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Life Drawings

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'that left only one space left, next to a man with long black hair,'

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Okay, here's my next chapter I'll see how much I fit into it, I may do one more, even if I get no reviews, I'll see, I'm really enjoying writing!

Rhianne's POV

I was slightly late for my first class; Life Drawings and had to quicken my pace after I got lost a couple of times. I finally found the right room and opened the door gingerly, waiting to be made an exhibition of.

"Sit anywhere" was all a short, chubby man who's hair line was receding faster than the Antarctic ice caps and was apparently a teacher said after apologising for my lateness. I looked around, all the seats but two were taken, there was one on the front row, next to a greasy looking man who was smiling at me, beckoning me forward while undressing me with his eyes, I definitely didn't want to sit there. So that left only one space left, next to a man with long black hair, that was all that I could see of him, he was looking down at a comic, 'Hell Boy'. I sighed and walked over to the seat. I thought it would be politer to ask before sitting down, even though I didn't like to speak much, I sounded like a posh Brit, like the stunningly gorgeous lab assistants on 'CSI:NY' except there was one big difference, I wasn't stunningly gorgeous, in fact, I hit all the branches on the ugly tree when I fell out of it.

"Excuse me? I was wondering if I could sit at this table, it's the only seat available without the added bonus of a perv." I asked, and smiled 'God, could you of sounded any more British?' I mentally kicked myself.

"yeah sure, sit where ever, it's a free country and all" the shaggy haired man said without even looking up from his comic book. I inhaled and sat down onto the really quite comfortable seat. My table partner was a perfect choice, by the looks of it, comic book guy wasn't much of a talker, which I was happy with, I could just concentrate on my work and get my pass grade.

I got out my art kit and placed it on the table, out of the corner of my eye I saw comic book guy look at my art box for a second, and smirk at the Hello Kitty sticker I had stuck on the side proudly of the box last night, I felt myself blushing, my love for Hello Kitty was totally out of perspective for my character, but something just drew me towards the small cute cartoon cat with no mouth, maybe it was the barely glowing embers of my girly side shining through, or maybe it was my immaturity, of which I have plenty.

"Right!" the teacher said as he clapped his hands together, "I want everyone to stand up and tell the class their nickname, their favourite band and an interesting fact about themselves. We will go in alphabetical order" He then proceeded to open up his register and turn to my classes' page. 'Shit!' I thought to myself, I was going to be first, I always am, thanks to my surname. "Rhianne Aarons, you're up first!"

I stood up and fiddled with the bottom of my Ramones t-shirt, feeling everyone's eyes on me, except for comic book guy, who was engrossed in a battle between Hell Boy and Thunder. I cleared my throat and nervously started talking; "My nicknames Rhi, my favourite band is Iron Maiden and..." as soon as I mentioned Iron Maiden, comic book guy's head snapped up to look at me, his chocolate eyes met mine for a second before I looked the other way, blushing, tingling, and continued with where I left off; "...and I was the first person in my secondary school in England to own a Misfits record."- his eyes widened more- I sat down as soon as I could, and sighed in relief when everyone's eyes went on to the next person picked to talk, all except comic book guy's, who was still staring right at me with an expression of disbelief and amazement, I tried to ignore it, I tried to look at the next poor brat who was chosen to talk, but all I could feel or concentrate on were his eyes on my back, I was breaking out into sweat, with the oddest sensation running through every cell my body.

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