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Still On The Train.

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We find out who that mysterious shadow was in the beginning and about how Frank first saw Rachel.

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Gee, here is the chapter you caught me out on not typing. Sorry about that. Haha. And I'm sorry it's a small chapter but I'm just about passing out here. Night guys, Enjoi xo

Lilli-anna's P.O.V

If there was one thing I never though I'd do, giving Gerard a blow job on a train would be quite far up on the list. But yeah, would'ya know? Things change!

I left Gerard panting and trying to regain his composure and went to find Frank and Rachel. I found them quickly. They were sitting as close together as possible which was very dangerous and sharing a very tender and majorally cute kiss. Rather than interupt it, I sata few rows back, incase Frank tried to take a snap. I like to think I'd be able to handle it if Frank did spill her blood...Awww their conversation's just so damn cute!

Rachel's P.O.V

I tried not to think anout how hard it must be for FRank to sit so close to me. At this point I realised 2 things.
A: I was completley in love with a vampire.
B: I knew just about nothing about absolutly nothing about him.

Gah! I sound all Stephenie Meyer. Don't get me wrong, the books are really good, but still...
"What's today's date?" I asked. Frank had pulled me onto his lap a while ago. His fingers were playing with strands of my hair. His soft lips brushed my cheek before answering.
"2nd December. Why?"
"Just wondering" I replied. Staring out the window I could see the countryside rushing past. It reminded me of us leaving the place they kept me. For what? About 3 days, ish. I never actually saw Frank's room. I was kept in Lilli-anna and Gerard's room. I also wondered if I asked him about his past: how much would be truth, how much would be edited and if he would leave anything big out.

"It's your 24th birthday soon babe" he mumbled into the crook of my neck.
"Yeah I kno-Hang do you know that?" I asked, shifting around slightly so I could look at him. Frank looked away, blushing.
"Well...?" I pressed. His blush deepend and he still didn't look at me.
"Um..." was all he could say.
"Um what?" I may have sounde a little pissed off, that's cause I was slightly but then again this other part had my insides dancing the cha-cha.
"Promise you won't get mad or freaked out or whatever?" he asked. His eyes were wide and innocent.
"Promise" I said, kissing the tip of his nose. He giggled nervously before answering.
" you remember how that same street-lamp went off everytime you passed it at night?" he asked nervously, playing with my fingers.
"Yeah, what about it?" I asked. I wondered where he was taking this.
"That. uh, shadow thing just behind it...well it" again he sounded nervous. He took a sideways glance at me to see my reaction.
"You were the shadow?" I whispered. He nodded.
"You made the street-lamp go out?" I asked, looking right at him. He didn't look at me, just kept staring out the window.
"Why?" I asked, confused.
"Why?" he asked, questioning my question.
"Yeah, why? Out of all the people in New Jersey, why me? I'm not even from Jersey, I'm British" He looked shocked.
"Because I love you" he said firmly.
"I know that" I giggled before contuing. "But why though? You didn't know me?"
"I know" he sighed. "First time I saw you, it was the day you got soaked. First time I put the street-lamp off. Your hair was up in a messy bun. It was raining so heavily that day. Little strands stuck to your face. Your skin was paler because of the cold and your cheeks were cherry red. Eye-liner ran down your face and your hands shook with cold. The wind and the rain whipped about wildly...You have no idea how much I wanted to help you. Just tp wrap my jacket around you and carry you home so you could get dried off quicker. You smell amazingly good as it is and the rain just intensified it." The words tumbled out. he bit his lips and his chocolate brown eyes deepened to dark chocolate, black almost. He nuzzled into my neck again and his teeth/fangs nipped (hopefully) playfully at my neck. We heard a cough coming from next to us. I looked over and there was Lilli-anna. Elbows resting on her knees with head resting in her hands, watching us with a grin.

Happy now Gee? Lol. XD

xoxo Sam
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