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His Name Is Gerard Way [o4]

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Chapter Four.

“Hey, Mrs. Hansel, I’m here to pick up Anthony for our park play-date.” I smiled at the blonde headed, blue eyed, woman in her middle forties. She had a few wrinkles around her mouth and a little on her forehead, but they didn’t look that bad. Unless it was her almost orange foundation covering them up. Her pink bright lipstick probably covered her chapped lips. She wore a flower apron and white khakis.

“Awe, yes, Anthony’s been talking about this all week, he really seems to love you.” Mrs. Hansel smiled as a little boy’s footsteps could be heard running down the hall. “I’m glad we found you, you’re so good with children.” she smiled as I could see Anthony running down the hall, in his little kid overalls and his brown bangs swooshing around in the wind his running was creating.

Mrs. Hansel’s comments really meant nothing to me. I didn’t care if she liked me, though they did give me a warm, inevitable, tingly feeling in my stomach. “CI!” Anthony cried as he shoved past his mom and into my arms, as I bent down to the ground to catch him and pick him. Mrs. Hansel looked worried. Yes. There was always a catch.

“Seven o’ clock.” I smiled her away and put Anthony on my shoulders as I walked a fast pace to the car.

“Yay! Ci, I missed you! We’re going to have so much fun! We’re going to build sand castles in the sandbox and slide down the slides and swing and…” I smiled at his enthusiasm and set him down in the passenger side of the car, in his booster seat. He always complained about not needing it, but today he seemed happy to be back in it. Grand.

When we got to the park, Anthony ran off with his teddy, Ollie toward the slides and I smiled as I followed him with a huge smile on my face. “Anthy, old up!” Anthy was my nickname for Anthony and he seemed to love it. His exact words were, “Anthony is to grown up! I want Anthy!” they made me laugh so hard.

I sat down in the sand box and started digging in it like a little kid, laughing as Anthony hit me in the face with a bunch of sand. “Ci?” I heard a shocked voice behind me and I turned around, wiping sand off my face to see the one and only Gerard Way. Shit. His black hair was windblown as usual, and he was wearing his combat boots and black jeans with a Rocky Horror movie t-shirt. And just a dab of eyeliner, I suspected. I got up and Anthony whined.

“Gee?” I asked, “What are you doing here?” I had no make up on and my hair up in a bun with strands hanging down my face, with the black jeans and Misfits hoodie. I hoped I didn’t look to bad.

“Frank and Mikey came to play on the jungle … uh thing and I decided to tag along… I didn’t expect to see you here!” he smiled, biting his lip. He was acting nervous.

“I’m babysitting today.” I told him with a nod as I felt a little tug on my jeans. I looked down to see Anthony, pouting his lips and making a mad face. “What is it, Antsy.” I giggled, a new nickname.

“You’re mine today!” I whined, balling his fist up and sticking his thumb out towards himself. “Not your boyfriends!!!” My eyes widened and I forgot about how many times I talked about Gerard with Anthony and how I told him how much I loved him.

I tried to laugh it off, “Anthony, Gee’s not my boyfriend.” I turned around, my back to Gerard and my face to Anthony and gave him a pleading look saying, ‘please, spare me!’ Anthony giggled.

“Well, you two are always flirting around each other and today is my day!” he whined.

“How about this,” Gee chimed in and walked over to the both of us and leaned down by Anthony. “I join your play date and we both give you our undivided attention.” Gerard smiled. Perfect.

“But I just wanted Ci.” Anthony pouted.

“Anthony, don’t be mean….” I protested.

“Eh, Ci, it’s okay, you two have fun now, and how about you-” Gerard pointed toward me as he raised up, “Come by the house later tonight? It’s Monster Movie Mash Monday. Plus, no school tomorrow because teacher planning day so you can spend the night possibly?” Gerard smiled.

“Sounds nice, say hi to the boys for me. I’ll be there later.” I smiled.

“Iiight, eight pm sharp!” Gerard smiled as he ran away toward the jungle gym.

“Maybe Ci will get lucky tonight?” Anthony winked and nudged my knee. My eyes widened. What a perverted little kid!!
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