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Chapter 2

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Silver Moon

By Tahulo1


They ran for what seemed like hours before they stopped, finally collapsing on the ground. "We have to get away..." said Hayden, taking a deep breath.

"Hayden, it's probably two or three miles away by now," said Sam.

"Don't you know what's going on in that place?" asked Hayden, his eyes wide. The fear was evident in his face, and it scared Sam.

"No; it would be great if you'd tell me."

Hayden was silent for a moment before he finally spoke. "Well...that...that getting closer and closer every year...eventually it will destroy the entire world..."

"You mean the world will just stop being there...just like that?" Sam said loudly, a horrified expression on his face.

Hayden tried to explain to his panicked friend. "It's because there are lighthouses of know, like the one just above J'hill...well...if those beacons aren't lit, this will never stop...and can guess what comes next..."

"I know; isn't it terrible?" said a third voice. The voice was childish, yet wise...

Sam jumped up as Hayden took a step back and grabbed his axe.

The third voice chuckled as the boys looked around for the source. "No need for alarm. I'm only here to help you two."

"Hayden, what is it?" said Sam.

"I think that it's a... Djinn? Is that right?"

The Djinn responded: "That's right! I'm a Lunar Djinn, and my name is Star!"

A memory suddenly flooded into Hayden's mind and he clutched his head as he fell unconscious.


Hayden was dreaming of his past.

He was back at Lunar Lighthouse; an obese pale skinned man walked in holding a smoky colored orb. Hayden knew that he was their instructor.

"Skye, pay attention!" shouted the Instructor. Hayden heard his friend scream with agony as the Instructor used psynergy to discipline the boy.

"Make it stop! No more darkness, please!"

"This is the Lunar Star," the Instructor began. "It is the way we will light the Lunar Lighthouse...inside there are 25 elemental Lunar Djinn. Does anybody know what a Djinn is?"

Hayden and his fellow adepts all said no in unison as they had learned to do; the students were disciplined if things were not in perfect order at all times.

"You should know!" shouted the Instructor, "No supper tonight!"

Hayden wasn't surprised; supper was nothing but stale bread and water anyway.

"This is a Djinn!" said the Instructor. The Instructor lifted up the orb and everything went dark. When the room lit up there was a small, squat creature with silver skin and bright blue eyes that appeared on the floor, it's tail swishing and making the silver crescent moon on the tip glisten. With it in the room Hayden felt if he could stop the night altogether.

A Djinn is a creature that makes adepts more powerful," said the Instructor, "Since this is a lunar Djinn, it makes us more powerful. Well Djinn...say something..."

The Djinn casually turned to the Instructor and looked like it had something interesting to say, but instead, turned around and said, "No."

The Instructor frowned and then used a Psyenrgy that Hayden recognized as Darksaol - a lethal Psynergy. The class gasped as the Djinn simply sent it back and knocked the Instructor down. The entire class was filled with a rare sense of mirth; few were brave enough to laugh.

"You will not laugh at me!" the Instructor screamed, and then Hayden and the rest of the class were surrounded by darkness; the pain Hayden felt was unbearable...suddenly he heard a familiar voice...

"Wake up!"


"Piers, you actually made it!" said Kraden, motioning for him to come in, "You didn't happen to see Felix, did you?"

"Actually, it's kind of a funny story..." said Piers, grinning sheepishly, "I found a teleport gem and was using that, but...well...I ended up about ten feet up in the air over Felix... so I healed him. He said he was just stopping by the house to get Garet."

"Finally," said Jenna, "I was about to go get them."

"They were taking unusually long," said Isaac.

There was a groan and then a sigh in the room. "Darn it!" said Isaac, "I forgot about Mold."

"The Djinn?" asked Piers.

"Yeah...I've had him on standby for three days. Mold? You OK?"

"Isaac why haven't you summoned me yet?" asked Mold, yawning.

"I kinda got know how I was supposed to help my mom move up the hill."

"Isaac, sorry to spring this on you, but I need to go to Venus lighthouse. I'm wasted...I should be back in about a month's time," said Mold.

"I can take you," volunteered Piers, "It'd be easy with the gem and-"

"Thanks, but no thanks Piers. It's a Djinn thing."

"Are you sure, 'cause I could-"

"No!" And with that, Mold jumped away from Isaac and walked out of the door before Piers could protest just as Felix and Garet walked in.

"Hey everyone," said Felix.

"Where's Mold going?" asked Echo.

"Oh, to Venus Lighthouse like the other 7 have," said Isaac.

"Well, speaking of Djinn, that's the reason I came," said Piers. "There were 2 Lemeuriun children and they found an odd Djinn."

"You mean another element?" asked Garet, his eyes wide.

"Yep, and it gets weirder," said Piers, nodding and then sitting down. "Maybe we should all sit down for claims to be from beyond Gaia falls."


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