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His Name Is Gerard Way [o5]

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Chapter Five - Eight pm.

I walked up to Gerard’s house, sporting black holey skinny jeans, black converse and a pink Misfits t-shirt with a black hoodie. My hair was perfectly straightened and my bangs were hanging over one eyes. My pants felt a little too tight, but I didn’t care. I wore them like this everyday. I rolled my hoodie sleeves up and knocked on the door, seeing the bracelet that Billy had given my on our first day. I had never took it off. I frowned as soon as the door open and Gerard gave me a peculiar look. “Oh…sorry….” I laughed slightly as he let me in the house.

“Okay.” Gerard laughed and I walked in the living room, God I hadn’t been in this house for ages. Four boys sat on the floor, well three sat, one laid. Frank was the only laying on the floor. Mikey sat up straight, his dirty blonde shaggy hair spiked up in the back and the front, his bangs, slicked down over his black thick rimmed glasses. (Which were on the end of the bridge of his nose) Ray sat beside Mikey, his red-brown afro goofier then ever, poofed out at least 5 inches from his head. He sat on the floor, looking stoned, but that’s just how he looked when he was sleepy. Bob sat beside him, his blue eyes sparkly, his blonde hair laying down, fiddling with his lip ring.

“Ah! I missed you guys a hella lot!” I smiled, hugging Ray, Bob, and Mikey tightly.

“Hey, what about me?” Frankie whined.

“Frank, I see you every day, Bob and Ray are graduated and Mikey is two years below us.” I laughed and let go of the three boys and gave Frank a quick hug.

“Thank you.” he said sort of irritated but then started laughing.

“Oh shut up.” I giggled and before I knew it, I heard the sound of music and sort of a wedding go on. I turned around and Gerard was already laying on the couch watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

“Hey!” I laughed and ran and jumped beside of him on the couch which made him jump, he had just been sitting there ‘relaxing’. Gerard’s ‘relaxing’ was weird relaxing. “Ugh you messed up my relaxing.” he laughed and sat up, propping his feet up on the table as people in the movie started singing. “Sorry.” I shushed myself as we watched.

Halfway through the movie, on the ‘Sweet Transvestite’ part, I was starting to get tired. It was getting harder and harder to keep my eyes open and I felt Gerard’s arm creep around my shoulder. At first, I thought I was just dreaming it, but then I snapped my eyes open and realized that not only did he have his arm around my shoulders, but when I was starting to fall asleep, my head and managed to land on his shoulder.

“Am I still ‘okay’ with your mother?” Gerard asked out of nowhere. It was sort of a weird question and I was wondering why he was asking. His arm was so warm and his shoulder was somewhat comfort. He asked the question in a soft tone as if he didn’t want to wake me up to much. Which is weird. He usually didn’t care.

“Y-Yea, why?” I was starting yawn.

“Then she won’t mind letting you stay the night here, come on.” he said and picked me up in his arms. I swore I was starting to blush so I turned my head in toward his chest. I have no idea how he was picking me up. He didn’t look strong at all. But here he was carrying me past the guys, whose eyes were as wide as quarters and into the hallway and up the stairs.

We got to the hall at the top of the stairs and he turned into his bedroom and laid me down softly on his bed. “Here,” he said and turned to his closet. I looked around his room. I hadn’t been in here for like a year. It was still the same wooden walls, the windows covered up with sheets, dark sheets that kept the light out. There were still Star Wars and Vampire and band posters all over the walls and clothes strung out on the floor. The bed I was laying on smelled of Axe, Old Spice and Diet Coke all mixed together with the scent of Gerard. I inhaled it deeply, Heaven.

“Here,” Gerard repeated in his hushed tone and he turned around, with a slight smile on his pale face, his eyes glowing slightly and handed me a pair of his boxer shorts and a brown t-shirt. Holy Cow, Gerard was giving me a pair of his boxers to where. “Goodnight.” he smiled and left the room.

I got up quickly and tore my clothes off, putting his boxers on over my underwear and his shirt on quickly, and falling back down on his queen size bed, my head deep in the pillow, surrounded by Gerard’s scent and wearing his clothes. I had finally died and gone to Punk Love Heaven.
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