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the coin is tossed

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Hey sorry for the wait everyone but I have been unable to write ether of my fics for the past several months due to a writers worst enemy....broken fingers, in fact the last chapter of Reaver legacy was typed while I talked. So without further ado here’s an update just for you.
Chapter 2
Harrell’s view
It has been five hundred fourteen years since my birth, and only five centuries since my rebirth. I am Harrell, youngest of my fathers, Kain, vampiric sons.
Among my six elder brothers I was....unique, not only for the fact that I alone was changed from a living human into a vampire, while they were gifted by being reborn from their human corpses by our fathers very soul, I also had a ability, a power that for a human was rather unusual, even for one gifted with magic, I could control any and all serpentine creatures, even communicate and understand them to the point in which I could use them to spy, and report information through me, to either one of my brothers or Kain, during one of their glorious campaigns to bring order to Nosgoth, a Vampiric order.
This ability on its own aloud me even as a human child, to become Kain’s military advisor, his left hand, while my eldest brother Raziel, has been Kain’s right hand, and most trusted general ever since his rebirth. Through the years Nosgoth slowly assimilated to Kain’s rule.
Now on this day, the hundredth anniversary of Kain’s complete rule of Nosgoth, both Raziel, and I emerge from our latest vampire evolution, his second and my first, and though I am now just emerging from my egg like cocoon, produced from my own vampiric blood, and judging from the position of the sun, I have most likely missed Raziel’s emergence from his hibernation, but the celebration following both Raziel’s début, and the initial celebration of Kain’s hundred year victory celebration, would surely be.....historic to say the least.
General view
Deep within Sanctuary, the citadel seat of Kain’s vampiric empire, Kain stocked through its corridors, towards the library, also the quarters, and work area of his youngest son Harrell.
Clasped within his cloven hands where what appeared to be giant skeletal wings, still dripping blood as if they had just been removed from whatever they had been ripped from.
Pausing outside of the double doors that guarded the entrance to his son’s domain, he admired the symbol engraved into its wooden flesh. Like all of his children Harrell had a clan Sigel, which showed his rank and importance within vampire society, even though Harrell had no clan to speak of, another oddity separating him from his elder brothers, Harrell’s Sigel was of three lightning bolts intersecting into a shape resembling a vampiric cloven hand grasping downwards, this design was chosen for him specifically because of the lightning bolt scar upon his brow which thanks to his elder brother Dumah, no stretched well across his face. Quickly dispersing these thoughts from his mind, Kain heaved the doors open with a flourish and crossed the threshold into his son’s personal kingdom.
Casting his gaze around the room Kain, admired his youngest child’s collection of knowledge and trinkets. The walls where masked by book cases that stretched from one to the other, leaving only the barest gap between to show they were all separate with each shelf so stuffed with tombs of knowledge, that to remove one might cause the others to come with it. They towered above him, reaching up to the mural ceiling with its depiction of a raging storm gliding over great trees during the night. Each of the five tables, laid out in a semi circle was littered with open books and half completed notes, ranging from vampire lore, history, theories of how and why vampires evolved as they did, to maps depicting placements of troops, adversaries, and natural terrain of the areas.
Directly before Kain, was a monstrous fireplace, large enough for three grown men to stand in comfortably with their arms stretched out, seemingly held up by two serpent gargoyles, whose realism caused their exposed fangs to seemingly drip with poison as the shadows of the flames flickered over their marble bodies.
And from a door just to the right of the fireplace, a door so plan and nondescript, that the mind instantly dismissed its impotents, emerged Harrell, in all of his newly evolved glory.
Gone was the yearling human babe that he had found upon that doorstep many millenniums from now and in its place stood a young man of average height for a fourteen year old, with piercing emerald eyes, which seemed to just bore into your skin. Giving the feeling of being slowly dissected with but a glance. His raven hair was fashioned into a style similar to Kain’s, in the fact that it was down to his mid back with the end being tied together into a short one inch tuft of hair. His newly transformed cloven hands where clenching an unclenching, trying to become familiar to his body as where his newly cloven feet, though they where adapting by keeping his stance wide and balanced, lest he fall to the floor. His personal Sigel embodied onto a piece of ebony cloth with ivory thread, was draped over his right arm, and slightly covered part of his fit naked chest, in the traditional position of vampire nobility. And then there is his scar, originally when Kain had found him as a babe it had resembled a lightning bolt, draped across his forehead. Now however, because of a ‘friendly spar between brothers’ with Harrell facing Dumah, his third eldest brother, when he was still a human at only ten years old, had lengthened it, so that now it stretched from the beginning of his hairline on his forehead, descended across the bridge of his nose, under his left eye, and seemed to freeze just above his jaw line, giving it the appearance, of a vicious bolt of lightning descending down from a storm to strike at the earth.
