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A one-shot based on the song 'Animals' by Nickelback. Gerard and Alex run away, what happens when she keeps hearing weird noises? :)

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Heyyy people! Yeah so this is just a one-shot story I had in mind lol I don’t know if its any good but you guys can let me know :) its basically a fic based on the song ‘Animals’ by nickelback, and I kinda added Gerard way into it haha! So… here we go!

Man it felt so good to have my hands back on the wheel, it felt like ages since I’d felt the smooth leather beneath my fingertips. Of course it had only been about a month ago I’d gotten a fine for speeding; my mom insisted I was forbidden to drive until I learned my lesson. So this was a real treat for me being allowed to drive and all, I kept glancing over at my drivers licence just to check it was actually there.

I behaved and drove the boring old speed limit in awe as I approached the wealthy residence. All the houses around here were huge, and compared to mine I felt a little embarrassed. The stonework was delicate and insanely detailed around the edge of the unfamiliar house that stood before me. I checked the piece of paper she’d slipped into my hand at lunch earlier, and studied the address written on it. This was definitely it. I leaned over and opened the side door of the car so she could jump in and we’d make a run for it.

I waited for at least five minutes, wondering if I should call her and let her know I was here, but I decided not to just in case someone else answered. There was a flicker of light coming from the window at the top of the house and my eyes shot up to it. A dark figure slowly pulled back the curtain and opened the window, it was her. She crept out onto the balcony and I stared at her in confusion, what the fuck was she doing?! There was no way she’d be able to climb down that thing without a harness or something. Then I relaxed suddenly as she brought out a long line of sheets that were tied together in tight knots. She secured it to the balcony and gripped it hard, leaning back and abseiling down the side of the house. I smirked; she was doing this for me.

When she finally reached the ground, she tiptoed over to the car and smiled approvingly at me. She jumped in the car, sat down and slammed the door shut as I started the engine. I backed up and sped out of the residence into the rushed freeway.
“Fuck Alex, we’re in so much trouble if we get caught!” I exclaimed and she giggled.
“Like I give a shit, how is anybody ever gonna find us out here?” She said motioning to the bleak surroundings as we parted from the freeway. We were driving south, away from all our worries and fears, just to be together. Alex’s parents didn’t ‘approve’ of me; they told her I wasn’t good enough for her. I guess in that sense they were right, I wasn’t rich at all and I really didn’t understand what the hell she saw in me. Alex is the type of girl you’d expect to see growing up healthily, marrying around the age of thirty to a guy with plenty of dosh who plucked his eyebrows more than she did. But no, she’s such an innocent looking girl who hangs around with a total ass, going out and getting stoned every fucking night. Her parents really don’t know half of the stuff she gets up to with me; they even think she goes to school dressed appropriately. Oh how I’d love to see their faces if they witnessed what she dressed in after they’d dropped her off at school. Black mini skirt, tight white blouse with the buttons undone a little too low, and slick red heels. Fuck I grew hard even thinking about the outfit.

Her hand slowly slid its way down my thigh to the throbbing erection behind my jeans, and she rubbed against it making me totally unfocused and causing the car to swerve.
“F-fuck…” I whimpered and steadied the car again. I could see her grinning from the corner of my eye as she carried on massaging my length and I couldn’t help but grin back. For a pretty little rich girl, she was rather naughty.

I instantly sped up way past the speed limit as she controlled how fast we went with each squeeze. I moaned loudly, “Uhhh, fuck!” I heard her giggle as she repeated it again and my foot pressed rough against the pedal.
“Do you like that Gee?” She whispered in my ear teasingly and I bit my lip.
“Yesss…” I hissed begging her not to stop. It was so fucking hard to drive in a straight line with her breathing in my ear like that; I almost drove right into a ditch at one point.

“Baby I think you’re getting frustrated… Why don’t we pull over for a while?” She whispered again and it was driving me mad. I nodded and she slumped back in her seat. I pulled up on the side of the road and switched the engine off. We were on the outskirts of town, so there weren’t any cars around. The darkness of the night surrounded us and the moonlight shined on her skin making her even more beautiful as she glistened in it. She bit her lip and her finger motioned for me to follow her as she slowly got out of the car and into the back. I slipped my seatbelt off and followed her as she took hold of my hand and opened the door to the back seats. She climbed in and lay down on them waiting for me. I got in and gently slid my body on top of hers, closing the door behind me.

