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Jagged Ideas and Bruised Emotions

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Julie becomes a little more suspicious of the tickets to the concert.

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I heard my mobile ring and ran across the room to pick it up, stubbing my toes on a cabinet along the way.

"Hey Dude, What's up?"

"WHAT'S UP!?!?! You sent Her tickets, that's what's up! After everything we discussed You stabbed Me in the back by contacting Her. But thankfully there is a silver lining- it's not like you know if she will turn up or not".

Crap, He had a point.


"Hey Julie that is your last tattoo for the day alright? You have to look your best for tomorrows concert" I heard Drake announce while I was tattooing a Samoan symbol across a very muscular guys back.

"I know You mean 'go home early and iron those clothes from our new line to specially wear tomorrow" I replied smiling.

"Ah! You know me so ell- Oh! that's the telephone!" Drake exclaimed as he rushed for the phone.

Above the buzzing of the needle and the guy making conversation I could only guess that that someone was inquiring about the price of a tattoo.

"Okay Lex, all finished, just wait for me to apply the patch"

"Thanks again Julie, no one does tribal designs like You" Lex replied as He got up and left.

I walked to the front of the store with My bag only to be stopped by Drake.

"Anna just called and said some guy called your apartment and asked if if you were going to the concert tomorrow- as soon as She said yes the caller hung up. Is there a guy You haven't told Me about?"

"Of course not Drake- You know I was raised in a Catholic orphanage- They drummed abstinence into Me before I even knew what it was! what guy wants a girl like that" I ended up mumbling.

"Oh honey, not all guys are pigs" Drake hugged Me and closed the store after I left.

"Just the guys that breathe" I sighed and walked to the car park to pick up my black tuna can to drive home.


"Hey your back, did You get My message?" Anna called as She stooped over a big stew pot.

"Yeah, but why message Me at work? We only live a few blocks away" I replied, kicking My shoes off, dropping my bag on the kitchen table and lunging for a comfortable seat on the couch.

"It couldn't wait, and You know Me- I can't keep quiet for too long"

She was right- the longest time She held a secret was about the time it takes to hear it from one person, walk across the room to a friend, and tell that friend the secret.

"I've been thinking- about the tickets and the call- what if they are connected?" Anna asked as She handed Me a bowl of Her Cajun chicken brew.

"You mean like I'm being set up? for what?"

"I don't know- something. I just get this feeling that tomorrow will end on a...different note" Anna mumbled.

"..Well it IS a concert, so it probably end on a note anyway" I smiled and ate My brew, thinking about how great it will be to go to an awesome concert.
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