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Intro~ Journey

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'I took a deep breath, smoothed out my top and picked up my bag...I was scared' Rhianne makes her way to her first day of art college, this is the intro.

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A/N okay I have a few points to put through first- sorry to bore you all
1) I'll only write this chapter/intro and one proper chapter for now, because this is kind of the introduction so is boring, if enough of you like it and review, I'll carry on with more.
2) This is my first story ever, it may go horribly wrong, so please be nice. There may also be typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical error, I'm sorry if there is!
3) I may stop writing out of nowhere, I'm doing my GCSE's at school and my granddads ill so I may not have time, or I might just get bored, sorry in advance.
4) I'm from the UK and this is set in America, so I may get some stuff wrong like high school and 'the lingo'- honestly, have no idea about the school system or money (as in notes and coins) values in America, I'll try to research though, if I can be arsed.
5) There will be swearing, and possibly alcohol/drugs, get used to it! There may even be some sex, but I'm probably not the best person to write about that as I'm only nearly 15 (looks embarrassed).
Okay, on with the show! This is just introducing you to the main character, so it may be a little boring. It's got short paragraphs to show trains of thought, please deal with it (I mean that in a nice way, honest :D)

Rhianne's POV: I took a deep breath, smoothed out my top and picked up my bag.
I walked straight past the pile of pancakes my mum had made, was too nervous to eat.
Today was my first day of Art College, I'll admit I was scared shitless, and walking into a cage full of hungry lions seemed less scary, and less dangerous.
I was a loner in England, a loner when we moved to the US and I'm still a loner now. I don't really mind, I like being alone, in my room, listening to music, reading comics and playing my bass, badly, may I add. No one really seems to...connect with me, I'm like that, I don't trust people until I really get to know them, and it's easier, and much less confusing, to be alone, rather getting hurt by two faced idiots.
I picked up the money on the counter and made my way to the door, I still had no idea what any of the tiny silver coins and green notes are worth, I still call them pounds and pence, not dollars and cents.
Walking onto the subway platform there was a man busking, I thought maybe if I gave him some money, Karma would be on my side and today wouldn't be as bad. I threw in a smaller coin and smiled. "Thanks love" was the reply.
I giggled as I ran for my train, his words reminded me of London, I really missed London but it had always been by dream to move to the US since I was little so when we did I was happy, excited even, though I wouldn't admit it to my parents.
I reminisced at the memories of my dad, before he left, and listened to my iPod for the rest of the journey, tapping my foot to Iron Maiden, checking that I'd remembered to pack my art kit, it would be just like me to have forgotten, I did though, which was a good thing.
My stop arrived; I sighed and stepped onto the platform amazed by the hustle and bustle of the small station. As I climbed the steps to the street I saw, for the first time, my Art College 'oh shit, here we go' I thought to myself.
A/N: Well? It's really short and boring, but the next chapter, that I'll write right now, just like I said at the top, should get better (fingers crossed). Rate and Review Please! Also, MCR will be involved soon, I promise!

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