patrick’s face man does he sweat a lot. Since this whole experience I’ve realized a lot about Patrick like how many people depend on him it’s crazy. If that was me I would’ve exploded from pressure but he does it so easily and I really appreciate that about him. I’ve also to really grow to like Patrick even more I mean what’s not to like he’s sweet and funny and let’s not forget how adorable he is. Living the life of Patrick Stump isn’t half bad but it’s no walk in the park either this guy works his ass off it makes me really proud of him and it makes me feel honored to know him personally. Just as I was walking out of the bathroom I spotted myself??

“Patrick?” I whispered.

“Hey you were surprisingly great out there!” He said as he hugged me wait a minute he just hugged himself!

“Thanks this band thing is so weird it’s so full of pressure. How haven’t you gone crazy?”

“Oh trust me one day I will. What about you two jobs?? And how come you never told me the truth about Josh?”

“He was there??”

“Yes I’m going to be honest Danni I really don’t like the fact that you let him do that to you.”

“I know why do think I left?”

“Why didn’t you call the cops?”

I looked down I didn’t know what to say.

“Why didn’t you tell anyone at least? You could’ve told me or your brother he would help you.”

“Oh please Patrick if I told Gabe he would go to jail.”

“Because you and I both know that he would kill Josh then he would go to jail.”

“Well I kicked him in his balls. Am I going to go to jail?”

“No but I am! Patrick why did you do that it’s none of your business!”

“Hey! When I see a friend is getting hurt I do something about it especially when that friend is a girl!”

“So you did that for me?”

“Of course Danni I...I really care about you.”

“Aw Patrick I care about you too thank you.” I said as I hugged him no wait I just hugged myself. Damn even Barney would say this is weird! Patrick and I talked for a couple more minutes and it started getting late.

“Hey Patrick I’m outta here you wanna crash at my place?” Pete said as he gathered his things.

“Nah I think I’m gonna go hang out with the Saportas another night.”

“Okay maybe we can hang tomorrow?”

“Sure can Danni come?” I said as I looked at Patrick I mean me I thought as I smiled to myself.

“Of course she can.” Pete said as he took my body into his arms and tightly hugged me.

“Should we get going?” Patrick said as he pushed Pete away from him um me this is so hard.

“Yeah come on.”
Me and Patrick took our cars back to Gabe’s apartment speaking of Gabe he was knocked out on the couch.

“He’s sleeping on my bed.” Patrick said as he poked Gabe’s face.

“Just sleep in his then.”


“Hey Patrick?”


“What else did you tell Josh?”

“I told him if you ever catch him at your place your gonna make his insides his outsides.” He said as he laughed.

“Wow haha only you would say that. I don’t have the balls to say that to him.”

“Today you had balls you could’ve said to him if you wanted to.” He said as he and I started laughing hysterically.

“Goodnight Trick.” I said as I took a deep breath from laughing.

“Goodnight Danni.” He said as he kissed my cheek it was kinda weird but still sweet I thought as I laughed to myself. This wasn't so bad and neither is Patrick. Surprisingly I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face and I was thinking of one person the whole entire night.

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