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Chapter Four - Getting Closer.

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Getting back to normal. :)

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Chapter Four
Patrick holds me close, I hug him back and sob into his shoulder. The bus has stopped for a while and the others, including Jake, are all out looking around the local shopping center. Patrick told them to give us some time alone. I sniff my nose. I'm running out of tears. But I can't stop shaking. Patrick and I are sitting on the sofa, me on his lap and he's trying to calm me down. He strokes my hair, resting his head lightly on mine.

“It'll be okay.” He whispers.

“No it won't.” I whisper back, sitting up and looking into his eyes. He looks so worried.

“What was it?” He asks quietly, referring to the nightmare.

“I get it a lot.” I say, looking away from him.

“What happens?” He asks me, hugging me a little closer. I rest my head on his shoulder, and my forehead on his neck.

“You get drunk.” I tell him.

“Kay.” He says, kissing my forehead. “I promised I won't anymore.”

“That didn't stop this nightmare, obviously.” I say. I was in the bunk when I woke up, Andy had heard me panic in my sleep and gone to get Patrick. As soon as Patrick came to me I had woken up.

“Then what will?” He asks. “I'll do anything.” He says, resting his head on mine.

“You being there.” I say softly.

“Where?” He asks, confused.

“Just, with me, while I sleep.” I explain.

“I'll do it.” He says, sounding happy. I kiss his lips softly.

“Thank you.” I whisper.

“It's the least I could do.” He smiles shyly. I smile and rest my head on his shoulder again.

“I love you.” I say and smile weakly.

“I love you too.” He replies,

“I wanna get a shower.” I say randomly.

“The bus shower is lousy. But we're in a hotel tonight.” He said, stroking my hair caringly.

“Where are we stopping at?” I ask,

“Manchester.” He replies, I have no idea where that is. “Near the Welsh border line, far north. I think.” He says, as if he read my mind. But he couldn't of, because I'm also feeling really scared. I know he won't really hurt me, but I can't help but think he will. The nightmares shake me up, and even though I'm in his arms now, the fear won't go away.

“Sweet.” I say, realizing I'm going quiet. I'm so scared, I feel the same fear I did that night after he hit me. It wasn't even that violent, really. He just came in, found me as I was leaving the bathroom, then asked me for sex. I said no, I wasn't ready. Then we burst into an argument, he was so drunk. And he swung at me, hitting my cheek with his fist. I fell to the ground and cried. I couldn't even look at him, then I heard the bathroom door open, then the hotel door slam. And I slept there on the bathroom floor, after crying for so long.

“What's wrong?” Patrick asks me quietly.

“Nothing.” I say,

“You're shaking.” He points out, I didn't realize I was.

“The dream just scared me, that's all.” I admit.

“I'm sorry.” He says sadly.

“It's not your fault.” I say,

“It is.” He whispered, I don't reply again. There's a silence and I listen to his breathing. It's so steady and calm, hypnotic. I move my body so my heads on his chest and press my ear to his chest. I listen to his heart beat, it's pretty fast, but not really speedy. “What're you doing?” He asks.

“Listening to your heart.” I reply, he laughs softly. I sit up and smile at him, the fears still there but I don't want it to get between us. I hear the bus door open. “I'mma go see who that is.” I say, climbing off his lap and heading for the bunk area, there's no-one in the bus, so I check the driver booth. Jake's sitting in his seat, reading a magazine.

“Hey.” He says, smiling at me and putting the magazine down beside him.

“Hi.” I smile. “Where are we?” I ask.

“Manchester.” He replies. “Where we're resting up for the night.” He adds.

“I know.” I nod.

“What's up?” He asks me, noticing all the eye makeup down my face.

“Just that nightmare.” I reply, sighing.

“I know I'm just the creepy driver, but I'm here to talk. You know that, right?” He says, giving me a friendly smile.

“Thanks.” I say happily. “But I got this down.”

“Good.” He smiled, he's wearing a band tee, I never noticed the tattoos up his arm before, they're colorful and eye catching. “If you want you and Patrick can go find a nice hotel and book in?” He offers, I look back at his eyes. He has Pete's eyes, it's kinda scary how much they look like Pete's.

“Thanks.” I say again, heading back to the back room.

“Who was it?” Patrick asks.

“Jake, he said we're in Manchester, and we can go book into a hotel.” I smile, Patrick nods and gets up.

“Let's get going.” He smiles and kisses me once more, before taking my hand and leading me off the bus. We walk down the road, hand in hand, looking for the closest hotel. We find a posh looking one, the first on we see, and go inside. We go to the desk, there's a friendly looking lady sitting there looking at a computer screen.

“Good afternoon, Mr.Stump.” The lady says after looking up at him. She must know the band, I let go of his hand slowly. I know that anyone knowing he was going out with a 15 year old would fuck up his, and the bands reputation.

