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Chapter Six - So You Don't Wanna Sleep With Me?...

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The end of the party and settling in at Patrick's home..

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Thankyou Lindsey, and Gloria. :)

Chapter Six
I can't see straight and the music's louder. I think. I don't know. I don't know. Patrick's sitting beside me, sulking. He can tell I've had a few more than he intended. Well, a lot more. Sue me.

“Dance!” Gabe yells as he comes towards me around the table, it's almost empty, everyone's on that dance floor giving it all they got.

“YEAH!” I shriek and Patrick gives me the look.

“No, Kaila.” He frowns.

“I'll be fine.” I assure him, then give him a big kiss on his nose. “So, it's a dance, ya'know, and I wondered if you wanted to... DANCE?” I say, quoting him. But it's hard to get my words out. They seem slower and murmured. Slurred? Is that the word? Patrick rolls his eyes.

“Go on, I'll stay here.” He says, giving a weak smile.

“Thank you!” I scream and hug him then get up and follow Gabe over to the dance floor. We're all just jumping around to the music. Half of us can't really dance that well. But I can see Gabe and Brendon are good dancers. I think, I mean their blurs are the most in-time with the music. I stare at Brendon's blur in awe. Then the blur gets bigger.

“Hey!” He says into my ear and I laugh in reply. “Wanna dance?” He asks, I look around me, we're in the middle of a small crowd of people dancing around. I shrug and nod. He wraps his arms around my waist and I lazily throw mine over his neck and he helps me move in time to the upbeat pop music.

“FUN!” I shout and he laughs. I get really into the music and dance around with him, he keeps our bodies close though, I think it's because there isn't much room on this dance floor. After a bit the music stops and we all whine at the same time. “FUN EATERS!” I cry loudly. Brendon lets me go a bit but keeps his arms around me.

“TIME TO LEAVE!” A worker-guy yells and we all head out. I blow a raspberry at him as me and Brendon pass. He has one arm around me to help me walk, I keep almost falling. I look for Patrick when I get outside.

“Where's Patrick?” I ask Brendon and he helps me look for him. We head back to the bus without him, all of us walking in a group. Andy's now helping me walk from the other side, telling me off for having too much, or something. I don't know. He's not even drunk, how would he know?

“Alright, you'll be okay from here?” Brendon asks Andy, we're almost at the FOB bus.

“I think so. Thanks.” He replies,

“Thank you.” I say to Brendon then kiss/lick his face. He laughs then taps my head and walks off. Andy tries to help me walk, and fails. Then suddenly I'm in the air. Joe and Pete have grabbed me and picked me up at the same time. Uh oh. I feel dizzy. I throw up all over Pete. He just laughs and then says something to Joe, who carries me on his own. He carries me onto the bus, I am going to throw up again. Joe's got the idea, I'm in the bathroom. I chuck up into the loo.

“Are you okay?” Someone says from my side. My hair is lifted from my face and I throw up again. I feel someone stroke my back calmingly. It makes me feel a lot better, actually.

“Patrick?” I choke out.

“Yeah, it's me.” He says softly. He doesn't sound happy though.

“I'm..” I start but I throw up again.

“I know. I'm sorry too.” He says, then kisses my sick-covered cheek.

“Why?” I ask, I don't think I'll hurl again so I sit up and look at him.

“I should of stopped you.” He says sadly.

“Shutup.” I say, I'm getting tired. My eyes are rolling around and things are spinning.

“I'll carry you to the sofa.” He says and I feel like I'm being lifted again, then I feel the soft cushions below me. I shut my eyes and curl up a bit. Patrick's not laying down too but he's stroking my hair, so I know he's sitting beside the sofa. I fall asleep.

I wake up, sweating and shaking. I had the nightmare again. I didn't think I could, Patrick's sitting beside the sofa, staring into space. He notices I'm awake.

“What's wrong?” He says suddenly, sitting up and looking into my eyes.

“Have you slept?” I notice his blood shot eyes. I try to put the fear to the back of my mind, but I can't help it.

“I stayed up to make sure you didn't choke in your sleep, or something.” He admits. He sits up and sits beside me, I sit up on the sofa too. He goes to touch my face and I flinch away. “You had the nightmare?” He asks sadly. I nod and look away from him, then my eyes wonder back to his hands. I can't help but worry. He hugs me and I shake in fear. The contact is warm, but I'm so scared. I pull away.

“Sorry.” I say sadly, my head pounds. Ugh, hangover.

“I understand.” He frowns, then goes out of the back room. He comes back with pain killers and water and hands me them. I think him and take them, he sits far away from me on the sofa and sighs.

“Sorry.” I say again, I feel tears running down my face, I hug myself to my knees.

“Stop saying sorry, Kay, it's not your fault.” He says softly.

“I wanna go for a walk.” I say quietly, I'm shaking so much.

“We're almost at the airport, sorry. If we stop now we'll miss the plane.” He frowned. “If you want you can sit with one of the other bands on the plane?”

“How long is the flight?” I ask.

“Ten hours or so.” He frowns.

