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Chapter Five.

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Rated for slight maturity. Wince.

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Hey guys sorry for the delayed update. Lately I've been running off of brown pop and vicks nose drops. He that rhymed! Haha but yeah, I hope you guys lurve this chapter, I lurve y'all!

Chapter 5

“Be safe, babe, I love you,” Devon said quietly as he kissed Charlie’s forehead softly. Charlie smiled and nodded to him, she gave his hand another squeeze before letting go and walking towards her house. She took a deep breath, but before she could reach the gate Dev grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into him. She tried not to wince at the firm grip he around her bruised wrist. Dev only let go of her enough to place a gentle kiss on her lips; he brought his hand up to the side of her neck and slowly deepened the kiss. When they broke apart, they were both panting softy.

“Call me later,” He whispered before kissing her lightly again on the lips. She gave him another quick kiss for bravery before walking through the gate and up to her house. She bit her lip and reached for the doorknob, but was startled when the door flung open and Chris came running into her.

“Chris!” She shrieked out in surprise. Chris let go of his sister’s waist and Charlie noticed his tear stained cheeks. She quickly ushered him into the house and closed the door behind them. “Chris, what’s wrong?” She asked worriedly as she knelt down to his level.

“I don’t wanna move, Charlie. I wanna stay here.” He whimpered and several more tears made their way down his face. Charlie gently wiped them away and nodded before standing up, grabbing his hand, and leading them both up to her bedroom. Once they had successfully gotten in her room without being heard by their father, Charlie sat Chris down on the bed and put her arm around his shoulder.

“Chris, we’re going to be alright. As long as we’re together, everything will be fine.” She said as confidently as she could. She hated lying to Chris, but he had to know that he could be brave and that he could be strong.

“But Charlie, what happens when you go away?” He asked softly as he snuggled into her side. Charlie’s bottom lip quivered as she tried to hold back tears.

“You can be strong Chris, you’re a big boy. Some day, you’ll be the one protecting me. So when I go away or I’m not around you just remember that you have strength.”

“I’m strong like superman?” He asked quietly. Charlie smiled at her brother’s comment.

“Yeah, Chris, just like superman.” Chris giggled lightly before leaping off of Charlie’s bed and flexing his small muscles at her. She laughed and rolled her eyes at her dorky brother then quickly grabbed his small torso and pulling him onto the bed and starting to tickle him. Chris squealed loudly and wriggled beneath Charlie, his face turning bright red as his laughter began growing louder along with his pleas for Charlie to stop.

“Stop it!” He shouted as he squirmed around laughing hysterically. Charlie planted a big kiss on his forehead before lying down beside him. They both took a deep breath and stared at Charlie’s cracked ceiling. “Can I sleep in your room tonight, Charlie?” Chris asked softly.

Charlie turned her head to look at her brother and nodded. Chris’s face lit up in excitement. Charlie knew how much Chris loved it when she let him sleep in her bed and have ‘sleepovers’ on Friday nights. Chris would say that he would stay up all night, but then end up crashing around ten. It happened every time, but Charlie still found it cute.

Then a buzzing sound came from her backpack; Charlie sat up and quickly dug through her bag to find her phone. Once she found it she read the caller ID and saw it was her best friend Lauren.

“Hey Lauren, what’s up?” Charlie asked.

“How about you tell me what’s up!” Lauren said loudly into the phone. “Why were you being such a Debbie-downer today at school? Poor Dev looked like a lost puppy when you kept ignoring him.”

Charlie sighed, “I just had a bad night, sorry I was being so rude at school. I feel really bad.”

“It’s alright Char, you’re forgiven. So what exactly had you all worked up? It obviously wasn’t relationship problems, so what’s going down?” Charlie glanced at Chris who was sitting next to her with his hands held in his lap.

“Um… just family stuff…” Charlie mumbled. Charlie didn’t tell anyone about what really went on in her house other than Devon and Mikey; they were the only two people who could really handle it.

“Family issues? Like what? Did your dad loose his job again?” Lauren asked. Charlie rolled her eyes. Lauren was never one to let things be, she was always curious and asked loads of questions. It never really bugged Charlie, but sometimes it was hard to answer her questions without obviously lying or sounding like she was hiding something.

“Um… we just got into an argument,” I said trying to keep the conversation of her family as vague as possible.

