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Chapter 2

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Hide and seek anyone?

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Unlike other stories I've written, this one doesn't continue on from the last chapter. This is sorta written in parts. Sometimes there will be small gaps between chapters (like this one) & sometimes there will be long gaps between chapters (maybe the next one).

Just a heads up. Oh & thanks so much for the reviews! They really make me happy! Sorry the chapters aren't long too.

Riley and Patrick went to the same school. It was a K through 8 school. It was also Riley’s first year at school. She was going into Kindergarten and Patrick was going into the 4th grade, so they wouldn’t see much of each other at school, but they walked to school together since the school was just four blocks away.

The first day of school was the only day that Riley’s mom had walked with the two of them to school. After that, she felt that Riley would be safe walking with Patrick each day.

Over the past summer, Patrick and Riley had bonded a lot. Riley was starting to look up to Patrick as a big brother figure. She trusted him, and he made sure that he didn’t break that trust.


Patrick and Riley were playing Riley’s favorite game, Hide and Seek. She was hiding and he was seeking. She was hidden in the hallway closet at her house, and Patrick was counting in the den.

“28, 28, 30! Ready or not, here I come!” He shouted and opened his eyes as he started scanning the room. He wandered around slowly, listening and watching for any sudden movements that could give away Riley’s hiding spot. He walked towards the kitchen and then heard a creaking sound and spun around. Patrick noticed the hallway door opening ever so slightly and smirked. He walked over to the door and leaned next to the wall.

“Hmm… I wonder where Riley could be…” He pondered aloud. He listened closely to see if she would make any noises. She didn’t, so Patrick pretended to walk away and see if she’d come out. After a few seconds of waiting, Riley peeked out to see if Patrick was in the room anymore, then she saw Patrick waiting there.

“Patrick!” She said in surprise.

“Found you.” He said, smirking.

“How’d you know where I was?” Riley questioned.

“Lucky guess.” Patrick said.

“Do you want to play something else now?” Riley asked.

“Okay, what to you want to play?”

“Want to play with my dolls?”

“Sure, Riley.” He said and laughed a little while they walked to her room.
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