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Slowly Healing

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A new day and Julie feels the change of it.

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I put my makeup on and was almost finished putting a new dress on when the door opened behind me.

“What-“ was all I got out of my mouth before the furious twisting to see who was at the door caused me to fall flat on the floor.

“Ouch, that looked like it hurt" Frankie muttered.

“It did. Can you help me up?”

“Sure, but I think you want to stay seated for what I have to tell you” Frankie replied as he sat down on the floor with me.

“You remember the clicking sound we heard yesterday?”

“Yeah…” I replied.

Frankie sighed and handed me a magazine. I stared at the front page for a few seconds, then looked back at Frankie.

“Turn to page 5”

I flipped over to see a full page spread with photos of me and Frankie.

My eyes bugged out of my skull when I read the title.

“Frankie’s new mysterious lover! are they crazy!?!?!?” I spat as I read on to find a list of all the purchases Frankie got for me and a description of what I looked like.

“It gets worse, our pr manager is waiting outside to talk to you. I’m really sorry I dragged you-“

“Shut up. I am a big girl, and I want to know my family. I want to be a part of your life and this is a major part of it, so I will meet with your pr” I smiled.

Frankie nodded, got up, helped me up, gave me a quick hug and walked out the door.

I fixed my dress, took a deep breath and walked through the door while staring at my feet.

“My Frankie you have got good taste after all- a little on the pear shaped side but I can see the attraction”

I looked up to see a shrewd business woman in a maroon suit with a skirt, straight black hair and minimal makeup appraising me from head to toe.

“This is Julie, my twin sister” Frankie punctuated.

“Oh, I’m sorry, My name is Lacey. So how come when I signed on to the band no one told me I would end up meeting a delicious morsel like you?”

“I wound up in an orphanage”

“You poor thing! Well no wonder Frankie spent so much!” she replied and stood up.

“Well that the formalities are out of the way lets get down to business. Basically the public is going to assume from this magazine that you two are, well, involved. We don’t want to give them the wrong idea so I think its best if we have the whole band and you go onto a local talk show that was going to host the boys anyways”

“Okay sounds good” I nodded.

“So, seeing as you have never been interviewed before I need to know if there's anything ugly going to come up on say an internet database”

“I don’t even really understand the internet”

“Fantastic. So tomorrow is the talk show we need you all ready by about 6 in the morning. It was nice meeting you” she smiled and walked out the door.

“Where are the others?” I asked.

“Out to get breakfast- it’s easier if they go out instead of you and me” Frankie replied.

I nodded and sat down.

“Nervous about tomorrow?” Frankie asked as he sat down opposite me.

“Not really, but I only get nervous a few seconds before something starts”

“You will be fine. Just don’t be too open or too closed and they will love you”

“Whose they?” Mikey asked as he walked through the door carrying breakfast containers from Denny’s.

“The interviewers tomorrow at 6” Frankie casually replied.

“I suppose next you will want her to play the tambourine for our band” Gerard growled and sat down next to Frankie.

“Gerard what is your problem with my sister?”

“Frankie please, it’s ok. I am going to go for a walk” I mumbled and walked out the door.

Frankie’s POV

“Great, now look what you did- don’t you realize it’s dangerous for her to be out by herself?” I asked Gerard.

“What are you talking about, no one knows she exists” Gerard replied.

I angrily marched to Julie’s room, snatched the magazine from the floor and slapped it on top of Gerard's eggs and bacon.

“They know she exists” I growled.

“And that you are involved- no wonder Lacey wants her on the talk show- jump ahead of the rumors while there's a chance”

“Oh” is all Gerard could reply with.

“Instead of trying to prove that Julie is just out for my money, why don’t you do something useful- go find her, apologize, and bring her back, where she will be safe” I demanded.

“Fine” Gerard mumbled and walked out the door.

“You think he will find her?” Bob asked.

“He better” I stated and sat down, hoping he found her before anyone else did.


I was walking around, not really remembering where I was going.

I knew I was being stupid- Gerard had every right to assume that I was no good for Frankie, but at the same time it hurt that I couldn’t prove that just yet.

I looked up and noticed a bench so I decided to sit down, sought through all my thoughts and emotions, and train myself to be stronger- at least so that I didn’t crack up on national television tomorrow morning.

“There you are”

I looked up to see Gerard.

I looked back at my feet when I realized it was him.

“Do you mind if we talk?”

I shook my head no, and he sat down beside me.

We sat like that for a few minutes, but I heard a sigh, felt two hands clutch at my arms gently and spin me around so I was looking him straight in the eye.

“I’m sorry for making you upset. All I do is talk about how you are trying to get money from Frankie when I don’t even take the time to get to know who you really are. I just don’t want Frankie to open his heart to his sister only to have it shoved back in his face- it would literally destroy him, and that’s something I never want to happen”

“You really look out for him huh?” I replied, trying not to blush at the fact that his hands hadn’t moved yet.

“I’ve known him ever since high school. He is one of my brothers- the whole band is. If anything hurt any of them it would hurt me too” after whispering the last part he let go of my arms and turned to look at the ground.

Carefully, I placed my hand on his shoulder.

“I’m kind of cold- can we go back?” I asked as soon as he looked at me.

He nodded, and slowly walked the way back to the rv.


“WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!?!?!? “ was the welcome that Gerard and I got when we walked through the door.

“I asked you to find her and bring her home safe! Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been?” Frankie stated as he beat his fist on the table.

“Frankie! Is this how you talk to a brother?” I asked.

“But it’s his fault that you walked out on your own, anything could have happened” bob replied.

“I know, but he came to find me, even though you probably told him to. He would hate to see you- any of you- in pain. He’s trying to protect you and all you are doing is getting angry at him and yelling. What kind of friend misunderstands the love they have for each other that surpasses blood?”

Frankie got up and walked over to Gerard.

“Your right. Gee I’m sorry. I should have known you would rather die than see any of us hurt”

“It’s okay Frankie” Gerard mumbled.

“Okay what time is it?” I asked.

“Time for lunch!” ray exclaimed.

“Great- let’s go eat!” bob exclaimed as well as, hand in hand, they skipped to the fridge.

It was definitely getting weirder around here.
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