“Father, am I that late for the celebration that you would come to collect me yourself?” spoke Harrell with a tone of amusement, breaking Kain from his thoughts. Smirking at the title in which only Harrell referred to him as Kain replied
“No, you’re not that late for the celebration” he spoke with his usual air of superiority, brought on from years of upbringing as a human noble, and centuries as a vampire ruler “for there is no celebration going on” spotting the obvious look of confusion painted across his youngest sons face Kain continued “something has...arisen that takes president over any other trivial matter.”
“Trivial?!” Harrell spoke with obvious disbelief and sarcasm “what could have possibly happened before Raziel and I emerged that could possibly make his new evolution or your hundredth year anniversary of ruling Nosgoth, which would make them trivial?”
“This” stated Kain, as he cast the skeletal wings upon the table between the two, allowing the bones to extend to their full wing span, creating the allusion of two clawed hands spread out to grasp at something lying betwixt them. Observing the dismembered appendages with curious disdain Harrell, soaked up the details of every joint and edge that where nakedly displayed before him.
“Father” Harrell sighed with respectful annoyance “ even though whatever these came from would be most impressive I highly doubt that the creature who’s carcass they came from is unique enough to overshadow Raziel’s’ new evolution, let alone stop the celebration” he concluded as he reached out for one of the wings to examine it more closely. Kain watched as his son reached for one of the appendages, and spoke four words, that caused Harrell’s hand to blur back to his side as if it had been burned by water, which was acidic to most vampires.
“They came from Raziel” a myriad of emotions flashed across Harrells’ face at that news, shock, confusion, understanding and finally a sad resignation.
“So” Harrell barley whispered, as he gazed desolately down at what where once his eldest brothers now revealed evolution “it’s time” he finished off in a manner that was defiantly a statement and nowhere near a question. Gazing into the withering flames Kain replied
“Yes” he spoke with absolute certainty “Raziel will be thrown into the Lake of the Dead tomorrow, thus setting the stage for Nosgoths’ salvation, and what of your part” he continued returning his gaze to Harrell “have you found them?”
“Yes” replied Harrell “ i’ve found the key points in history in which you can use to rewrite history” casting his gaze to the fire place and watching the flames dance he continued “ the first will be at the tomb of king Williams tomb in the Sarufan strong hold, according to records i’ve found, Raziel will strike you down there, but if your right, then he may have enough free will to deny that fate, afterwards lead him to the pillars as they are being corrupted and give him a history lesson” here Harrell grew quiet, contemplating the ramifications of what they were discussing.
“Is that all?” questioned Kain. Turning his gaze back to his father Harrell divulged the final piece to the puzzle.
“No the final point of paradox is just after the murder of Janos Audren, Raziel will return to the stronghold and butcher his human self along with my other brothers, after he has done that the Reaver will attempt to obsorb him, it is at this point that all your plans hindge on, the edge of your coin as you would call it father, miss this moment and everything will fall apart” Harrell finshed and turned his gaze again to the withering flames.
With little more than a nod Kain turned to leave “father” Harrell spoke halting Kain in his departure “what are we going to do about Raziels clan? What are we going to do about the Razielim? Without a clan leader the clan will fall into chaos and disorder, surely you not going to over look this?” releasing an amused scoff at his youngest sons naivety Kain replied
“I have not overlooked this matter Harrell, and they much like you will share a similar fate, you will both be removed from this history, them much sooner then you.”
Harrells view
Watching my father depart after leaving me with that cryptic message of my fate, I turned my mind over to the matter at hand, Raziels execution, Kains’ gamble at fate, and above all the unseen destiny that lay before Nosgoth, all hinging on the chance that perhaps Kain would be able to give Raziel his free will to change history from the rigged course we had all been set on, before becoming an irritant to history and being expunged to prevent a paradox, such is the way of things, and through it all the ending will hold true for only one single phrase, the very phrase that had become the pledge of the whole of Kains Vampiric empire, Vae Victus, agony to the conquered.
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