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Chapter Five - A Party..

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Lalala.. The start of a party..

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Hey Gloria! (:
You're the only one who hasn't given up on me, well..
If you DO read this one.

Chapter Five
I wake up and sit up yawning. Patrick's still at my side, his arms wrapped around himself. He's so sweet when he's asleep. I lightly get out of bed and grab myself clothes before heading into the bathroom. Once I'm dressed I go back into the bedroom, he's just waking up. I skip over to the bed and kiss his forehead.

“Morning sleepy.” I grin, I'm up in a good mood again. He lets out a huge yawn. I put his glasses on for him.

“Morning.” He replies, smiling weakly. “What's the time?” He asks me.

“About 1pm.” I shrug.

“Better go, sound check's at 4pm.” He says, sitting up and climbing out of the bed. I straighten my hair and apply makeup without a mirror. I check in my phone's screen reflection. It looks okay. He comes back out, fully dressed, and I pick up his hat and walk over, putting it on for him. He smiles.

“Let's pack our stuff in the bus?” I ask.

“Let's pack our stuff. Slutosaurus can take it out to the bus.” He smirks.

“Ohh, I like this new evil Patrick.” I grin.

“Call me bad twin.” He says in a Jersey-gangsta accent. I chuckle at the Bedussey reference and kiss him, wrapping my arms around his neck. He kisses back and wraps his arms around my waist. My whole body fills with butterflies and I smile into the kiss. I pull away softly.

“Sound check?” I remind him and he laughs and nods. We pack our stuff then put it on the beds, right on que the bitch knocks the door. Patrick lets her in and she looks at the beds, one of them obviously hasn't been slept in, and the one we did sleep in is really messy, even the pillows are out of place.

“Take our stuff to the bus, please.” Patrick says, smiling sweetly.

“Okay.” She says, taking deep breaths. I think we pissed her off. She turns back and walks towards the door and as she's about to walk past us Patrick presses his lips against mine. I kiss back and wrap my arms around him again, then I hear the door slam and pull away.

“I really like bad twin.” I smirk. “What's gotten you so evil today?” I ask, tilting my head, my arms still around him. He shrugs, then I let go and he takes my hand as we leave. Pete leaves his room as we get to the lift.

“You shouldn't hold hands in public.” He says as he walks to Patrick's side.

“Why not?” I ask as we walk into the lift.

“People will see and we'll all get hated on.” He shrugs.

“What people?” Patrick laughs.

“Just people.” Pete smirks, “Everyone has camera's on their phones these days.” He says, talking to us like we're stupid.

“Good point.” I frown and let go of Patrick's hand. We walk out of the lift. As we pass the desk I remind the lady she has to take our stuff to the bus that's waiting out back. As we get on the bus Jake's getting off.

“Hey.” He smiles at us. This time Pete and Patrick hear him and stop.

“Hi.” Patrick replies.

“Bus is leaving in ten, the venues half an hour down the road.” Jake says, before waving at us then walking back on the bus.

“He's odd.” Pete says, walking on in front of us.

“How?” I ask him, Patrick letting me get on first.

“Just is, he never talks to any of us.” Pete shrugs, then lays in his bunk. I stand beside it.

“Maybe if you went into his booth, he would. You ignore him a lot of the time.” I say, defending him. Jake seemed alright to me.

“If you like him so much why are you leading Patrick on?” He says, rolling to face his back to us.

“Pete, drop the attitude.” Patrick says, rolling his eyes. I take Patrick's hand and we both go into the back room.

“I forgot how miserable Pete could be.” I say, sitting close beside Patrick on the sofa.

“I wish I could.” Patrick sighs. I hear Andy and Joe get on the bus, talking, then Pete join in with their conversation. He sounds happy again.

“He really is bipolar.” I laugh.

“Yupp.” Patrick laughs too.

“Does this bus have radio?” I ask randomly.

“I don't know, want me to go ask Jake?” Patrick offers.

“Yes please.” I smile and Patrick goes. Before he gets back music starts playing through the bus, it's 'Like a Movie' by 'Midtown'. Gabe from Cobra Starship's old band.

“No radio, but he has a few CD's.” Patrick smiles.

“I love this song.” I grin.

“I know.” Patrick laughs. We both sing along. I don't say but this song was pretty much how I felt when I first left Patrick.

'Woke up today around 6 in the morning,
Violently shaking, remembering what she once saw.'
Pretty much what happened every night while I was away from Patrick. I keep a smile on my face as the song dies out. Next is 'What's My Age Again?' by the good 'ol Blink 182. We both sing along to this one too. I love this mix tape, or whatever Jake's playing. We sing along to every song that comes on, and soon the bus stops. We get up and get off, we're at the venue. There are kids waiting by the bus-park gates, screaming for the guys. I smile and sit beside the bus, waiting as the guys go over to talk to the fans.

