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Trains, Planes and looong things ;)

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Is it odd I laughed at the title of my own story? I name them after I type it out.

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WARNING, ISH: There is a few implied shex-ness coming up. Dunno if it needs a warning or not but I didn't want to just spring it on you.

Gerard's P.O.V

I was kneeling down. Adela had just backhanded me. Any minute now I'm about to die. I heard Roscov clap his hands twice. Thunder and lightening rolled over-head. I felt myself crash to the floor. Everything faded away. I couldn't hear anything. Stars burst before my eyes and disapeared. My breathing slowed down and eventually stopped. My heart felt as though on fire and thats when I died.

Yet my conciousness never wavered for a minute. I stayed awake but my body felt dead. I couldn't move it no matter what I tried. I could still feel even if my body had crapped out on me.
"If only we had pulses" muttered a sweet voice.
"It would be helpful I replied without thinking. "But then again, we wouldn't be immortal and I'd have never met you" I opened my eyes to see the one person I thought I would never see again but wanted to the most.

Lilli got half way through a sentence before pretty much lunging at me. her soft, sweet, full, pink lips pressed heard against mine. As much as I loved it, it was kinda painful.
"Ow, ow, ow" I muttered. I saw someone prise Lilli off me. My breath caught in my throat and panic froze me. If my heart was still beating it would have skipped one. Relief washed over me s I saw it was FRankie. I thanked him. Lilli's cool fingers stroked my cheek lightly and I shut my eyes savouring the feeling. My skin tingled where she touched it. Then she mumbled something quietly under her breath.

Long story short, next thing I know I'm disguised as a woman, vampires are wolf whistling at me and Frank's telling me I have a fine ass.

I couldn't wait till we got back to Rachel's flat because I could give Lilli her bra and tee-shirt back. Get rid of these annoying as fuck contacts and wipe this make-up shit off my face.

As soon as we got in Frank was over to Rachel in an instant after a quick sweep of the flat, making sure no one was waiting for us. When she asked who I was, Frank and Lilli just looked at each other and burst out laughing.
"What?" she asked innocently. I glared at them all, arms folded over my chest which was fucking odd cause I now had breasts. My lips were pressed into a hard line and I stood with my weight on my left foot.
"Rachel" Lilli said slightly breathlessly from the giggling.
"This" Lilli squeaked and then quickly covered her mouth with her hands, collapsing into giggles once more. Frank's face was buried in Rachel's side as he giggled along side Lilli. I threw them all one last glare before stalking to the bathroom and slamming the door.

I took out the contacts and flung them in the bin. I pulled the bands out of my hair, pulling a few out with it. I ruffled it about trying to get it just right. it's too messy. I wiped off the cat flicks and smudged the remaning eye-liner. I almost walked out the door before realising I still had Lilli's clothes one. I managed to get the tee-shirt off okay. Then I struggled to get the bra off. This thing is locked!! I struggled with it for a few more minutes before getting really pissed off and shredded the thing. Which was a shame cause it's one of my faveourites on Lilli.

I heard another burst of laughter coming back from the livingroom. I cringed realising that Rachel had been told it was me. I gripped the sink looking at my reflection in the mirror. My skin looked ever so pink rather than its usual ivory pallor. I thought nothing of it though. I had been blushing so much recently. I pulled on my hoodie I had carried, remembering to take her tee-shirt through with me.

I walked back through to the livingroom. Rachel was sitting on Frank's lap and Lilli was browsing her cd's. I glanced at Rachel to see her hands covering her mouth, shaking with silent laughter. Frank shuffled unconfortably, he held her hips, stopping her shaking and whispered in her ear. Lilli giggled hearing what he said. I shook my head trying to clear all those horrible mental images I just did not need to see...ever!

Rachel's eye grew wipe at what Frank had just told her and she glanced down at his lap quickly before loooking back up at Frank. His eyes were tight shut and Rachel gave another laugh.

I sat down slowly, feeling awkward. Lilli came over and sat on my lap, curled into a ball and stroked the nape of my neck. I shivered slightly as her fingers ghosted over my neck and then along my collar-bone. I shut my eyes, trying to memorise everything about Lilli-anna, how she feels pressed against me, her cool fingers ghosting over my skin, her sweet scent of chocolate and mint. I could have a hundred years of this and never get sick of it. I'd already memorised everything about her but I could never get enough. I kissed the top of head and wrapped my arms around her. She snuggled in, getting as close as possible. To think, I'd almost spent the rest of eternity in eternal darkness, never being like this again.