She grabbed my shirt and dragged me down to her face; I softly pressed my lips on hers and ran my hands down her body. I flicked my tongue on her bottom lip, begging for access and she obliged opening her mouth. I slid my tongue in and collided it with hers, the two of them dancing in pleasure. My mouth parted from hers and found its way down to her neck biting gently. I felt her breathing increase as my tongue traced the side of her jaw and she tangled her hands in my jet black hair. I tugged at the bottom of her top and lifted it slightly, revealing the flawless white skin underneath. I traced my fingertips up and down her waist and they slowly made their way up to the silk black frills on her bra. I felt her grin against the side of my neck as I toyed with the straps and she gently pushed me off her to sit upright. She slid her top off and tossed it to the front of the car and laid back down again. I resumed my recent position and began kissing her neck as her arms wrapped around my neck. I could feel the bulge in my jeans grow with every touch of her cold skin against mine and I shivered in delight.

My lips teasingly travelled down her chest, leaving a hot trail of kisses as they made their way to her torso. At that moment I couldn’t care less if cars stopped by to take a peek at what we were doing, I was so lost in the warmth of her under me. The two of us lay there, biting and kissing each other acting like complete animals.

By now my jeans felt as if they were about to burst at the seems if I didn’t do something with the throbbing dick that they covered. I gasped as her knee nudged against it and she grinned biting her lip.
“What are you waiting for?” She breathed hotly in my ear and I lifted my head up to meet her gaze. She smiled approvingly at me and I sat upright. I undid the top button on them and slowly dragged the zip down watching her melt before me. Her eyes fixed on my hands as I lowered the denim a little and she tugged at my shirt.

She sat up too and helped me slip my shirt off, her fingertips danced on my chest and it burned desirably at her touch. I lay down on her again and rested my head on her shoulder as she gently stroked the back of my hair. My hands travelled down the sides of her body exploring every inch of her, and I stopped hesitantly as they came close to the waistband of her jeans.
“Don’t stop.” She begged and I returned to sliding my hands across her, playing with the top of her jeans. I tugged on them a little and slid them down to her knees while biting the flesh on her neck.

My breathing increased instantly as she kicked her jeans off and wrapped her legs around my waist. I gently ran my fingertips down the silk fabric on her thong and twirled the lace bows. She let a soft moan escape her lips as I continued to stroke her teasing every sense in her body. I traced my finger down her slit through the material and she gasped at the touch, I repeated it seeing she beckoned me to carry on.

“Fuck…” I whimpered against her shoulder feeling her heart race. We were just getting started; we had the whole night to do anything we wanted and I was growing impatient. I began to slip off her thong when she tugged on my hair a little too hard and gasped.
“Ouch, why’d you do that?” I asked looking her straight in the eye as she massaged the back of my neck where she’d pulled my hair. I saw the intensity in her eyes and leaned on my elbows so I could see her face.

“Sorry, I just thought I heard something…” She said closing her eyes and pushing me down towards her again. I placed gentle kisses on her torso and continued them up to her chest. Her hand came on my head and stopped me, “What was that?” She whispered sharply as her eyes darted around the car.
“What was what?” I asked slightly confused by her actions.
“That noise, it came from outside…” She breathed against my ear and it sent shivers up my spine, urging me more.
“It’s probably just the wind babe.” I assured her and she let her hand resume its place on my neck.

I noticed how tense her body reacted to me as I slithered down her kissing any visible skin. She breathed slowly and quietly, making me even more eager to thrust into her right there and then, but her sharp intake of breath caused me to stop immediately and sit upright. I saw the fear in her eyes before she screamed, “That’s my dad outside the car!”

My eyes grew wide with shock as I turned to face a furious-looking man storming towards the car door. I jumped into the front seat and my hand flew over to the ignition to turn the keys.
“Shit!” I cursed seeing the keys had disappeared; they must have wound up on the floor while we were switching our positions. We were totally screwed now, how the fuck were we meant to talk our way out of this one?! I bent down and rummaged around the floor searching for them, I could hear Alex panicking in the back as she locked the doors. A sudden burst of noise rang through my ears as Alex’s dad smashed a rock through the front window of my car, my arms flew over my face protecting it from the speared glass.
“Gerard!!!” She screamed and got into the front with me to check I was okay. She cradled me in her arms and kissed my forehead.

Before I knew it, I was being dragged out of the car by my hair that was tightly gripped by Alex’s dad. I writhed in pain as my body was scraped against the rough ground and he pulled my hair with full force, though I knew the worst was yet to come.

