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Nature Walks

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'we were holding hands'

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A/N: okay, I'm writing this from my iPod so it's going to be very short but I'm addicted to writing so have to satisfy myself by writing a chapter from my bed, to see what it's like. Weird, I know. Anyway thanks for the reviews, I think the whole drop down menue thing has sorted it's self out now , I'm not sure. Enjoy!


Gerard's POV

"I hope you all brought your cameras today" said the female teacher in her late 50's "we're going to go outside to the nature garden and take some photos that we will Photoshop next lesson" she droned on a little bit longer, I went back to looking at Rhi, she was a work of art herself. I was too busy in my thoughts when a flash went off in front of me and brought me back to reality.
"Smile!" giggled Rhi. flash
"urgh stop it you'll break the camera!" I joked as I got my camera out of its bag. We were on our way to the little nature garden, at the back of the college. It was where people skived and took drugs, or at least that's what one of the older kids had said but I didn't really believe him.


flash This time it was from my camera I took a picture if Rhi, who was still blinded from the flash. I laughed as she nearly walked into a tree, but I grabbed her hand before she could, causing a current through my body again, like taking a hit of an illegal substance, it made me need it more. It made me want her more. This was seriously getting out of control. I realised that although I had saved her from face/tree plant over a minute ago, I was still holding onto her hand. I didn't want to let go but I felt I had to, stop being away from her being worse that I already knew it would be. I looked to my side, one handed; Rhi was taking pictures of the shrubbery around us. Oblivious to the fact that we were holding hands. I sighed and let go, feeling empty and alone, even though I knew she was right beside me, I began to take pictures of the world around me.

A/N thanks for the reviews again! sorry it's so short, I'm on my iPod remember! Also sorry if there are any spelling mistakes, it's hard to type on this thing. Rate and review! Lu
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