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Leave A Message If You Don't Want Me To Call You

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It's been a week since Julie met Her so called 'brother'.

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I smacked My alarm clock as I got up for the day and walked into the lounge room to see Anna staring at the answering machine.

"Are You ever going to even talk to Him?" She called over Her shoulder.

"What's to talk about- He didn't want to find Me, He wanted to live His perfect life alone without Me so what's there to talk about? let Him live His life and I will live mine and I'm pretty sure if You bring this up again I will drug You and tattoo a My Little Pony on Your forehead" I growled as I turned the t.v on to relax. Days off are sweeter when t.v is involved.

The phone started ringing again and Anna picked up which made Me hate Her a little on the inside.

"Sure Drake She will be there in 45" I heard Anna reply.

"What did Drake want?" I asked as She hung up.

"A special request came in at work- He needs You there in 45 minutes" Anna replied smugly.

I shrugged and got off the couch, dashing to the bathroom to shower and change.

Anna's POV

"Ok She just went for a shower, just what the hell are you planning Drake" I whispered.

"Hey I have no freaking idea- guy called and said He wanted a tattoo done by Her and only Her, asked Me to get her here in 45 and then hung up on Me"

"Fine, She will be there, bye" I replied, wondering if Frankie was getting more desperate.


I ran all the way to work, only to find that Frankie was waiting for Me inside.

"Julie can We talk?"

"I thought I was here for a tattoo" I called over His shoulder and to Drake.

"so did I, but this is Frank Iero, so I would do what He wants" Drake replied.

"Fine, there's a park near here, lets go talk" I muttered and headed to the park.

"Okay, we are in the park- NOW can I talk to You?" Frankie asked as We stepped into the park area.

I nodded.

"Okay. Firstly I am so sorry for the run around that Mikey did to you. and secondly I'm sorry that I didn't have the guts to track You down Myself" Frankie whispered at the end.

"Why didn't You? You know, at the orphanage I wanted so bad for a family but I never got picked- Instead I had to stay there until I turned 18 and they couldn't legally keep Me anymore. Why did You not want Me?" I asked, almost choking on all the sad memories from that hell.

"I thought that maybe if I did track You down I would ruin Your life. I thought that maybe You had a great life without Me. And..I thought that You wouldn't want Me either"

I looked up at Him.

"But I do want you. I've always wanted My family- whoever they were" I smiled.

"Please come with Me- on tour I mean. The tour ends in My hometown and You can meet Our parents- I still haven't told them about You. Anna can come too so what do You say?"

"A chance to tour with My brother AND meet My long lost parents? You better believe I'm in!" I screamed.
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