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Are You Feeling Hornier Now?

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Convo By The Great Amy Revenge!

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hey

Stranger: m or f

You: f

Stranger: age?

You: 16?

Stranger: 17

You: sweet

Stranger: i know right

You: s?

Stranger: feeling horny?

Stranger: male

You: not really?

Stranger: oh cmon, think about it

You: hm..

Stranger: a sensual back rub

You: i could use one..

Stranger: a kiss on your neck

You: oooh...

Stranger: seeing a hard cock

You: must.. touch..

Stranger: yurning for it

Stranger: gripping it and feeling it in your mouth

You: oh, please..

Stranger: are you feeling hornier now?

You: not really, no xD

You have disconnected.
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