Rachel's P.O.V

We stayed at my flat for a few days before leaving for Oregon, the last known where-abouts of Steve. he has ellouded the Elders for centuries, or so I'm told. her fellin love with a human, just like Frank with me. Although no one knws wither Steve ever changed him or not.

Or so I'm told anyways. If we find him, I guess we'll find out.

Trains are boring! Gee and Lilli are having their in this own little world of their own and Frank can't talk to me without it being awkward or him blushing like mad.

The train was empty except for us and Lilli had used her gift to get us everywhere for free, much to her own annoyance. But Gerard said it would be harder for them to track us. I'm not seeing how but Frank agreed with him so I just nodded along.

I couldn't stand this stupid silence anylonger so I decided to break it.
"So..." I began "What sort of humans do you hunt?" Frank tensed up next to me, Gerard's eyes darkned and Lilli-anna bit her lip guiltly and looked away.
"Well...?" I pressed.
"Um...well...You're right. We do...hunt humans" began Lilli, it seemed hard for her to say out aloud what she did but she continued anyway.
"I mostly drink from bad people. Those who have perhaps killed or done something other wicked deed" My heartbeat picked up and I'm sure they could hear it. Lilli gave a small smile.
"I drink from those who happen to be in my way when I'm thirsty" Gerard licked his lips for emphasis and I leaned back away from him as he grinned showing off his fangs which had grown slightly from thinking about feeding. Frank leaned forward growling quietly. Gerard sat back a small smile still playing on his lips. Frank's growl got louder and his top lip curled back slightly. I couldn't take my eyes off Gerard's, there was just something about them that held me.
"Gerard!" Lilli snapped. Gerard broke his graze from me to look at Lilli-anna.
"Yes?" he said innocently. She gave him a hard glare before turning back to me. Her eyes softened.
"It's okay Frank" she said, not taking her eyes off me. Frank relaxed a little. I wondered how hard it was for him to be around me.
"Frank?" I asked quietly.
"Mmm?" he replied, letting me know he was listening. I tried to think about how to word my question, it seemed rude to just come out and say it. His gaze moved from the window to me. His warm milk chocolate pools burned into my emerald green.
"What's up?" he asked gently stroking my cheek with his index finger.
" is it" Gerard snorted and I just glared at him. "for you to be near me...with the eh, whole blood drinking thing?" I glanced quickly at Lilli and Gerard. They weren't paying attention. Gerard was whispering in Lilli's ear. She blushed and swatted his chest.
"Is that all you think about?" blushed Lilli. Frank gave a pointed cough and Gerard just grinned. I gave a small luagh and Lilli sunk lower down in her seat, blushing alot.
"Anyway...about you question...I guess it is kinda hard. Depends how thirsty I am. So it is kinda" I nodded, feeling kinda guilty. I knew he was making it sound alot better than it actually was.

As though electrocuted Lilli-anna jumped out her seat and sat on the table.
"Fraaaankiiiieeee?" she said sweetly. Frank looked up at her suspiciously.
"What?" he asked.
"Can we switch seats?" she asked fluttering her long eye-lashes.
"And what makes you think I want to sit next to him?" he grinned.
"Hey!" pouted Gee. So it was happy Gerard we had today. He pulled Lilli off the table, onto his lap na d wrapped his arms around her waist. She struggled aaginst him, trying to get free.
"I really really would stop doing that if I were you" Gerard said, his eyes squeazed tight shur.
"Stop what?" she said, faking innocense. "This?" she asked, grinding lightly. Gerard let out a slight moan.
"Yes" he said breathlessly. Frank and I looked at each other horrified while Lilli whispered words to Gerard that I couldn't hear. Gerard's skin turned paler and he let out another soft moan. Frank stood up faster than I could see, then pulled me up and out of the carriage.

He took me to sit in another carriage, muttering something about energiser bunnies. A couple of people sitting seperatly. This time we sat just the two of us, rather than at a table.

Frank let me sit in at the window and then sat next to me. I shifted in my seat so I could sit with my legs across his.
"Sooo..." he said after a while of silence.
"Sooo indeed" I replied stupidly. Then there was nothing but silence. Oh fuck! It's back to being totally awkward!

Let me know what you think my lurvlies.

xoxo Sam
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