“Good afternoon.” He smiled back. “I was wondering if you had any rooms available? We need to book for five people?” He asked, so polite. She looks back down at her screen, then back up at him.

“We have two double rooms, and a single?” She offers. “A single for the fan, I presume?”

“Fan?” I say to her, she looks at me.

“You are a fan?” She questions me.

“No actually, I'm..” Patrick nudges me lightly behind the desk, “a close friend of the band.” I say, giving her a smug look. Her whole attitude towards me is totally different to her attitude to Patrick.

“Two doubles and a single will be fine.” Patrick smiles at her and I just glare at her as she turns and gives Patrick a flirty smile.

“Okay,” She says then looks down and types something else. Patrick takes my hand again, it's not like she'll see. “All done, here are the keys.” She says to him, holding out the keys. The way she's looking at him is pissing me off, so much.

“Oh, and we have some luggage, so you might wanna get ready to carry it when we bring it in.” I smile sweetly at her, “Or maybe, go over to the bus and get it?” I say to her, she glares at me and I try not to laugh.

“I'm not a delivery girl.” She spits at me.

“Then we aren't paying customers.” I say, still smiling. I look over at Patrick, he's holding in a laugh,

“Kaila, be nice.” He says at me, giving me a sneaky smile when she isn't looking.

“I'll get somebody to go over to the bus.” She says, giving in.

“Thought so.” I grin, Patrick takes the keys off her, then I let go of his hand as we head towards the lift. We get in and as soon as the doors shut Patrick laughs out loud, and so do I.

“You didn't like her, did you?” He smiles.

“Not one bit. Did you see the way she was looking at you?” I ask,

“No.” He laughs.

“Well, she's a slut, and I hope it is her who carries the bags, and I hope she breaks a motherfucking nail.” I smile and Patrick laughs and shakes his head. We get to our floor and walk towards our rooms, all three rooms are in a row. The first one is the single. We open the door to the second one, it's one of the doubles. Out of curiosity we look in the third room. Both rooms are two single beds. We decide to stay in the last one.

“This rooms nice.” I say to Patrick, looking around. I go look in the bathroom, there's a little glass shower. “But single beds suck.” I say walking towards him, frowning.

“No they don't.” Patrick smirks. “Less room, more excuse to cuddle.”

“I love single beds.” I grin, then hug him. “I'mma go get that shower.” I say, then pull away and head into the bathroom.

I finish my shower and wrap a big towel around me, realizing I don't have any clean clothes with me. I go into the bedroom and Patrick's sitting on one of the beds, texing. I walk over and sit beside him.

“Who you texting?” I ask, he shows me the screen, it's Pete asking where the hotel is. Then Patrick notices I'm in a towel. “No clean clothes.” I explain, then there's a knock at the door. Patrick goes over and answers. And in comes the slut, carrying more bags than I thought possible, and looking very pissed off. She looks over at me and I grin at her.

“Thanks.” Patrick says as she leaves, then shuts the door, he turns to me and we both laugh.

“Choose me clothes?” I ask him,

“Okay.” He smiles, then goes into my case, handing me a hoody, tee, skinny jeans and of coarse, underwear.

“Thanks.” I smile as he passes me them, then he turns his back to me for me to get dressed. “Woah, sweet outfit.” I say and he turns back. It genuinely looks good. He smiles shyly at me, turning back to face me.

“What do you wanna do for the rest of the day?” He asks me, going to sit on the bed. I sit beside him and shrug.

“There's not really that much day left anyway.” I smile and he laughs. My tummy rumbles.

“Let's go eat.” He smiles, standing up and taking my hand, I get up too.

“Yes please.” I grin.

“When's the last time you ate anyway?” He asks me.

“I don't know..” I admit. He gives me a sympathetic look.

“C'mon.” He says, tugging me towards the door.

“Can I dry my hair and stuff first?” I ask quietly.

“Sure.” He smiles, letting go of my hand as I take the hair dryer into the bathroom. I dry my hair and re-do my makeup, then straighten my hair. I walk back into the bedroom. “You look amazing!” He smiles and walks over to me, hugging me, then re-taking my hand and leading me out. He locks the door behind me and we walk hand in hand to the lift, and get in. I let go of his hand as the lift doors open, but he takes it again, giving me an evil smile. I return with a smirk as we walk out of the lift.

“Sneaky.” I laugh, the slut looks over at us as we walk towards the door, and looks down at our linked hands, I look over and see the disapproving look on her face and laugh quietly as Patrick holds open the door for me and we walk out.

“I don't think walking down a street's as safe as walking past the slut-queen.” Patrick frowns and lets go of my hand.

“I agree.” I smile, and we head down the road, towards the city center. Once we get there Patrick stops outside a small restaurant.

“Here?” He asks me and I nod. I'm so hungry I don't really mind where we go. He opens the door for me and we both walk in, and get seated. The first thing I notice, after the comfy chairs, is a family sitting on the table beside us and a girl a bit younger than me staring at Patrick. He notices I'm uncomfortable, and looks over to where I'm looking. The girl looks away quickly.

