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Chapter 4

Hogwarts/ Halloween 4th year champion choosing
Dumbledore’s view

Four years... four bloody years i’ve been looking for that boy, Harry Potter. Four years of endless searching, tracking down leads that always lead to dead ends. Four years of plans and moulding gone down the drain, even more considering the fact that his relatives had apparently never even cared for harry let alone knew that I had left him on their door step all those years ago.

Looking back it is a clear point in which this headache started, the day the Hogwarts admission letters had been sent out. Every owl had immediately taken off once the letter had been tied to their talon. All but one, the one addressed to Harry Potter, it just sat there, looking at the gathered Professors sending the post as if they had just grown several new heads.

After several failed attempts of getting the owl to deliver it’s post, including changing owls several times, I had decided to deliver the letter to Harry myself, ensuring that the boy would be even more unquestioning of me, as I would deliver him from the abusive environment that I had knowingly placed him in top create a timid obedient weapon/ pawn.

Upon arrival however I was quite shocked to find that Harry had never been in the care of his aunt and uncle, let alone even seen by them. From that moment one it had been a nightmare.

Once word had somehow reached the profit of Harrys’ disappearance the ministry hounded me until no end, until I came up with a small white lie to please the masses. I had deceived them into thinking that after becoming aware of the Dursely’s abusive care that Harry went thro8gh I had him moved to a secure location in which he would be privately trained until I had deemed him fit to be reintroduced to wizarding society.

However what actually happened was that I had gathered the Order of the Phoenix together and explained to them that I believed that the boy had been abducted by dark wizard’s intent on revenge for their fallen lord or to turn Harry into the next dark lord. From that moment forward it had been a constant man hunt for any free agents, everyone from ministry employees to his staff at Hogwarts searched for the boy when able. The results were not what I had desired.

And so for the four years of Hogwarts that Harry should have attended, I had to make alterations to my plans. The Philosopher stone was rescued by Ronald Weasley and Neville Longbottom in their first year; after all if I couldn’t mould Harry into my weapon I would do it to the Longbottom boy. Their second year I had to interfere, due to the presence of an ancient Basilisk. After rescuing the Weasley boy and girl as well as Longbottom I had the chamber permentatly sealed, I couldn’t have tom coming to retrieve his old pet. The diary was also destroyed, through some sacrifice on the Hogwarts house elf part, no loss really, Hogwarts had plenty.

Last year had been fairly quiet, nothing major happened aside from Sirius Black being proven innocent due to Peter Pettigrew’s capture inside the girls Ravenclaw dormitory, the fool just couldn’t keep himself in check any longer apparently, didn’t matter anyway, all he had managed to do was molest one mud blood, a miss Granger I believe, quite brilliant but no one of consequence.

And now here we are what would have been Harry’s fourth year and the year of the triwizard tournament. And at the event in which I would have set Harry on his true path of destiny, to destroy Voldemort once and for all and himself along with it. However as he isn’t here that plan has been derailed, though to keep up pretences I had allowed Barty crouch jr to enter the castle disguised as my old friend Mad eye Moody, at least this way I could keep some form of observation on what Voldemort was planning, and maybe find Harry while I’m at it.

Oh it would appear that the last champion was chosen... Cedric Diggory from Hufflepuff....oh well time to please the flock.
General view

After the thunderous applause from the Hogwarts student body died down from the announcement of the Schools champion, Dumbledore, in his entire purple robed half moon glasses beard to the floor splendour stood up, gazing around the great hall, that constant twinkling still going strong he spoke.

“And that all the champions have been chosen would all three of you please follow me and your heads to the back room where the date of the first challenge will be revealed and the rules explained, would everyone else please make your way back to your dormitory...” a sudden spout of azure flame interrupted Dumbledore as the Goblet of fire expunged a fourth name from its golden body.

Silence enveloped the hall as the Headmaster snatched the parchment from the air, the hall waited in baited breath as Dumbledore read the slip of paper over and over again, and to the fear an utter surprise of his students, his face grew more and more thunderous with each repeated pass over the paper, until finally he exploded.

