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I'm What Now?

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It's not everyday you find out something new about yourself.

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"Wake up Julie or we are going to be late" I heard.

"I smell fish" I mumbled.

"That was my breakfast- I downed a fish stock carton- now GET UP!" She yelled as She pulled my sheet off My bed.

"I'm awake, I'm awake...No not really" I mumbled again and rolled over.

"You forgot about the My Chemical Romance concert didn't You?"

My eyes shot open.

"Ah She remembers. now maybe you can remember the way to the bathroom and how to brush your teeth because your breath smells like an ogre's fart" Annie whispered.

I jumped up and ran to the bathroom to get ready.


"Okay I'm sorry we are late, but at least we made it" I yawned.

Annie kept grumbling under her breath, like SHE had never been late before.

"At least you look amazing in MY STORE'S Clothes" I added.

"I look amazing in anything" She replied.

I grinned. She was happy now.

We made Our way to the door when a Security guy stopped Us.

"Tickets please"

I handed them Our tickets.

"Uh these are backstage passes, so make your way to the right hand side of the stage right now or else they won't let you in" He added as He handed back Our tickets.

"That's weird" I whispered to a nodding Annie as We made Our way to the stage.

All of a sudden I felt a bit of pressure at the back of My neck that hurt so much it brought tears to My eyes.

I screamed as the pain became unbearable and attempted to grab whatever it was on the back of my neck when I realized that what I was touching was a hand.

I screamed even louder and jumped away, feeling a tear in the back of my neck.

I could feel blood pouring out of the back of My neck as I turned to see a guy in a trench coat run off with a piece of My hair.

"What the Hell was that? Are you okay?" Annie asked as She clutched My shoulder.

"How bad is My neck?" I replied, a little hoarse from the screaming.

"Not that bad, a little bit of blood but it's nothing a band-aid can't fix, here let me put one on"

I waited until she had safely attached the band-aid before We kept moving towards the stage, Me still wondering why someone would want My hair.


"Hey Dude, I got the hair sample You asked for"

"Great, lets test it out and see if She is a definite match" I replied as I handed it over to a lab technician I had hired for the day.

"Geez did you tear the girl's head off?" the tech guy asked.

"She was kind of moving quickly, and I only wanted a little bit but my hand landed on a big hunk of the stuff, I'll have to apologize to her later, if I get the chance"

"Oh you will- She's a match"

I grinned excitedly. Dear Julie, welcome to Your new life.


"I hope that guys nuts get roasted in a hot steel vice" Annie commented as We got past the second security guard next the stage.

I smiled but said nothing as we were directed to the band's chill out room.

"should we knock?" Annie asked- right as a guy came charging out of the room and slamming right into Me.

I hit the back wall before His hands could catch Me, and then bounced right back into His arms, causing Him to fall backwards and straight into the open door room he just tried to leave.

I didn't notice I was falling until I smashed to the floor on top of Him.

Him of course being Frank Iero.
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