“I think I better.” I say sadly, even sitting here with him is making me shakey.

“What band do you want to sit with?” He asks. “Hey Monday and Panic! At The Disco are sharing, and us and Cobra Starship are sharing a room. It's a double room plane,”

“I'll go stay with Hey Monday and Panic!” I say and he nods.

Not long later we get to the airport and we all carry our stuff to the plane, Jake's coming too, he's going to be in the Fall out Boy side with the other crew members. I join the group I'll be flying with. Cassadee hugs me and we talk for a bit. We get onto the plane and I find a seat first, everyone else is talking with the other room people before we depart, before long the others join me in the room. Brendon sits beside me.

“I heard you threw up.” He says, smiling, “Little less drinking next time.” He laughs. The seat the other side of me now has Jersey. He smiles and says hi then turns to talk to Mike.

The flight goes on forever, I just listen in to what the others are talking about, Brendon spends most of the time leaning forwards talking with Jersey and Mike. I fell asleep for a while and didn't have a dream, or nightmare. It was nice.

Once we've landed Brendon leads me back to Patrick. I'm not as scared anymore. I manage to hug Patrick, then I hug Brendon bye before we get on the good 'ol FOB tour bus. Now it's just me and the guys sitting in the back room.

“We're going on a two night break.” Pete tells us, so he's still in charge.

“Sweet!” Joe grins.

“Are you going to be staying with me?” Patrick asks, turning to look at me. I melt under his gaze. “If you don't want to that's fine.” He adds, smiling. How can I say no when those eyes are on me?

“I'll stay with you.” I say, smiling back.

“How cute.” Andy says, nudging me.

“Shut up.” I laugh. “Where are we, LA or Chicago?” I ask.

“LA.” Joe replies, just before the others, who all give a defeated look for not answering first.

“You all have houses over here, right?” I ask, trying to remember.

“I didn't, but Pete sold me his old one.” Andy says.

“As soon as we leave this bus there will probably be cameras or fans.” Pete says randomly.

“I know.” Me and Patrick say at the same time.

“Where are we gonna be dropped off?” Patrick asks.

“We have an interview with a radio station, and from there we'll be making our own ways wherever, the bus is going back to wherever the bus goes when we aren't using it.” Pete explains, looking bored.

“Thanks for telling us about the interview.” Patrick says, rolling his eyes.

“Anytime.” Pete grins. I feel the bus stop and we all get up. We head towards the bus exit and I walk between Patrick and Joe. We get off and sure enough there's a little group of fans, and paparazzi with cameras flashing. I let Joe go before me and stand behind him and Patrick, hiding from the cameras as much as possible. They all talk to the fans and the other people yell questions at them.


“She's my cousin.” Andy replies, ignoring the other two questions. We aren't actually related, though. Then he carries on having pictures with the fans and talking to them. The paparazzi are yelling some pretty mean things at the guys, I try not to shout back meaner things when they insult Patrick. I've got to remember that they're only doing it for a reaction.

“C'mon.” Patrick says to me, giving my arm a tiny tug to make sure I keep as hidden as possible behind them from the cameras. We walk onwards towards a building. The fans and cameras following us. As we get to the entrance Pete pushes me in front of him and through the door first. I get in and wait so I can walk beside Patrick. The fears almost completely gone, now.

“Fall out Boy?” A guy in a suit, and converse. Asks us.

“That's us.” Pete says.

“Come this way.” He says and we follow him down a corridor. We get into the broadcasting room and the guys sit so that they have one microphone between two of them. Patrick and Pete sharing one and Joe and Andy sharing the other. I don't have a chair.

“Can someone get her a chair, please?” Patrick asks, noticing. Somebody goes into another room than comes back with a chair.

“Thanks.” I say to them, then look to Patrick and smile. “And thanks.” I say he smiles back then turns to face the mic. I'm against the wall just behind them.

“Hi, my names Lisa.” The interviewer, with an annoying American voice says. “This'll be live, so no swearing, but only short.” She says, looking through papers. “We're on in 5... 4.... 3.... 2.... and hello, I'm here with Fall out Boy. It's great to have you guys back in the studio.” She smiles.

“Great to be back,” Patrick says.

“Woah, someone other than Pete got the first word in this time!” She laughs.

“I know I'm shocked he hasn't punched me or something yet.” Patrick jokes, Pete laughs but shoots him a glare. I try not to laugh too loud.

“Before we jump into the questions, I noticed you've brought along a girl.” Lisa says, smiling at me. I smile back.

“My cousin.” Andy says, “She's a fan, so her mum asked if she could come along for a while.”

“You're on a two day break, right?” She asks.

“Right.” Pete says.

“Where's she going to be staying? Is she going home for the days, or?” She says, I try not to tell her she's being nosy.

“My house.” Andy and Patrick say at the same time. My eyes widen. Oh shit.

“Patrick?” Lisa asks, laughing.

“Andy will be staying at Patrick's for one night.” I speak up, “So I'll be there too.”