I missed this, the fans. I never got annoyed that they have to take Patrick away from me.

“Hey.” Jake says, joining me at my side.

“Howdy.” I grin,

“How's life on tour been treating you?” He asks, lighting himself a cigarette.

“Great.” I say, honestly.

“Do you smoke?” He asks, offering me one.

“I'm 15. So, no.” I laugh.

“15? Woah.” He laughs, putting the cigarettes away.

“Why woah?” I ask, still looking over at Patrick, who's signing something.

“Ten years difference.” He says quietly. “And you two are so tight.”

“Years don't matter when it comes to love.” I say, blushing.

“Awee! Cheesy but cute.” He laughs.

“Thanks.” I laugh.

“Why don't you go over there with them?” He asks me.

“Why don't you?” I say, nudging him but not turning to look at him.

“I'm the bus driver.” He laughs, “But you're the girlfriend.”

“They can't know, the age thing will get the guys hated. Besides, all the little Patrick fan girls would
hate me.” I smile.

“Whatever.” He grins.

“Who's the support bands?” I ask randomly.

“Hey Monday, Cobra Starship and the lovely Panic! At The Disco boys.” He smiles.

“Panic!... but no Ryan or Jon, right?” I ask, remembering the split.

“Right.” He says. “You'll probably be talking to them all after the show tonight anyway.”

“Sweet.” I grin.

“Hello.” I hear a familiar voice say, I look up and see Brendon Urie standing beside me.

“Hey.” I smile, “Sit down.” I laugh and he does that, hugging his knees, his feet crossed over.

“How's it going?” He asks me casually, taking the lolly out of his mouth.

“Great, you?” I ask him.

“Awesome. You're Kaila?” He asks me, giving me the evil eyes I know him for.

“Yep. We haven't met before, have we?” I ask and he shakes his head, then puts a hand out. I shake it, then he puts the lolly in his mouth, then moves it to the side so he can talk.

“You look a lot younger than I expected.” He admitted.

“I probably am a lot younger. That lolly cherry flavor?” I ask him, tilting my head.

“Yes it is.” He grins with the lolly stick still sticking outta his mouth.

“You're such a cutey.” I laugh, tapping his head.

“Why thank you.” He says, doing a weird salute, bow thing. I giggle at him.

“Haven't you got some fans to be seeing to?” I ask him.

“Nah I only just got back from them.” He smiles smugly.

“Awesome.” I laugh, I look to my other side, Jake's gone. I look back to Brendon.

“You have soft hair.” He says, smirking at me.

“How can you tell without touching it?” I question, holding back laughter. He reaches out and strokes my fringe, then strokes the side of my face. I feel a shiver on my skin where he touched it. I wonder why.

“Mmm. Soft.” He smirks, then looks away from me.

“Creepo.” I mutter, laughing.

“Thanks.” He says, creasing his brow at me.

“Anytime, Urie, anytime.” I say, then get the urge to touch his hair. I do the same as he did, running a hand down his hair then across his face softly. I don't know why, and I instantly feel bad for doing it. I'm with Patrick, what the fuck?

“Soft hands.” Brendon grins. I roll my eyes and laugh at him,

“Soft face.” I say, then stick my tongue out at him.

“Do that again and I'll chop it off.” He says evilly, smirking.

“Like to see you try.” I laugh, then stick my tongue out, he bites it lightly and I push him away.

“Dude!” I say, giving him a questioning look.

“I warned you.” He shrugs, and still smiles. I'm genuinely freaked out. For three reasons. One, Brendon Urie just bit my tongue. Two, I encouraged it. And three, I liked it. He nudges me, I guess I spaced out.

“I'mma go, get something, somewhere.” I say, getting up and onto the bus, then getting into my bunk. I'm confused. I love Patrick, I mean, I feel bad for feeling good. I hear the bus door open, and then I see Patrick's higher leg and waist line walk to the side of the bunk, then he kneels down to my level.

“What's up?” He asks me.

“Nothing.” I smile, leaning forwards and kissing him. It feels good, and I feel so relieved. It feels better than Brendon's tongue biting did. Patrick pulls away.

“What was that for?” He asks me, smiling like mad.

“Good luck for the show kiss.” I smirk and climb out of the bunk, then take his hand. “Show me around backstage?” I ask and he nods, leading my through the corridors. We get to the dressing room labeled “FOB” and he opens the door, letting me in first. Only Andy's sitting in here, practicing his drumming on the table in front of him.

“Hey guys.” He smiles up at us, still practicing.

“Hey.” Patrick replies. I wave. A guy with a ear piece comes in and tells them it's sound check. I follow after them, Pete and Joe are already on stage, I stand at the side and watch them. It's like the good old days. I pick up a set list and read, Cobra's up first, then Panic! Then Fall out Boy. No Hey Monday tonight.