He brought my face to level with his and his fist came hard on my jaw while he growled.
“I knew you were trouble! You fucking unworthy bastard!!!” He boomed causing my head to jolt back from the pain in my eardrums. My hand flew up to my jaw and I winced as I clicked the bone back into place, there was really no point though because as soon as I’d fixed it his hand smacked across my cheek. It burned so bad I had to fight to keep the tears back; I didn’t want to look like a whimp in front of Alex. I saw her out the corner of my eye getting out of the car, a rather embarrassed expression on her face as she scurried over to us. I guess in the time her dad had brought me out here she’d slipped back into her clothes, while I was stuck absolutely humiliated in nothing but my boxers.

“Dad, let go of him please!” She screeched and tugged vigorously on his arms which wasn’t helping much because that just meant he pulled tighter on my hair.
“What the fuck were you thinking Alex?!” He spat on my face as he asked her and I grimaced rubbing it off.
“You fucking paedophile, don’t you dare move!” He spat again and this time I kept my hands by my sides.
“He’s not a paedophile dad, I asked him to bring me out here! He didn’t fucking try to rape me or anything, now please stop hurting him!” Alex screamed tugging hard on him.
“Watch your mouth young lady! I saw everything he done to you, he touched you and kissed you and those kisses were not on your lips!” He growled watching her fall to her knees and bury her face in her hands. This was so embarrassing; here I was standing outside half naked getting caught running away with a guy’s sixteen year old daughter and also being accused for ‘rape’. I tried not to smirk at the thought of it all.
“Sir I swear I was kissing her mouth, I never done anything she didn’t want me to do.” I spoke and received an evil glare from him. He scowled at me then let my hair go and slammed me to the ground.

“You fucking asshole, you are never to see my daughter again! I don’t want you near her, DO YOU HEAR ME?!” He shouted and I got up on my feet wiping the dirt off me. I looked pleadingly at Alex and she shook her head mouthing the word to me sorry.
“I asked you something pretty boy, now fucking answer me!” My head shot right back to him as he moved closer to me.
“I’m sorry sir; but I won’t stay away unless she wants me to…” I said sternly glaring at him and watching even more rage unfold onto his expression.
“What she wants doesn’t fucking matter right now son, if you want to go home in one piece tonight you better stop acting like a smart ass and keep the hell away from her!” He was right up in my face at this point and I lowered my head shaking it in frustration. I wasn’t just going to give up to some rich asshole, and I knew Alex wouldn’t either. I glanced over to her again; her hand covered her mouth as she stared with wide eyes to see what I’d say next.
“Sir, I admit that I may not be the wealthiest fucker in this town, but I love your daughter and I’m afraid you’ll never be able to take that away from me. You can try to knock it out of me with another punch; I really couldn’t give a shit, but the feeling will remain intact.” I stared right into his eyes as he took in the words that had just left my mouth. His firm hand gripped my jaw tight and I scowled at him, he looked over my shoulder to Alex.
“I will not have my daughter going out with a sick minded freak; god knows what you’ve got her into! You better stay away from her, or the next time I catch you pulling a stunt like this, I’m calling the cops!” He spat in my face after making his statement and stormed over to Alex. He grabbed her limp arm and pulled her onto her feet. She tried everything to make him let go, she scratched at his arms and kept repeating “No,” over and over.

When she finally gave up, he dragged her to his sleek, black Mercedes Benz and shoved her in the front seat of the car. I sighed and smiled apologetically at her through the window. She bit her lip and smirked back, obviously finding the whole situation rather humorous. I love you, she mouthed to me and I seen her dad mutter something as he glared at me. I love you, I mouthed back and watched as he started the engine and sped off down the road leaving me stranded.

I turned around and faced my trashy car, shit my mom was going to kill me. I walked over to it and climbed in the front seat, slowly being careful not to sit on any glass. I brushed the broken pieces of my window off the seat and grabbed my clothes from behind. As I slipped them on my mind wandered back to when we’d lay in the back seats, totally unaware of what was going to happen next. I stifled my laughter remembering the look on his face when he saw me on top of her; fuck what a sight that must’ve been! Something shiny caught my eye then; I grabbed it from the seat next to me and studied it in my palm. The fucking keys. I shook my head and slid them into the ignition starting it up and reversing the car. I turned it around and headed back home to Belleville, I couldn’t help worry over what my punishments would be when my mom saw the smashed windscreen. Fuck, this was going to be a long night…

[*Well, what did you guys think? Good, bad, crap… I need to know the absolute truth! And I know I said earlier on this was only going to be a one-shot, but I have a few ideas for this story… so review and let me know if I should continue :) P.S: here's the link for the song that inspired me to write this!
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