“WHO DID THIS?! WHO WOULD DARE MOCK NOT ONLY THIS SCHOOL BUT ME AS WELL WITH PUTTING THIS NAME IN THE CUP?!! WHO PUT IN HARRY POTTER’S NA..” and yet again he was interrupted once more, though this time by a magical storm of wind and lightning bursting forth betwixt the distance of the cup and student body.
The winds howled fiercely and the lightning sparked and clawed at the air daring any to approach before the magical storm calmed itself. Finally the storm began to recede, and from its epicentre a human form was able to be distinguished.

When at last the final cloud of dust and magic cleared away, the form was revealed. Though he didn’t look much older than fourteen, many in the hall new instantly just from his stance that this...being was not one to be trifled with, some knew more than others.

He was about average height, his long black hair cascaded down his back, brought together at the end in a small tuff of hair, glistening in the candle light, showing obvious care toward high gene. His chest, or what was visible of it beneath the obsidian cloak on his right arm and half his chest that was emblazed with three ivory lightning bolts in the shape of a claw, was ripped to a certain degree, setting off instincts of inferiority in some males and arousing lust in most of the females. His face was only marred, in the opinion of some, by the massive scare, that stretched from just after the hair line on his forehead down across the left side of his face, over his nose, barely missing his lips and ending just before his jaw line, as well as what appeared to be scales of the deepest black emerging from his neck looping around his ears and joining together along his jaw line in front of his chin. However that is where his apparent humanity ended, and to those that knew what he was, his true nature revealed.

His arms though well muscled ended in cloven claws, gleaming in the candle light much like a hawks talons would, his feet were also cloven, resting at the end of powerful legs encased in leather pants that hand a small U like shape that ended just before his crotch, leaving some of the older female populace a little frustrated. It was his eyes however that held most people’s attention, the deep emerald green orbs flashed across every face in the great hall, analyzing threats as he did, piercing the soul of anyone who would meet his gaze. But for Dumbledore it was different, those eyes filled him with hope and dread at the exact same time.

They filled hi with hope because he had seen those eyes before, on a young Gryffindor red head mud blood that he taught all those years ago, who’s eyes held that exact gleam of analysis and danger whenever she felt threatened, or unjustly treated, the dread he felt from those eyes came from the exact same reason they filled him with hope, because those eyes proved something he had been guessed once the last name came from the cup and the storm kicked up.

The magical contract of the triwizard tournament had brought fourth, the one he had been looking for the past four years. Only this was not the boy he had hoped to find this was not a meek timid and beaten whelp he could form into a weapon of self destruction, no this was a warrior with his own will and judgement, and in that instant Dumbledore knew, he knew that his plans though slightly back on track where now in total danger of being eradicated, all from just looking into the eyes of Harry Potter.

Harrells’ view

As the time storm released me from its mercy I found myself assaulted by the smell of humans, mass amounts of humans and magic, though I type I had never felt before.

Gazing around myself I become aware of all the young ones around me, so many curious eyes taking in my form, it was almost unseating, almost.

As I continued my observations I became aware of three scents, of the most alluring kind though for why I didn’t know. The first was the most confusing, fore it flitted in and out, like it wasn’t really there, but still present, it smelled of tears and oddly enough tap water, strange indeed.

The second smell was more apparent, closer, the smell of moon beams and a traveler’s disposition, a constant curiousness for that which other didn’t believe.

The third and final scent wasn’t far from the second, and was by far the most pleasing, fresh and aged parchment mixed with ink, and the subtle aroma of dust that accompanied anyone who frequented a library. I would have to find where these smells came from, the only clue that was similar between the three was something that made me grin feral within, all three are female.
Finally stopping my gaze I beheld an ancient human, old for mortals but still a fledgling for vampires, we gazed at each other, sizing each other up, for what I didn’t know, but the twinkle in his eye made me uneasy and instantly distrustful of him.

Where ever I was I couldn’t smell other vampires anywhere, I was obviously in a very delicate situation, and from the magic rich in the air very dangerous as well.
This was going to be fun.

AN: hello everybody, sorry this took so long to get out, i’ve had some family issues to taek care of but now i’m back and hoping to get the next instalemtn of Reaver Legacy out some time near the ned of feburay. Till then read and review and tata
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