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'He started rocking back and forth soothing me, stroking my hair, whispering into my ear...I really think I've blown it.'

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Rhianne's POV

A hand waved in front of my face "Earth to Rhi!" Gee was laughing at the blank expression on my face. I was too busy in my thoughts to know what the outside world was doing. It was now lunch time for our class. Gee had dragged me to Starbucks, shocked and disgusted that I had never tried American coffee. In the end we met up Gee's brother, Mikey and their friend Ray, while sitting in the big comfy arm chairs taking sips from our coffee, which I liked.
"Sorry I was in day dreaming." I admitted, it wasn't far from the truth, I just liked watching the guys mucking around, talking about comics and throwing bits of cookie at Blondie, who had conveniently followed us here and was now making out with some random guy. It reminded me that I missed having friends, and I missed being sociable.
"Well Sleeping Beauty, it's time we got back, we're going to be late for our last lesson." Gee gave me a flash of my favourite crooked smile and stood up, high fiving Mikey and Ray. Mikey waved at me and blushed from under his lashes when I waved back, he was a cute kid. Ray picked me up into a big bear hug, to anyone else except these three guys I would have flipped, but it felt nice, natural. I couldn't even remember the last time I'd hugged someone 'now that's sad' I thought to myself. "Bye guys!" Gee shouted at Ray and Mikey as they walked out the door. We began to walk back to college, arm in arm.


"So tell me about yourself." Gee had been questioning me for the past hour, we were sitting at the back in our last class of the day. The class was Colours, where you learn about how to add colour to your drawings and making them look realistic, it was pretty boring. I had learnt all this in England, Gee had learnt it previously too so we were pissing about, drawing comic strips and graveyards. The teacher couldn't care less.
"What do you want to know?" I said uneasily, I really didn't want to go into personal stuff with him, like the reason my dad left.
"Do you have and brothers or sisters?" he quizzed, I could answer that one, easy.
"Nope, I'm and only child." I smiled, I had always thought myself as lucky that I had no brothers and sisters, they seemed annoying to me.
"Urm..." his face crumpled up in thought, which made me giggle. He stuck his tongue out at me and continued thinking.

"Why did your parents split up?" at that point my face went blank, I turned my head to look out the opposite window, trying to correct myself. It had only been three months into his new American job when he left us for his younger, blonder, thinner sectary. He now lives with her in her town house right in the centre of New York; in fact, I think I walked by it this morning. "Oh shit! SHIT! Rhi I'm sorry!" I came back to reality, realising the tears running down my face and Gee kneeling in front of me, his hands holding me at the shoulders, trying to comfort me. I stared into his eyes that were full of remorse and apology, and threw my arms around his neck. He started rocking back and forth soothing me, stroking my hair, whispering into my ear. It took the bell to mark the end of school to bring us back to reality. I sniffed and pulled out of the embrace and tried to smile showing him that all was forgiven.

We walked out of class in silence; I really think I've blown it.

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