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Make Over Time

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Julia gets a rude awakening.

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I woke up to a pair of my own eyes staring at me.

“We have stopped at our destination, so get dressed because you and I are going for some quality time to the mall” And with that, he disappeared from my sight.

I sighed.

That’s right, my brother is Frankie Iero, and I am his long lost twin sister on an adventure of great importance to find out more about the life I could have had had there not been a mix-up at the hospital.

…I read too many adventure novels.

I dragged myself out of bed and shuffled to the shower.

As the water ran down my face I thought about all the questions that I wanted Frankie to answer but found that I didn’t have any yet.

I wondered for a moment why that was until I reminded myself that if I had been prepared for a shock as big as this I might have questions. For now, I was happy to at least know that after this tour I would finally meet the family that my blood belongs too.

I hopped out of the shower with a towel on and walked back into the room to find some alright clothes to wear- only to find that they had already been laid out for me.

I gently picked up the jeans that I saved for special occasion- black with silver patterns down the outer part of the legs.

They were the only jeans I had ever splurged money on, so I was very attached to them,
I gently pulled them over my legs, and once that was done I grabbed the grey tank top instead of the black silk shirt that was laid out for me, pulled it over me and walked out of my room- only to see 5 pairs of eyes staring at me.

“I knew it! Pay up Bob” ray exclaimed.

“What was the bet?” I asked, my eyebrows arching in confusion.

“We bet that you didn’t have a fashion sense” Bob replied, handing a single bill to ray, who gleefully snatched it and tucked it away in his readily available wallet.

“So what? Not everyone needs a fashion sense” I grumbled blushing.

“While that is true most girls your age have things like a better wardrobe than the one we went through as you and I packed up your things” Frankie pointed out.

“What do you know about fashion sense anyway?” I asked, annoyed that I was getting clothing advice from guys.

“We know that the outfit you have on is extremely unflattering- you are a beautiful girl but you don’t like to show that off. You need help” Mikey stated.

“So I am taking you out by myself to the local mall and I am going to overhaul your entire way of thinking” Frankie said as he stood up.

“I can’t afford an overhaul” I mumbled looking at the ground.

“Think of it as an apology for all the years I haven’t been there for you as the brother I should have been” Frankie smiled as he pulled my face up so I could see the sincerity in his eyes.

I can’t believe I am doing this” I replied as Frankie walked me in to hot topic.

“Welcome to hot topic, can I help with anything?” a girl with a multitude of colors in her hair asked.

“This is my sister. She has a horrible fashion sense- can you help her out? She needs a totally new wardrobe” Frankie replied.

“Sure, come over here and let me look at you”

I walked slowly over to the girl who was only 2 feet away.

“My, you have a lovely figure- but it’s hidden by unflattering clothes, and you aren’t wearing any makeup, why is that?”

“Living in an orphanage and being told that skimpy clothes and makeup are tools of the whore” I muttered.

“That will do it” she replied and nodded.

She walked around me, looking me up and down, then grabbed my hand and walked very quickly through so many racks that by the time I was inside a dressing room I had at least 40 different coat hangers with complete outfits on them in my hands- and they were heavy as a collective.

After modeling the complete outfits for Frankie (and watching as he paid for them all) our next stop was the MAC makeup store.

“So what kind of look do you want to express on your face?” the sales girl (with way too many layers of makeup on) asked.

“Um... I just want to enhance whatever it is I already have” I mumbled and looked at my feet.

“Okay- feel what I do and listen to what I say, then you will be able to replicate it when you get back home” she smiled warmly at me and got me to close my eyes.
After a few minutes of torture (or what felt like torture) I looked at Frankie and watched his face drop.

“Check out the hot girl” Frankie grinned as he handed the mirror to me.
Brown eye shadow framed my green eyes with thin black eyeliner on the top and bottom. My lips were covered in a pink clear color. I looked like I always did- just prettier.
After the makeup came the shoes, the jewellery store, and perfume (Frankie sneezed when he smelled most of them, but I did find a fragrance that didn’t set off his nose.

“So have you been enjoying today?” I asked as we sat down for Nando's chips- with at least 80 bags of shopping underneath the table.

“Why wouldn’t I?”

“Because you are a guy- and my brother- and I was always under the impression that if a guy wasn’t sleeping with a girl then he wasn’t going to waste his-“

“Why are you like that? I’m sure the guys that you have dated….oh…you haven’t ever had a boyfriend have you?”

“Uh…no. It’s not like dating was a big thing at the orphanage and I’m nothing special” I shrugged.

“Yes you are! You are really beautiful inside and out- you just need some confidence” Frankie stated.

“People are staring because of that statement- any chance we can go now?” I asked.
Frankie nodded, picked up half the bags and walked with me out the doors of the mall.

“Do you hear a strange clicking sound?” I asked.

“If it’s what I think it is, don’t worry about it, just keep walking” Frankie mumbled to me.

I shrugged and guessed it wasn’t something important.

I was wrong.
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