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Taking Advantage Of The DVD Cabinette and Tight Jeans

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Finally a completly good day...

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(Ohmygosh!!!! Hey everyone... Im wicked sorry this took so long but I was really lazy for a while and then I found out I was moving and I didnt have much time and then I wanted to spend as much time with my friends before I go as possible but I FINALLY found time!!! Lol. I missed you guys alot and I hope you missed me and my story to. Prolly more the story and not so much Me haha. But ya please read it and enjoy. Im sorry it took so long. Thanks for sticking with me for so long... you guys are the best!)


The sound of birds chirping, the sun shining and all the signs of a beautiful morning rudely woke me up. I woke up feeling warmer than usual. I thought about what I thought at the time was an amazing dream and how I had wished it was real. I pondered on that thought for another minute until I heard the most adorable sound I think I’ve ever heard; Frank was stirring and waking up. This in turn reminded me of what my arms where doing and why I woke up warmer than usual. I had fallen asleep holding him, and now he was curled up into my arms. I can honestly say I think this was the happiest moment of my life thus far, but then again it was only the first morning after all. My life in my eyes was finally good, perfect actually. I felt complete. He was absolutely gorgeous when he slept, not that he wasn’t gorgeous all the time, but asleep he looked so serene. The way his shaggy black hair swept across his face his eyes shut so lightly. He seemed so peace full. I can remember countless times when He’d sleep over and we’d sleep in this bed together, me on one side and him on the other, and I’d just lay there and think about how perfect he would fit laying against me. Guess I was right.

I continued watching my sleeping beauty for a little while longer until finally those gorgeous eyes of his slowly opened and stared right up at me, “Morning gorgeous.” I said softly in his ear. He smiled and blushed a bit; I never thought this side of Frank even existed. He was never shy or timid, at least that’s the image he led on to. I liked it though, and kissed his cheek. “Morning Gee…” he replied in a slightly groggy voice, followed by a yawn. He was even cuter first waking up then actually sleeping. “So how did you sleep?” I asked. “Better than I have in a long time.” I can’t believe this was happening to me. I didn’t feel like a deserved it but I still loved it. We laid there for a little just talking and then finally decided to get up and go get some food.

“Cereal?” I offered to the boy sitting on the bar stool at the island in my kitchen.

“To plain.” He said in a bored tone.

“Waffles?” I tried again. “To filling…” he said once again un-amused.

“Bacon and eggs?” I was running out of ideas.

“To ordinary…”

“Frannkkiieee what do you want theeennnn….” I was getting kinda frustrated.

“Belgium waffles!” He pronounced proudly.

“Are you crazy? Do I look like some sort of fancy restaurant to you? I already said waffles…” I joked.

“Ya but not Belgium ones! Come on Gee its eaassyyy” He whined, much like I did a minute before when I was first getting frustrated. “All you need is some waffles, powdered sugar and ice cream. I know you’re a good cook Gerard! So don’t try and pretend you’re not.” He smiled really wide at me. It wasn’t a natural smile it was like a ‘please do it for me’ smile. Of course I gave in.

“Okay Okay, but only for you.” He gave me a huge hug and let me get to cooking.
Frankie sat there patiently watching me cook, those big eyes full of interest with everything I did. He was like a child, curious about everything, was this really the same guy I had met in school, a seemingly “bad kid” or “delinquent” the guy all the girls had either gotten with or wanted to get with, the guy that would kick your ass if he didn’t like your attitude toward him. This bad boy rebel without a cause type had such a child like side to him. I watched this adorable behavior for a little while longer without him knowing I was watching of course, and then came to the conclusion that this side of Frank was never let out, or brought out by anyone but it was always there. He was the way he was because of his upbringing and that innocent side never really had room to be let out because of his home life. I liked this side better anyway, and I knew it was begging to come out so I welcomed it gladly. Unfortunately, the wise ass in him never really seems to fade no matter how much his personality changes, but I guess that’s all just part of his charm, so complex yet so simple. It wasn’t until I smelled the faint smell of something burning that I came to my next conclusion, I over analyze things way too much.

“Gee! Hello? Earth to Gee! You’re burning the waffles! I’m not eating that!” Frank exclaimed and I quickly came to my senses and saved the waffles just in time from there almost certain fiery death. It wasn’t too long afterward that we were enjoying our waffles; Belgium waffles that is, because Frankie’s very selective of his breakfast meals obviously. It was our first meal together as a couple and not just as friends, it was nice, awkward kind of, but good awkward… if that makes any sense to anyone but me.

