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Ah Hell

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Julie is shocked by the news that She is about to hear.

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"Oh I am so sorry are You okay?" I asked as I climbed off one of My favorite guitarists of all time.

"Yeah I'm cool. Are you two the backstage people We have been waiting for?" Frankie asked as He stood up.

"That's right, My name is Julie and this is Anna" I added as Anna stepped forward and whispered a small hey.

"Oh hey, well um the show is about to start so if You guys will follow me I will take you to the area that You will be seeing the show in" He added, smiled quickly and then headed out the door Us following.

As we were about to go inside the special area Frankie grabbed My arm and pulled Me closer for a second.

"When the last song plays, get back to the room we were just in as fast as you can- you know, to avoid the rush" Frankie whispered.

I nodded and headed in after Anna.

"Frankie is dreamy, but I wonder what He was thinking about" Anna pondered aloud.

"What do You mean?" I asked.

"You couldn't tell? He was having some serious thoughts when We met Him"

I shrugged off what Anna was saying and settled in to watch the show.

Frankie's POV

"Frankie there you are" Bob sighed in relief.

"Why what's up?" I asked as I picked up My guitar, ready for stepping out onto that stage.

"We have to tell you something" Ray stated.

"Okay...what?" I asked again.

"Did you by any chance meet a girl with a really red band-aid on the back of her neck?"

I stopped.

"Oh god what did you DO?" I half yelled.

"We checked hair samples to see if what that detective found out was true" Mikey piped up.

"AND!?!?!" I yelled.


Like Frankie suggested Anna and I left early so We could beat the rush and headed into the room which I could now get a better look at.

It looked like a heap of clutter- clothes and cds and junk food everywhere. It reminded Me of My share of the apartment.

As Anna and I were looking at the mess the door opened up behind Us and in walked Mikey, Bob and Ray.

"Hey! what's up I'm Mikey, this is Ray and Bob" Mikey pointed over His shoulder.

"Hi I'm Julie and this is Anna" I replied, pointing just to My left.

"So YOU'RE Julie" Mikey said as He started to circle around Me.

"Um...yeah, Why?" I asked.

"Nothing, it's just We can't wait for Gerard and Frankie to meet You" Mikey grinned as He stopped circling Me so that He was behind Me.

Getting a little freaked out I started to ask Ray a question when I noticed He was blushing and looking at the ground sheepishly.

"Alright, what's going on" I asked.

Frankie's POV

I felt alright after the set but then the bottomless feeling of My stomach came back.

And it didn't help that by the time Gerard and I got back to the room I could hear a girl demanding to know the truth.

Ah Hell


I looked at the door as Frankie and Gerard walked in.

"Okay They are here, now what's so damn important that it had to wait until now- I have had a very mysterious week and I would like to know the truth" I demanded.

"Um...the truth is" Mikey started and then looked at Frankie.

"The truth is You are My twin sister" Frankie stated.

"....What?" I asked, dumbfounded.

"You are My long lost twin sister" Frankie shrugged.

"Nope. No way can I be Your twin sister- for starters I was an orphan-"

"No, that's not true. When We were born the nurse who took you forgot Our mum's name and placed You under a different name which just so happened to be the name of a mother who was giving up Her baby which She unfortunately miscarried. You simply filled the gap. Our mum had no idea until Dad asked as they left the hospital, but by that time You had entered the system and We had no way of finding out where You were. About a year ago I told these guys and Mikey decided upon Himself to track You down. He finally did but I decided to do nothing, but that wasn't enough for Mikey who sent You tickets to this tour and who also got poor Ray to steal a hair sample and compare it to mine just to make sure we are blood related- which we are by the way and yeah" Frankie finished, scuffing his shoes on the floor.

I stood there shocked for a second, until the rage set in.

"You are My brother and You didn't want to find Me? no more than that, You didn't want Me?" I fumed.

Frankie looked at Me shocked.

He was about to say something when I charged right past Him, out the door, out of the concert area and straight home, vowing never to listen to My Chemical Romance ever again.
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