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My Skin Is Bare

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Julie and Frankie discover a connection.

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“So have you ever been kissed before?” Bob asked.

“Um, no. not in an all girls orphanage” I replied, blushing.

“Oh come on! There must have been something kinky going on in there. You can’t think of anything?” Ray added.

“Nothing ever happens in an orphanage- that’s why when you are 18 they kick you out, so you can go on a wild spree of rebellion” I smiled.

“Oh? And what was your rebellious act miss Julie?” Mikey asked.

“I became a tattoo artist and started listening to rock music” I shrugged.

“Haven’t you ever wanted to date?” Frankie asked.

“I guess. It’s not like I have had enough experience to walk up to a guy and say ‘hey I kind of like you would you like to get to know me?’ I grew up with only girls and just like me they were told the same amount of information that basically goes something like boys are dirty demons that will be cleansed if you marry one, or so the story goes” at this point I had realized I had started to ramble. Ah sugar and the effects it has on a person's mouth.

“Wow. Brainwashing” Gerard stated while the others nodded.

I rolled my eyes. While I didn’t believe in a scare tactic to deal with teens wanting to have sex it was at least a good idea to warn teens of all the dangers should they decide to.

“Either way it’s not like anyone is interested in me. Aside from Lacey” I grinned.

“A-are you a lesbian?” Frankie mumbled, looking at the table.

“N-no I like guys, I am like ‘guys yay!’ I- I’m going to bed” I mumbled and got up to go with a feeling of 'oh crap why don't i think before my mouth speaks' washing down over me.

I felt a hand against my arm, and turned to see Gerard staring intensely into my eyes.

“It’s only three in the afternoon” Frankie said somewhere in the direction that I wasn’t looking.

“I- I knew that. I just need time to myself, girl stuff and what not” I mumbled, walked over to my room and closed the door.

I pulled out my sketchbook and decided to draw a new tattoo design for a girl who loves Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas (She didn’t want stitches all over her body, so I got her to opt for a stitch heart with sally’s name in the center, or the emotion that sally called forth) when the door opened slightly.

“Can I come in?”

“Sure Mikey- what’s up?” I replied as I kept drawing, the sketchbook on the floor where he could see.

“I just wanted to say sorry for talking about that stuff back in the other room. It’s all personal and because we are guys we don’t really have any boundaries. Plus if you had grown up with us we wouldn’t want to ask these questions because we would already know so it’s also like a fact finding mission” Mikey explained as he sat down next to me.

“It’s okay. I understand. It’s just a little embarrassing never being wanted, you know, by guys” I mumbled and continued drawing.

“It’ll” Mikey started.

“It will?” I questioned as I looked up at him.

He was staring intently at a drawing I had scribbled in the margin like area of the book.

“When did you draw that?” Mikey asked.

“The week that I wasn’t talking to Frankie why?” I asked, but before I could get an answer out of him he rushed into the other room- with my sketch book.

I got up and walked into the other room where Mikey was showing the sketchbook to everyone else.

“Can someone explain why Mikey is a tragic kleptomaniac?” I asked.

“Bob can you go get it?” Frankie asked.

Bob nodded and walked over to Frankie’s bunk and came back with a sketchbook and placed it underneath mine.

“Watch this” Frankie encouraged.

He flipped to a page the same amount in as the page I was on in my room and pointed to an identical scribbled drawing in the same margin area- only it was in his book.

“I don’t understand”
“We did the same scribble- can I look through this book?” Frankie asked.

I nodded and watched as Frankie found 12 other scribbles that were identical in both books.

“It’s impossible- I have only been on the road for two of those scribbles”

“Exactly! Which means that we can connect and scribble” Frankie exclaimed.

“Try it out; I saw it on TV once- sit on opposite sides of the room. One of you looks at an object and the other tries to draw it. Try it in black and white first- and then try and project color” Ray suggested.

“You are the better drawer Frankie, you go sit in my room”

Frankie nodded and walked into my room.

I sat down and looked at the sum 41 all the good shit album cover that was on the table and focused on sending that image to Frankie.

“Okay I’m done” Frankie said as he came back and placed the drawing in front of me.

“It’s exactly what I was thinking!” I exclaimed excitedly.

Frankie grinned at me, pulled me up and hugged me.

“Looks like they have a connection” bob whispered.

I grinned. I was connected with my brother.
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