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!!Estas Muy Grande En Tu Pantelones!!

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Thank You Spanish Class! And Yes, That IS A Real Link,, Go For It!!

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: teenager lukin 4 a gud time on cam
You: ?Hablas Espanol? Translation: Do You Speak Spanish?
Stranger: no:(
You: Awe ?Porques No?Translation:Why Not? I speak little english.
Stranger: m or f?
You: ?Que?Translation:What?
Stranger: male or female?
You: female
You: ?y tu?Translation:And You?
Stranger: age?
Stranger: male
You: 16
Stranger: same
Stranger: have you got msn?
You: Yo Estoy Muy Horny Translation:I Feel Very Horny
Stranger: msn?
You: ?que? Translation:What?
You: Ooo great at what?
You: tu horny?Translation:You Horny?
Stranger: yes
You: Tu Tienes big Cock Translation:Do You Have A Big Cock?
You: ?
Stranger: yes
Stranger: do you have msn?
You: No, Lo siento Translation:No Sorry
Stranger: cam?
You: tell dirty thing to me?
Stranger: u like 2 see dirty thing?
You: si
Stranger: 1 momento
You: OK
You: oh me so horny
You: Estas muy grande en tu pantelones Translation: You Are Big In Your Pants
Stranger: {Real Link! Click At Own Risk!}
Stranger: link
You: oh i put.. in address bar?
Stranger: yes
You: oh, thats no bueno
Stranger: this is me
You: es muy pequeno Translation:It's Very Small
You: no gracias
You have disconnected.
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