“Boo!” Brendon says loudly in my ear. I jump and he laughs at me, leaning against the wall beside me.

“Meany.” I say, rolling my eyes.

“In a better mood with me?” He asks, he's chewing gum.

“Why not?” I ask, then remember earlier. “Oh, that.” I say and look away. I put the set lists back.

“I came to say I'm sorry.” He frowns. “I forgot you would take it differently, I mean, I act like that with the guys all the time.”

“Now you're saying you thought I was a guy?” I ask and raise my eyebrows.

“No.” He laughs. “Just, never mind. You know what I mean.” He smirks. I nod. “Well, sorry.” He says awkwardly. I don't know why, but I hug him. He hugs back, probably confused.

“It's alright.” I laugh then pull away, looking back over at Patrick sound checking.

“Good.” He smiles, “Wanna watch tonights show with me?” He asks and I nod. “Awesome.” He says. Sound check finishes and Patrick walks over to me.

“I missed that.” I say to him and he chuckles then kisses me, once we pull away I see Brendon's still standing there, watching us. It's kinda creepy. The three of us watch the kids fill the concert hall. Soon enough Cobra plays, then Panic!, then after what seems like forever, Fall out Boy. Sweaty Brendon comes over with a towel around his neck and stands beside me as Patrick goes on stage. I sing along and smile at Patrick every time I catch his eye, which is often. Brendon laughs at me but sings along too, and we both dance like crazy. Having a two person mosh, at times. It's so fun. I forgot how good FOB was live. Once they're over Patrick walks off stage, I hug him, then he walks off to wash off. I stay stage side and watch the hall empty.

“I'm gonna go out back to meet fans.” Brendon smiles then walks off. I slowly make my way to the Fall out Boy dressing room. Pete's getting changed in front of every one. I laugh and walk over to Patrick's side, he's just hair drying his sweat as best as possible. He's lucky, he never smells that bad, really. I hand him the spray once he's done and he sprays himself down. I hug him and smile as we all walk out to see the fans, I head the other way and get on the bus. I look through my phone, bored. Then Jake comes into the back room and walks over to me.

“Gabe told me to let you know there's a welcome back party for you tonight.” He smiles.

“Patrick won't let me go.” I laugh.

“He also told me to tell you to pretend VickyT was the one planning it.” He smirks.

“Sweet!” I grin, “You going?” I ask.

“Nah, I'm the bus driver.” He laughs. “Not invited.” I put my phone down and give him a fake-stern look.

“Well, I'm inviting you, mister. Yes or no?” I ask.

“I'm okay, thanks.” He says, “But thanks.” He laughs, then heads out.

“Suit yourself.” I shrug and look back down at my phone. Later Patrick comes back onto the bus.

“Why're you so happy?” He asks me, sitting down, looking exhausted. I shrug.

“Welcome home party tonight.” I say, smiling at him. “Then after that we're traveling to the airport.” I add, to show I know what's happening.

“Who arranged this party?” He asks suspisiously.

“VickyT.” I smile, putting my phone in my pocket. He thinks for a bit, reading my face.

“Okay, but no drinking.” He says to me, giving me a stern look over his glasses.

“Pleeeease!” I whine.

“Fine, but not too much.” He gives in.

“I LOVE YOU!” I shriek and hug him.

“I love you too.” He laughs, then we get up and get changed. I put on skinny dark gray jeans and a black and gray long-dress top. I slip on my converse and then go over to Patrick. He's in a light blue shirt, and light grey skinnies. I notice he's lost some weight. “You look amazing.” He smiles at me.

“So do you.” I grin, we hug then head off the bus, all the others, Panic!, Hey, Cobra and the rest of FOB waiting outside the Hey Monday, I'm guessing, bus. Everyone smiles and hugs me. Then we follow the others to the club down the road, it's really dark out and there are no fans about.

“You stay away from Gabe, though.” Patrick whispers to me, slipping his fingers through mine.

“Okay.” I sigh, not that it matters. If I want to get more drink than Patrick let's me, there are others.

“And Pete, no Pete.” He laughs. I roll my eyes.

“Got it.” I say. “How will I ever live without them?” I ask and Patrick laughs lightly.

We get into the club and head for a large table, there's loud loud music playing and it's dark. We all sit around it and there's not much room. I mean there's about 16 of us, only more. Some of the crew and boyfriends and girlfriends are here too. Patrick sits me as far from Pete and Gabe as possible. I'm squeezed between Patrick and Jersey. I don't mind though, me and Jersey are pretty good friends anyway.

We start drinking, Patrick and Andy the only non-alcohol drinkers. I'm happy Patrick's sticking to his promise, but I don't want him to miss out.

“You can drink a little if you want.” I mouth to him and he smiles and shakes his head. The music is so loud. I ask for another drink and he nods and orders one. I wonder how many he'll let me get before I have to sneak some extra?...

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