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Chapter 1

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Hayden and Sam, a lunar adept and a solar adept from another land, start off on a quest to save their village but end up on a quest to save the whole world by Tahulo1

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Silver Moon

By: Tahulo1


Note from Brynn: Before we start this off, this is mostly my brother's ideas and writing. I added detail for him, but this is really his romance (at least I haven't convinced him to let me write some in...yet), so read if you like. I really think this story has lots of potential, so you should read it, and I might be able to add some fluff later! Now I'm handing it over to Tahulo!


Disclaimer: I do not own Golden Sun or any of it's characters; I do own Hayden and Sam.


Two boys were sitting on the edge of a cliff looking at the drop off: one with powdery white skin and straight black hair and the other with dark tanned skin and messy orange hair. They both looked to be about sixteen, and were sort of an odd couple; the black-haired boy had a serious expression and dark blue eyes, his blue cape draped over his shoulders protectively, as if he'd suffered many years of a lack of privacy. He looked like he was from a wealthy clan, his black and white clothing braided with silver. The orange-haired boy, on the other hand, was mismatched and ragged. He appeared to have grown up in a loving family, but had quickly been forced to leave them and take responsibility for them. Both of the boys looked weary from a few days of hard travel.

"I just feels like our answer is across this chasm..." the orange-haired boy said, "Couldn't you just give us some light?"

"I don't know Sam, that's a whole lot of darkness. It would drain me," answered the black haired boy.

"I bet an Earth adept could bring the ground to us, Hayden," said the other boy, gazing down into the black chasm.

"Earth adepts aren't real; you know that Sam. Plus, there's probably nothing down there."

"That's exactly right, young man," said a man that had quietly walked up behind them. The boys were barely startled; strange things were rumored to happen in these rocky cliffs, and they were eager to meet someone who knew about this impassable place.

"What do you mean?" asked the orange-haired boy.

"That's the Drop-Off. When you're in the water, it's known as Gaia Falls..." the man smiled knowingly, "It's the end of the world."

Both boys' curiosity heightened and they turned to ask the man more, but he had suddenly disappeared.

The boys fear was growing. They soon realized that the chasm below the cliff wasn't darkness; it was emptiness - which was out of their Psynergy's Control.

Suddenly afraid of the mysterious place, they got up and ran.


Two years earlier...

Alex woke with a strange pain in his back. He tried to get up and heal it when he realized he couldn't move. He tried and tried but it was impossible...then it made since to him; he was a part of the mountain. He managed to look at himself and he was made of stone...he felt his amazing increased Psyenrgy flowing through his body and he tried to use his Psyenrgy to heal himself to no avail; he didn't even know if he was alive. He suddenly heard voices and saw a person with very pale skin looked down at him

"You're coming with us," he said. Then he used a kind of Psyenrgy that Alex had never seen before.

Alex, suddenly realizing the severity of his situation, let out a scream.


Three years later...

Felix walked along the road to Kraden's house just outside of Vale; He remembered helping pave this road and build the new Vale or, as it was called, Valeford. His Sol Blade clanked on his armor, his earth Djinn, Echo, snored happily on his shoulder, and all was right with the world...

Or so it seemed. Suddenly a Death Head jumped out of the bushes. 'Easy,' he thought. He unsheathed his sword and was about to hit the floating skull when he heard the noise of Psyenrgy, and he saw it but he was too slow to stop it. He heard a familiar voice just before he blacked out.


Kraden tapped his foot impatiently on he hard wood floor. "Where are Garet and Felix!" he said loudly.

"Last time I checked they were practicing Daedalus in the field," said Jenna.

"You really can't blame them for being late," said Isaac, "Garet's always been forgetful and Felix is worried because Piers was supposed to be here two days ago."

"That's no excuse! And last time Piers said he was coming he didn't show up at all!"

Kraden went on and on for nearly 10 minutes about how not even the doom dragon could hold them up this long, and only ceased when there was a knock on the door. "Finally!" said Kraden, going to le in the visitors.

It was Piers.


Author's Note: Credit to Brynn Parker for helping edit. Please don't post flames, but I would like reviews & constructive criticism! This is my first fic, so take it easy on me. I think I'm going to have some trouble with characterization, so if you have any information on any of the Golden Sun characters or anything I could change, please review.
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