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Billy Mays!!

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You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: sex
You: Hell Yeah
Stranger: :D
You: In My Ear Please! XD
Stranger: you like to fuck..
Stranger: in the ear?
Stranger: :D
You: Of Course? And You Dont?
Stranger: i find it brings to many ear aches
Stranger: Just me
Stranger: ?
You: I Think Its Totally Worth It!
Stranger: You lose hearing after a while!!
Stranger: I know someone whos deaf in there left ear cuz they liked it better that way
You: Well, I Dont Blame 'Em! It's The Best Orgasm EVER!
Stranger: Personally I dont want chlamidia in my ear
Stranger: Guys can have it too
You: Oh.. Well I Guess.. So I'm Guessing You Dont Like Nasal Sex Either?
Stranger: No, it gets in my nose ;)
Stranger: So is it your favorite?
You: No, I Like It In My Eye ;P
Stranger: ouch, poor you, your gonna b blind deaf and hav sinus problems! Stick it in the right hole!!
You: I Would But... I Have.. Blue Waffle..
Stranger: Blue Waffle? What is this ?
You: Go On Google.. Type It In.. See For Yourself!
Stranger: oh no, im good, i doubt there are terms out there that i need to learn
Stranger: Well have a life need to know
You: Good! It's Not A Pretty Sight..
Stranger: I bet, is it painful though?
You: Not So Much Painful As It Is Smelly
Stranger: Ooh... hopefully its not contagous. Better stick to a good orgasmic eye fucking.
You: Yeah, Now You Understand My Reasoning For My Nasal Fucking!
Stranger: I thought you liked the eye fucking!! Have you switched already?
You: I Like Both Equally
Stranger: Oh i see, but i bet nasal masturbation is easy then?
You: Yeah, But I Sneeze A Lot.. But It's Good Lubrication ^.^
Stranger: Get all that snot in there.. whats ur porn then?
Stranger: The nasal clearing commercials?
Stranger: Or do you use regular porn still?
You: I Can Get Off To Anything!
You: Those Oxy Clean Commercials Usually Did It Pretty Good.. To Bad Billy Died.
Stranger: Oxy Clean? I havent seen those commercials in a very long time...
You: I Know.. Sad
Stranger: What happened to poor billy?
You: I Dont Even Know.. But He Died!! NOO!!
You: Probably From Inhaling All That Bleach..
Stranger: Hmm.. its a mystery, if you were really curious you could investigate
You: I Will!!
Stranger: Then you will have to post it somewhere, tell the world
Stranger: !!!
You: OMG!!! I'm Off!!!

You have disconnected.
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