“Oh.” Lisa says, looking disappointed she didn't get something good out of that. “When are we going to expect new material from you guys?” She asks, looking down at her paper. I let out a sigh of relief.

“Patrick's working on some already, but I don't think the rest of us will be ready to go into recording for a while.” Pete says.

“How long's a while?” She asks.

“A few months.” Pete shrugs.

“I think we'd hope to get something new out sometime next year..” Patrick adds.

“Awesome.” She says giving them a smile. “Have you guys ever gotten bored of the touring life?” She asks.

“It does get tiring, but we've all gotten our ways of keeping going.” Patrick says.

“Which are?”

“Patrick writes music, Andy works on fuck city, I spend time chilling and listening to music and Joe smokes weed.” Pete shrugged.

“You can't say that.” Lisa says, laughing nervous and awkwardly.

“Weed?” Pete asks.

“Or the other word.” She says.

“Smokes?” Pete asks, I can imagine the stupid look on his face right now.

“The “F” word.” Lisa says. I hold back laughter. Trust Pete to fuck the interview up.

“Sorry.” Patrick says for him.

The interview goes the same way for a while. Short, my big green hairy ass.

“So, you're all hot guys. You all have other halfs, right?” She asks.

“Me and Patrick do, Joe and Andy don't.” Pete replies.

“Who are the lucky girls?” She smiles. I didn't know Pete was with anyone, maybe him and Ashlee are back together.

“Ashlee.” Pete replies, I can hear the smile in his voice.

“What about you Patrick?” Lisa says, turning to him.

“I'm not telling.” He said, laughing. “All I will say, is she's better than any woman I've ever dated. I don't deserve her at all.” I can't help but let the smile spread across my face.

“Oh c'mon! Not even a name?” She whines.

“Kaila.” He replies. “But that's all you're gonna get outta me.”

“Will you be spending this two day break with her?” She asks.

“Defiantly. But she'll be kept out of the cameras, she doesn't like that sort of thing.” He covers up.

The interview ends a little bit later and we all head into the lobby area. We can see the cameras waiting outside. But for legal reasons they can't come in or take photos through the windows. We sit on the waiting chairs and talk about where we're going.

“It's pretty late in the afternoon. Should we head back home?” Andy asks.

“Good idea.” Pete says and they all get their phones out to ring cabs, or in Pete's case, a limo.

“Shouldn't Andy share a cab with us?” I ask Patrick, reminding him of the cover up story I had used in the interview.

“Oh yeah.” He replies, “I'll ring in, and pay.” Patrick tells Andy.

“Thanks man.” He replies.

We all get up and head out of the doors, flashing starting, and get into the cabs that have pulled up. Andy getting into the same one as me and Patrick. I sit in the middle as we head towards Patrick's place. Andy's is on the way so we drop him off. Luckily there are never really any paparazzi outside their houses.

Patrick holds the door open for me then we head to his house. He unlocks the door and lets me in. It's a pretty big house. It has three bedrooms, he stays in the one, it has a big double bed and a wardrobe, it's casually messy. There's one spare room. It has a single bed and a little desk. And the third bedroom has hats and shoes. He actually does have lots.

He also has a basement room where he keeps a few guitars, Fall out Boy memorabilia in one corner, and some recording and producing equipment. There's also a pretty big desk, and a comfy chair, where he works on new music. He has a drum set, and one of Pete's old bass guitars too. There's a few other instruments in there too, like a trumpet and a clarinet. But he never really has time to play them.

I've been in here for one night before, I slept in the spare room. His kitchen is on the small side, and he never really has much food in there, or what is in there is in the freezer. He usually just orders in food. He has a room with a tv, the room's pretty big, and so is the tv and sofa. The sofa is so comfy. There are two bathrooms, one downstairs and one upstairs.

“Want something to eat?” He asks me as we head for the living room, I fall back onto the sofa. I missed it's comfy-ness.

“Yes please.” I reply. I don't eat that much, really. He orders us a pizza and then sits down beside me, putting the tv on and handing me the remote. I flick through channels and leave it on Simpsons.
When the food gets here Patrick brings it to the sofa. As we eat we just watch the tv.

“Where do you wanna sleep?” He asks me randomly.

“Here.” I grin and fall back on the sofa. I've finished eating anyway. “Sooooooo comfy.”

“If you really want to.” He laughs. “What about the nightmare?” He asks, turning his body around a bit to look my in the eyes.

“I think I had it because I drank too much.” I admit.

“Then do you want me to stay down here with you to make sure?” He offers.

“If you want to.” I laugh. “I was kidding, ya'know?” He tilts his head at me. “I want to sleep in your bed.” I say suggestively, “I want to sleep with you.” I add and bite my lip seductively. He rolls his eyes at me.

“I hope you're kidding about that too.” He laughs.

“So you don't want to sleep with me, in your bed?” I ask, raising my eyebrows at him and sitting up properly.

“No, not like that, in that way. I mean yes, I mean..” He stutters, then takes a breath. “Stop it.” He says eventually.

“Stop what?” I ask innocently. He just gives me a knowing glance and I give him a cheeky smirk.
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