“What aren’t you telling me?” Lauren asked suspiciously. Charlie internally winced. Lauren always knew when Charlie wasn’t telling the whole truth. “Come on, Char.” Lauren said after listening to Charlie’s extended silence, “You don’t tell me anything anymore! But you tell that Michael Way kid everything.” Lauren said disdainfully.

Charlie sighed, she hated having to lie to her best girl friend, but she just couldn’t tell Lauren the brutal truth. “Everything’s cool Laur, I promise. And don’t use that disgusted tone when you talk about Mikey.” Charlie retorted. She knew what Lauren thought about Mikey and Frank and Gerard, but Charlie didn’t care too much about it anymore. She would always be friends with them.

“But Char he’s so weird! He works in a fricken comic store! And you have a pet name fore him? That’s bad Char.”

Charlie was about to retort when Chris tugged on her sleeve, she had almost forgotten he was in the room. “Charlie are you talking to Mikey?” He asked excitedly. Charlie smiled at her younger brothers innocence and hated the bruise that was visible beneath the collar of his shirt.

Charlie put her hand over the end of the phone so Lauren couldn’t hear and said, “No, bud, but we can call him later if you like.” Chris nodded enthusiastically and Charlie laughed kissing his forehead before lifting the phone back to her ear. “Sorry about that,” She apologized to Lauren, “and why is having a nickname for Mikey bad? I mean Gerard and Frank-“

“OH NO! Charlie you’re not friends with them too are you?” Lauren interrupted.

Charlie rolled her eyes, “Why does it matter?” She asked.

“Charlie they’re different than us! People are starting to wonder about you hanging out with them so much. Even Dev is wondering why you hang out with them more than you do him! It’s like- wait a second. Charlene Diane Malmgren, do you like one of them?”

Charlie almost choked on her spit. “WHAT?! No! They’re my friends Lauren. And they aren’t weird! They are totally nice and just like us.”

“Mhm yeah you like one of them,” Lauren stated smugly.

“No I don’t, Lauren, you’re smoking something,” Charlie said plainly and Lauren laughed loudly into the phone.

“You totally do and even if I was smoking I’d still be right.” Charlie ‘pfted’ at Lauren making them both erupt in giggles. “But seriously Char.”

Charlie paused to think a moment, no she didn’t like Frank as more than a friend. Gerard… he was a cutie, but nope no real spark. Mikey, well that was obvious he was her best friend! She loved Mikey and how he always understood her and was so gentle with her. Mikey always knew how to make her feel better.

“Yup it’s totally Mikey,” Lauren said.

Charlie blinked, “Did I just say that out loud?”

Lauren snorted, “No, I secretly read minds.”

“Shut up,” Charlie muttered and Lauren laughed out loudly.

“Char,” She said gasping for air, “How did we get so off topic?” Lauren asked making Charlie giggle.

“Because we’re best friends?” Charlie suggested.

Lauren giggled, “That works for me! But I gotta go, my moms ragging on me about my phone bill again… but this doesn’t mean you’re getting off the hook! You will tell me what’s going on with your family on Monday or else!” Lauren threatened.

“Or else what?” Charlie asked jokingly.

“I’ll stab you with a spoon!” Lauren shouted before laughing manically and hanging up. Charlie closed her phone, shaking her head at her dorky best friend. God, I don’t know what I’d do without my friends, she thought.

Charlie turned to face Chris and ask him if he wanted to watch a movie, but ended up slapping a hand over her own mouth to keep herself from laughing. The poor kids had already fallen asleep waiting for her to get off the phone. She let out a tiny giggle and decided to go to Chris’s room and get stuff for their ‘sleepover’. She quietly walked out of her room and down the hall to Chris’s, she pushed open his door and spotted his pillow, blankie, and his favorite stuffed dinosaur, Jimmy. She lifted Chris’s stuff into her arms and carried it back to her room, placing it gently on her hard wood floor.

Charlie stood silently watching Chris sleep peacefully, his chest rising and falling with each deep breath he took. She smiled at him before deciding to go get something to eat downstairs. It was only four o’clock so she wasn’t really tired. She found herself thinking about her conversation with Lauren. She didn’t really like Mikey like that, did she? Charlie opened a cupboard and pulled out some pretzels popping a couple into her mouth. She was dating Devon; she was in love with Devon. Her and Mikey were just really good friends, it was normal to want to see him right? Charlie hadn’t really thought anything of her gradually increasing need to be around Mikey. She shook her head to dispel the thought from her mind. She was with Devon. She loved Devon, right?

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