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What If

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An assignment for my Creative Writing class. Too short to turn in, but I like it nonetheless. :) Original characters.

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Kari rushed through the doors, quickly handing over the dollar and making her way through the crowd. She was late late late!

After an excessive amount of elbowing, she managed to weedle her way into the front of the small crowd. The game was two minutes from ending, she noted. Twenty-four to twenty-three. A close game, for sure. She was nervous already. Just two more points and they'd win.

The point had the ball - Carter, she recalled - and slowly made his way down the court. He passed it to a boy she didn't know, who in turn passed it to that annoying kid... Adam? He darted every which way, keeping the ball away from the other team, but no where near the basket...

She twisted her scarf nervously, the shouts of people around her drowning out. She focused on Adam wholly, almost twitching in anticipation for the life or death shot. He was taking his sweet time, that was for sure. She got impatient.

"Come on already, Adam!" She yelled, perhaps a bit too loud. He had started his jump at that moment, but when she called his name he (stupidly) twisted around with stars in his eyes, forgetting the game.

And then he fell. His leg twisted unnaturally beneath him and Kari's hands covered her mouth. Oops.

The referee called time out and the coach ran over. After a moment of tense curiosity, Adam was lifted up and over to the sidelines. People rushed to get him ice for his ankle, which had already swelled to at least three times its size.

Kari felt bad for a moment, blaming herself, until Adam looked over at her and grinned, forming a heart with his hands. All guilt disappeared as she rolled her eyes.

What an idiot.
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