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Kilt 'er ded.

by shpnuptbstn 1 review

You heearrd!

Category: West Side Story - Rating: G - Genres: Erotica - Published: 2010-01-24 - Updated: 2010-01-24 - 124 words

Once upon a time, when the Sharks and the Jets roamed the earth,
raping and pillaging at their leisure,
there was this whiny bitch named Anita.

Anita was married to dumb ass Bernardo.
There's this other douche bag named Riff, who Bernardo kills,
initiating a war between the two gangs.

So, dick Tony kills Bernardo because he sucks.

The whiny bitch Anita just yells at her sister, Maria,
because she's autistic and is fucking Tony,
who Chino kills, who is in love with Maria.

One day, Claire got sick and tired of Anita whining her stupid Spic head off,
so sClaire jumped onto the Broadway stage,
and commenced killing the shit out of her.
I kilt 'er ded I did..

The End!
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