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Incident 42

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Incident 42: Chaos

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Incident 42: Chaos

The night passed with relative calmness, though no one went to sleep again until morning, when exhausted, Elena fell asleep on her desk while Rufus had a coffee rush. No one knew what made the president decide that he wanted coffee, but he wanted it and he got it. Now he was wide awake as the sun shone its first few rays of light in a new day.

Tseng was exhausted and wanted to rest, but someone had to guard the president and Rude was still somewhere unknown with Reno. Once again, Tifa and Marlene tried to leave and once again the boys cried, causing the weather to go crazy. "Isn't it strange how the weather changes when they're upset?" Tifa observed.

Cloud's eyes went wide, "it does!"

Tseng knew this was a dangerous path, "I'm sure it's just a coincidence. Anyway, boys, Tifa and Marlene have to go."

"Why?" Kadaj pouted.

"So they can take Cloud and Denzel home," Tseng hoped that the prospect of Cloud leaving was enough to make the boys understand. Though the delivery boy had avoided conflicts by keeping his distance from the girls, while still guarding them, the remnants weren't too fond of him just yet.

"But they came by themselves," Yazoo pointed out.

"So they can go back by themselves," Loz concluded.

Kadaj nodded in agreement, "right."

Tseng tried a different tactic and hoped the girls would cooperate, "if they leave, they'll come visit again, right?" He looked to Tifa and Marlene, who both nodded, but the remnants were not satisfied with that, they saw no need for them to leave. "When they leave, if you've been good, you might get a goodbye kiss."

Cloud opened his mouth to protest, but Tseng silenced him with a deadly glare. "That's right," Tifa agreed, they were just children, there was no need for Cloud to be jealous. Tifa bent over, and kissed them each of them on the forehead. Marlene tried to mimic the action, but couldn't reach so she instead settled for a kiss on the cheek, much to Denzel's annoyance.

Finally accepting that it was worth it to be separated for a little while, only for a little while, if they got kisses, Tifa and Marlene were able to leave without any unusual weather changes to stop them. A very annoyed Cloud and a pouting Denzel went along with them. However, now all three boys were in Kadaj's situation, unable to decide who they liked best, Tifa or Marlene.

xoxox xox xoxox

It hasn't been too long since Tifa, Marlene, Cloud and Denzel had left Healin Lodge when Reno and Rude returned. The red head was running like a mad man, with Rude trying to stop him and somehow unable to do so, being dragged along instead.

"Where is Strife?" Sephiroth was in control again, he glared around, searching for his enemy. "Where is he hiding?"

"He's not here!" Rufus yelled back, his caffeine rush making him a little too brave. "Let Reno go, as the president of Shinra I own the Turks," he grabbed Reno's long red ponytail and pulled it, "they're mine, all of them, understand, Sephiroth? I order you to get out of Reno!"

"You own us, sir?" Tseng looked at him in suspicion and disapproval, "just out of curiosity, how much coffee did you drink?"

"About fifty or so cups, why?" Rufus spoke as if it was a perfectly normal amount.

Angered, Sephiroth searched Reno's pockets for anything he could use as a weapon, he was not carrying his electrorod, but he did find a pocket knife, which he used to cut Rufus' long hair.

Rufus gasped, this was low, even for Sephiroth. "I'm going to kill you!" Rufus knocked Reno to the ground and started punching like crazy.

"That's Reno's body..." Rude pointed out.

"Reno is a Turk, he can take it, we will honor his brave sacrifice," Tseng voiced. "Wait until Sephiroth retreats and then we'll stop the president from killing Reno."

"Pres, stop! Ah! It's me!" Reno tried to block Rufus' angry blows. "Rude, help!"

"Now?" Rude looked at Tseng.

Tseng observed the situation, "he could be faking it..." A few more minutes passed, "or maybe not, let's go!"

The two men finally pulled the furious Rufus off Reno, receiving a few kicks and punches along the way. Reno slowly got up, beaten and pained, then his eyes suddenly glowed and Sephiroth was in control again. "You'll pay for this!" Using Reno's electrical abilities, he shot lightning towards the two Turks and Rufus, causing the three to hastily dodge in different directions.

"My hair, my poor hair..."Rufus cried, he wasn't bald, it could be fixed, he had enough hair for his old haircut, but it was not so long that it made everyone stare in admiration, nevertheless at least it was still amazingly shiny.

"We need to protect the hair," in the chaos, Tseng didn't know what to expect from Rufus, he might be angered if his hair, albeit it was no longer attached to his head, was damaged. Tseng and Rude shielded the hair which lay on the floor, while Sephiroth, shot lightning at Rufus, who ran away screaming, his sudden rush of angry courage fading.

In the mist of the chaos, three silver haired boys stood looking frightened. Their shock finally gave way to tears and they wailed like never before. There was a massive earthquake which made everyone fall down and pieces of the building fall apart. The rain and hail poured so harshly, that anyone caught outside would have been hurt. Thunder echoed deafeningly loud and lightning crashed, making a hole in the ceiling of the battered building. Seeing that the situation was too chaotic and that the planet might be destroyed before he had a chance to use it as a vessel, Sephiroth retreated and Reno fainted from the strain.

"What's going on?" Elena had been woken up by the colossal disarray. Reno was beaten and unconscious, Rufus was also bruised, his long hair unevenly cut short. Tseng and Rude, the first with a black eye and the second with broken sunglasses and a ripped suit, were standing around what was left of Rufus' long hair, and the world was in absolute chaos.

To be Continued

Disclaimer, I don't own Final Fantasy VII. The idea of the Turks protecting Rufus' hair while Rufus is in trouble is from demonlifehealer.
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