“How bout a little waffle with your powered sugar…” I said teasing him about it. “The poor Belgium people, they never saw the blizzard coming…” I shook my head trying to be as serious as possible. “How about a moment of silence for those poor unfortunate sou— OW!” Frankie cut me off with a swift kick to the shin. He played dirty so I was gonna play dirty. I used my spoon to flick food at him, it hit his chest and he retaliated by using my own attack against me. This madness went on for a little while longer until we were snapped out of it by Mikey shouting as he walked by the kitchen “I’m not cleaning that up when you’re done…” we ate the remainder of our food and cleaned up the rest. Frankie wanted to watch a movie after we ate and when he found out I owned “The Nightmare Before Christmas” he squealed in joy and ran to the couch awaiting my company.

“I don’t know Frankie maybe its back further…” I said, grinning to myself. I had him on his hands and knees searching through the cabinet of DVDs for the movie, of course I knew where it was, but I wasn’t gonna tell him that just yet, I was enjoying this to much.
“Gee, I don’t think it’s here I can’t find it.” He said, his voice sounding a bit muffled being he was half way in the cabinet already.

“It’s a really deep cabinet Frankie, its gotta be back there somewhere.” I replied thanking god that Frank wore his jeans as tight as he did.

“Maybe if I pulled all the DVD’s out and went through them one by one…” came his voice again. A part of me wanted to say ’that sounds like a great idea!’ but I was better than that.

“Wait; is that it on the door there?” I pointed to the DVD that was on the shelf attached to the door; there it was along with all the other Tim Burton movies.
“Babeeee it was here the whole time? Didn’t you know all the Tim Burton movies were all together? You arranged them that way didn’t you?”

He called me babe, he just called me babe, it was so cute, and it sounded so good, was he really referring to me? Wow, I’m so happy already…

“Gee! You keep spacing off!”

“Oh right heh… sorry Frankie; I guess I forgot it was there, I haven’t watched a movie in like forever.” HAH ya right, half my life was watching movies, and the other half was drawing being I didn’t have any friends or a love life for that matter, he didn’t need to know that though…

About half way through the movie Frankie had found his way into my lap his head rested on my chest and this huge grin with plastered on his face. I can honestly say I was just as happy as he looked. Mikey eventually made his way to the couch to catch the middle/end of the movie and mouthed to me how cute we were a few different times silently and made that annoying ‘Aww' sound every time I so much as kissed his cheek. I guess we were cute, I didn’t know nor did I care I just loved having the feeling of finally calling someone mine, having someone to love that loves me back, and especially that person being Frankie. The rest of the day was filled with random events more eating, more TV watching, Frank trying to ride my small plastic sled down our stairs, Frank also trying to skateboard down our stairs and falling into my poor and helpless little brother and then Frank finally deciding he was ready for bed. Mikey enjoyed having Frank around, and I enjoying having Frank in general.

“Frankie you can borrow some pajama pants if you want, I don’t mind.”

“Nah, I usually just sleep in my boxers…” he gave me a wink and began undressing. Must he
really do this to me?

“I kinda hate you right now… but then again; the thought of holding your almost naked body is a very good one.” I replied, he wasn’t gonna turn me on and get away scot free. Frank removed his shirt and began to walk toward me. “Can I expect the same from you Gee?” He whispered so seductively in my ear. I hate how he always manages to win.
“And what if I say no?” I asked raising a questioning eyebrow. “Then I’ll make sure I help you say yes…” He grinned and crawled into my bed. Much to my dismay I removed my jeans and my shirt not bothering with pajama pants. I hated the way I looked but he obviously didn’t mind much. I was still pretty slim but had the potential to be fat, which Mikey said would happen sometime in the near future, fucking skinny ass.

As I got into bed Frank’s lips immediately found mine and we were engaged in a heated kiss. I was shocked, not complaining but shocked at his forwardness. After about a minute or so his hand found my bare chest and began moving slowly upward. I moaned, I couldn’t help it his gentle fingers felt so good. I was surprised this time by my own forwardness as my hands found his hips and rested there pulling him closer to me. We broke apart a minute or so later both panting heavily. Frankie tried to apologize about being so forward on our first real night together as a couple, but I quickly silenced him by giving him another short kiss and the re-assurance that I wanted it just as much. I fell asleep with Frankie’s head on my chest and my arms wrapped around him and before he completely fell asleep I heard him whisper he loved me.

“I love you to… babe…” It always sounds so good.


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