“Fan.” I say quietly and he nods. We look through the menu's. I pick the cheapest meal I could eat and Patrick picks the same one.

“You can get something more expensive if you want.” He says, smiling over at me.

“Nah, I'm okay.” I smile back, someone comes over and takes our orders and Patrick gets me a WKD, which is an alcho-pop. He gets a Coke himself. As we're waiting for our drinks the girl's family is leaving, and she walks over.

“Patrick Stump?” She stutters.

“That's me.” He replies, giving her a friendly smile.

“Can I have an autograph?” She asks.

“Sure.” He nods, taking the pen and tissue off her, then signing it.

“And, a picture, please?” She asks shyly, biting her lip.

“Sure.” He laughs. He gets up, and she takes out her phone.

“I'll take it.” I say, getting up and she passes me the phone.

“Thanks.” She smiles at me. I take the picture then hand it back to her, she hugs Patrick then says thanks again and leaves.

“You're so amazing to fans.” I say to him, grinning.

“So are you.” He laughs.

“I would be, I was one once.” I joke. Our drinks and food are brought over at the same time, I suppose the place is so empty it would be this fast. I start eating and me and Patrick have a casual conversation about our memories together.

“You were wasted.” He says, laughing.

“I was not.” I pout, then take another bite of my food.

“You were, remember?” He smiles, “I was pissed at you then. You were only 15.”

“I still am only 15.” I point out, “And anyway, so what? I wasn't even that wasted.” I say smugly.

“I didn't let you talk to Pete for weeks.” He laughs.

“Or Gabe.” I say sadly.

“Nope.” He grins. I laugh. “You still aren't allowed to go to any parties arranged by them.” He says sternly.

“Awee!” I whine, “Who are you, my dad?” I say.

“If you want me to be.” He smirks and I almost spit out my food in laughter. Once we've finished he pays the bill and we head out. It's actually really dark out. I don't like walking in this light, the streets look pretty rough too. Patrick sees I'm scared and wraps an arm around me. We get to the hotel in no time and walk in. The slut has gone somewhere so we head for the lift, then up to our rooms. Joe, Andy and Pete are sitting on the floor outside our bedroom. I laugh,

“We forgot to give you guys the keys, didn't we?” I laugh, Patrick laughs too as Pete gives us a death glare. They all stand up as Patrick unlocks our room and goes in to look for the keys, I lean against a wall outside our room.

“Where were you anyway?” Andy asks.

“We went to eat.” I smile.

“How romantic!” Joe exclaims and I laugh at him.

“Next time give us the keys first?” Pete says, he's in such a pissy mood.

“Chill Pete, we forgot.” Patrick says, as he walks out of the room. “Who's taking the single room?” He asks the others.

“I will.” Pete says, glaring at Patrick.

“Hey leave him alone!” I say to Pete, giving him the evilest look possible. Patrick passes Pete his keys, then Joe his and Andy's. Then we head into our own room, shutting the door. I grab a baggy t-shirt and some shorts and head into the bathroom, I change into them then head back into the bedroom. Patrick's in his boxers and a baggy tee, sitting on the bed.

“Tired?” He asks me casually.

“Only a bit.” I admit. “You?”

“Same.” He says, I sit beside him. There's a tv opposite the beds.

“Let's watch some tv?” I offer and he nods, getting up to switch it on. I climb under the covers and sit cross legged. He grabs the pillows from the other bed and puts them behind us as he sits against the wall. He grabs the remote from the bedside desk and channel flicks. He passes Scarred, and stops. “YAY!” I squeal, clapping my hands. He laughs at me.

“You only watch this for Jacoby.” He says, looking at me.

“True.” I admit. “But also for the sick humor.” I smirk. “Besides, he's so pretty.”

“Fine.” Patrick pouts.

“But you're prettier.” I say, looking into his eyes. I take his hat off his head and put it on the bedside table. He smiles at me, then kisses me. We pull away and he wraps his arms around me, I snuggle into his side. We get more comfy and watch the tv. Patrick flinches every now and then, and I laugh.

“What's wrong with you?” He laughs, “That's disgusting!” He says, referring to the bone sticking out of someone's arm I was laughing at.

“Exactly.” I laugh. I let out a huge yawn.

“Go to sleep.” He whispers.

“But I'll miss Jacoby.” I say back.

“He'll probably be in your dreams anyway.” He says, trying to sound jealous. Or maybe he is actually jealous, I don't know.

“Nah, you took his role as lead.” I say, hugging him closer.

“Awee!” He coos, then kisses my head. I yawn again. He puts the tv off and lays us both down, only our heads out of the covers. I wrap an arm over him and rest my head on his chest, “Sleep.” He whispers.

“Okay.” I yawn. “I love you.” I say,

“I love you too.” He replies, then I shut my eyes and let the darkness engulf me.

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