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180 By Summer

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Fun in the sun... much to Gerard's dismay.

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Hi! So woooowww like a year and a half ago I was all "I'm not doing this anymore" and now here we are a year and a half later and something made me come back to ficwad. I read all the comments of previous chapters and re-read my story over and some how found inspiration to write for this again. By now I'm sure all my original readers have moved on and thats totally expected I mean come on, I did take like a year and a half lol. But hey, I wanted to write again for this so here it is can you believe it? I hope you enjoy and I'm so terribly horribly sorry it took me so long and to new readers, I think I'm gonna start updating this again so dont worry lol and enjoy no more hiatus for me x__x

The next morning I woke up to arguing and the smell of something burning. “Frank! You can’t just put everything in the microwave and hope it works out!” my little brother’s panicked voice rang through the house. “Mikey, think about it how do you usually cook pancakes? You put em in the pan and wait till the batter turns into pancakes. We’ll this is the same way I’m just quickening the process.” Frank’s confident voice was heard next. “Oh my god… you’re gonna burn the whole house down…” there was a new emotion mixed into Mikey’s still panicked one now, it was exasperation.

A few minutes later the microwave beeped and I have to say I was slightly fearful myself. Things were relatively quiet downstairs now and I wondered if it was just the calm before the storm but my thinking stopped as soon as I saw Frank walk upstairs with a plate of microwaved pancakes drowning in syrup. “Gee you’re awake! I made you breakfast…. Or at least tried to…” he said as he handed me the plate now fully up the stairs and in my room.

Just from the information I had gained from him and Mikey’s disagreement earlier I knew they weren’t going to be exactly top notch but he looked so happy and excited about making me breakfast in bed I couldn’t turn them down it was adorable that he even tried so I’d take a few bites then fake a stomach ache or something if it meant making him smile. He sat happily watching me bite into them and just as I thought, not very good, but Frankie made them so I didn’t mind. A few bites later I said I was full and we both headed downstairs.

“So, what do you want to do today?” He asked as I was putting the plate in the sink. “You have a pool and its nice out. We could go swimming or go to the beach. Or a movie or the boardwalk.” I silently prayed he didn’t say mall, just because of the last experience, I just got him back and I didn’t need some meatball starting shit again. I wonder though if it’d be different this time. Since I’ve already seen that side of him and pretty much every side of him by now, maybe he won’t freak out and ditch this time. Call me a wishful thinker, but I’d like to think were stronger then that now.

“I guess we’ll just figure it out as the day goes.” I replied. It sounded like a pretty sensible answer but then I forgot, since when is Frank ever sensible… about anything. It seemed just as this thought dawned on me there was an arm dragging me to the back door of our house. “We will do that, but while were thinking and since it’s already like almost twelve and you know Jersey in the summer at twelve” he rambled as we went out to the backyard and I could see me in ground pool growing nearer and nearer. “Let’s go swimming. I wanna see you half naked without all the blankets.” He joked pulling off the jeans he must have put on for Mikey’s sake this morning, as previously stated he does sleep in boxers. He watched, waiting for me to jump in as I was still in nothing but boxers. I wasn’t much of a pool, water, outside in the sun kind of person and this didn’t seem to amusing.

“Uh Frank, I’m not much of an outside person I burn, like a lot, and plus ‘m a vampire I’m gonna catch on fire and disintegrate. “You can’t catch on fire if you’re in the pool…vampire…” he mocked walking up to me, he smirked and I knew he was up to something but lost my train of thought when he lips drew near to my ear and I could feel his warm breath heating up my skin. “Please Gee… I’d just loooove to get wet with you…” He whispered and wow, how could I say no to that. My mind wandered onto so many other things, things it shouldn’t be wandering to, but all my wandering thoughts stop so abruptly when they were met with the water I was now in. The little asshole he distracted me, turned me on knowing I’d get wrapped up and then pushed me into the pool and as I came to the surface I found a very accomplished looking Frank laughing his ass off.

“You little jerk get your ass in here! We have a score to settle now!”

“Oh do we?” Frank shot back with a cocky tone.

“Yes we do… I’m about to school your ass” I said confidently so ready to teach the little prankster a lesson.

“Hah! I’d love to see you try!” and with that he cannon balled into the pool. When he popped back up I allowed him some breathing time before jumping on him and pushing him back down. Just like me, he didn’t expect it and water got in his nose and mouth, I know this because he came up choking. I ask him a quick are you okay and when he nodded the games continued until we got tired of them and just ended up making out, which was totally okay with me, but not so much my little brother who stated “I’m going out” after noticing us.

“Gerard I’m pruney and I don’t like it…”Frank spoke breaking the comfortable silence we had fallen into for a few minutes. “Does that mean you wanna get out?” I asked and he shook his head yes with a “plus I’m hungry”. We had spent a good 2 hours in the pool and about a half hour in the hot tub that was attached to it. No I’m not rich; this pool is the nicest thing about my house. So we went inside and I made Frankie some food then relaxed on the couch resting our achy limbs from all that swimming with some movie time, we bought some horror movies via on demand, factored in some more making out and ended the night with some zombie killing. Maybe tomorrow we’d be more productive and actually leave the house, but I liked today and I especially like the way Frank was asleep in my lap right now. He looked to happy and peaceful for me to even try to move him, so I decided to go to sleep to, I leaned my head back on the arm rest and drifted off. Neither of us had much to worry about waking up for since I guess Frank found it hard to keep a job and I just didn’t have one so I allowed myself to relax and let go. “Good night Frankie” I whispered anticipating tomorrow.

So that was it, I hope it was kinda worth the wait. I mean not the wait of a year and a half but maybe just the half.... maybe not. XD So please comment That would be amazing your comments really are what made me wanna start writing this again so lets see em.
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