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Chapter 3
Harrell’s view

How longs has it been since Raziel was thrown into the abyss? I cannot remember, time has become meaningless to me, the only proof of time passing I have had is the slow rotting of Nosgoths’ landscape, and the malformed evolutions that my five remaining brothers have undergone, such hideous forms they have become, I am revolted by the very notion that we are related in any shape or form.
The only ones to escape the mutilation brought upon the clans from the evolutions are I, Raziel and Kain. Kain because of his constant trips back an forth in time, ensuring that the stage for his plans matches the script he has written. Raziel was spared from malformation because of his execution by being cast into the lake of the dead, to drown forever beneath it swirling depths.
I however, knew the secret behind the malformation that had occurred in my brethren, and was then able to avoid such a fate.
I have spent the centuries studying the course of histories flow from with Sanctuary , trying to determine if my father’s plan was succeeding, unfortunately, when the manipulation of time is involved, history becomes rather........unpredictable.
And so I wait, I wait for my brother Raziel to arise again, to not only set his as wells as Kains destiny in motion, but mine as well, and judging from the commotion coming from the direction of the audience chamber, I will not have to wait much longer.
General view
Stalking through the halls from the audience chamber, Raziel moved toward his youngest brother’s room, but he was changed from what he was before he was cast into the lake. Gone were his handsome features, to be replaced by a blue leathery skinned corpse. His skin had become taught across his skeleton leaving his bones clearly outlined beneath his flesh. His stomach had been eaten away by the acidic water of the lake, exposing his rib cage and spine for all to see. His lower face was concealed beneath a brown cloak wrapped around his neck leaving only his now milky white eyes, gazing around him with cold hatred. And on his back where two flaps of flesh that hung limply, fluttering in the airflow created by his swift gant toward his destination.
Burning with self justified hatred Raziel had returned to the living world, with the help of some unknown God, and had emerged into a Nosgoth that had become a husk of its former glory, crawling with fowl vermin vampires’, and had found his second youngest brother Melchiah a rotting carcass of sewn together flesh. Forced to drag himself on his knuckles from lack of legs, Raziel had liberated his festering soul from its mortal coil, absorbed his soul and attained his power of moving through solid gates and obstructions once he enters the spirit realm.
After removing Melchiah from the equation, Raziel had made his way across the wasteland once called Nosgoth toward the abandoned edifice that was once Sanctuary, the seat of his Sires’ vampiric empire to confront said sire, to take revenge for the unjust hypocrisy that doomed him to his current retched form.
After finding Kain waiting for him in the audience chamber Raziel engaged him in a minute battle in which he was almost struck down, but just as Kains ancient blade the Soul Reaver, was about to strike him down, the blade shattered and Kain fled the scene, leaving behind a wraith blade, the ravenous spirit trapped within the blade that devoured the souls of it victims, which then symbiotically bound itself to Raziel forever entwining itself to his very soul.
Now standing outside the doors to his brother’s room a sense of curiosity overcame him, after all, Harrell had been the only one who had not be present at his execution, maybe he could attain some answers of what befell Nosgoth in his absence, before setting him free from his existence.
Forcing the doors open Raziel entered Harrells room. Casting his gaze around he noticed that nothing had changed, the tables where still cluttered with books and notes, the fire place still belching forth heat, and there with his back to him, was Harrell, calmly reading from a book in his left hand and right hand grasping his chin, in a pose of deep thought fully concentrating on what he was reading
“Finally Raziel, you arrive” stated Harrell with minimal interest “I was beginning to think you had forgotten me.” Turning is heading slightly Harrell gazed upon his brother for the first time in centuries “I see that you have changed quite a bit since we last saw each other.”
“And you Harrell haven’t changed at all” Raziel replied in a deeming manner. At that Harrell snapped the book shut turning around swiftly. So that his clan Sigel cloak swished to his side, giving Raziel a full profile of his brother.
His face hand not changed much, aside from what appeared like black serpent scales climbing from his neck looping around his ears and joining together along his jaw line in front of his chin.
“Oh” replied Harrell with a predatory grin “I wouldn’t ssssssay that” extending a serpentine forked tongue to exaggerate the s’s.
“So you have become just as monstrous as Melchiah then have you, somehow I’m not that surprised really, you always where rather pathetic” Raziel spoke down to Harrell.
“Oh no dear brother” countered Harrell “ what you see before you is merely the result of merely one rapid evolution, what Melchiah was is the result of several, and believe me dear brother, I juts as Melchiah was, the least malformed of our family, the others are much, much worse.”
“So you know what I did to him then”
“But of course dear brother. Have you forgotten who supplied you with information when our family was bringing order to Nosgoth, or did the abyss strip you of more than your previous complexion?”
“Watch your tongue insolent whelp” Raziel threatened “or I will make your last moments a literal nightmare”
“Well Raziel, if that is a challenge, then I guess” quickly flicking a spear up to his hand with his foot Harrell through it straight at Raziel, who barley dodged to the side in time, leaving the spear to impale itself into the door “I will have to accept.”
“That was not wise” Raziel spoke while unleashing the Reaver blade attached to his arm, unleashing it spectral blue body to rain harm down upon his enemies, in response Harrell bared his elongated canines in the usual vampiric challenge.
Lunging at each other Raziel unleashed clumsy rapid slashes towards Harrell, still unused to his new weapon, striking every third or fifth hit, whilst Harrell kept on the defensive, continually dodging Raziels swipes landing a few of his own every now and then. They raged all across the room, breaking through tables, knocking over the many bookcases lining the wall, causing just as much damage to the room as they did each other.
Harrell seeing an opening after a particularly large swipe from Raziel, tried to move inside his open defence, but in his rush forgot one crucial thing about Raziels fighting style, he kicks like a mual. Rocketing across the room and smashing into the wall, Harrell was too disoriented to block Raziel dashing across the room and thrusting the Soul Reaver through his chest.
“And now brother” Raziel spoke “you will tell me what I want to know, and your end will be merciful” a chuckle from Harrell was his only reply “and what pray tell is so fun...”
Suddenly a vortex of electricity and wind thrusted Raziel back leaving Harrell standing in the very center.
“What magic is this?” Raziel exclaimed in surprise and annoyance from having his victory taken from him
“This dear brother is history removing an irritant from its flow. As you are very much aware I am not of this time stream, Kain brought me here from a future so very far from this time stream, that even though I have grown and matured here my ultimate destiny lays far beyond this existence, and therefore my demise cannot be allowed, at least not by time, not yet “explained Harrell “so brother, I bid you a final farewell, may we never meet again”
And with that the vortex caved in on itself, taking not only it but Harrell as well, leaving Raziel alone, to ponder this twist of events and time to plan his next move.
Harrells view
Twisting and turning, I was flung across time, catching brief images of things that had happened, where happening and what had yet to occur. So many images flashing through my mind I believed I would go mad.
Tossing and turning and yet having no true feeling of motion was unimaginable vexing.
But soon I will arrive where I was meant to be, and then I will begin my plan, for as Kain shaped his destiny with his own hands, so shall I, and may the void have mercy on all who would manipulate me.

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