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'we need to talk'

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Rhianne's POV

I ran for my train, I was late, making myself look as pretty I could without doing a MJ and getting lots of plastic surgery, all for him, the man I had totally made a fool out of myself in front of yesterday, Gerard Way. I managed to get a seat on the train, Billy Talent screaming into my ears from my iPod. I checked my phone, 'One new message' was all it said, I flipped it open, it was from my Mum; "Rhianne, we need to talk, I haven't seen you in a week! come home as soon as college is out, love mummy x." Urgh, I hated how she still treated me like a small kid, calling me by my full name, the 'mummy' and the 'x' at the end of every email and text. I slammed my phone shut and shoved it into my bag. For the rest of my journey I swayed in time with the movements of the train, like a cobra caught in a trance. My stop was next, I sighed and stood up.

The doors opened and on the platform stood Gee, smiling with a small toy Gazelle, which on the side he had written 'I'm sorry!' with a Sharpie pen, he also held a cup of Starbucks Coffee and a cookie. I laughed and ran up him, grabbing him by the neck and shouting over the noise of the moving trains, "You're forgiven!" I pulled him in closer, hugging him tightly, never wanting to let go. He hugged back too, his arms around my waist, his hands full of my presents. He pulled back slightly so his lips where near my right ear;
"We're going to be late" he sighed, pulled away and with a smile handed me my toy gazelle and my cookie, which I was glad of, I had a habit of forgetting to eat. We shared the coffee and walked to college, his arm around my waist.

As we walked over the zebra crossing, I swear I saw my dad's bright red company car zooming off into the distance. I sighed and leaned my head onto Gee's shoulders, smelling his cologne that was sprayed lightly onto his Misfits shirt. The current of emotions was still running through my body at the feeling of his hand on the smallest part of my waist, It was perfect, and nothing could go wrong.

A/N: Sorry its short, I had a really good idea for the plot half way through, so I'm going to start that in the next chapter, it's going to heat up, trust me! Rate and Review,
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