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Incident 43

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Incident 43: Disaster Zone

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Incident 43: Disaster Zone

"Stop!" Elena yelled so loud that her voiced echoed all around and the world seemed to freeze. Then she realized that, though the world wasn't frozen, the room was. She took a deep breath and tried to compose herself, then walked over to Rude, he had the fire materia, "would you melt the ice please?" The question came out innocently, as if it wasn't Elena's fault at all that the room was frozen.

Rude first broke out of the ice, then freed Tseng and finally Rufus. He then looked unsure at Reno and the remnants, but before the next action cold be decided, Reno used his electrical power to generate enough heat to break free of the ice and the remnants somehow broke free as well, shivering in the cold.

"Cold!" The three wailed.

Elena thought fast, and quickly made up an excuse, "the cold isn't bad; it means you can cuddle with a nice warm blanket surrounded by soft stuffed animals without being too hot because of it!"

The remnants stopped their crying, it looked like the battle between their dad and uncle Reno... no, wait, that was big brother Sephiroth... Either way, it looked like their fight had ended so there was no real reason to cry if the cold would soon be solved.

While the remnants cuddled their multitude of stuffed animals, which had been piled up on a single bed were all three sat, sharing a blanked, Rufus glared defiantly at Reno who faded between being himself and being Sephiroth.

"That really hurt, pres!" Reno complained when Sephiroth finally let him stay in control.

"It was your fault! I'm going to get my hair fixed, all of you stay here, I'll go alone!" Rufus opened the door, but as he pushed it, it fell off its hinges. "This place isn't livable anymore!" Pieces of the Healin Lodge had come apart, the ceiling had holes, as did the walls and there was too much dust, which had accumulated on the multitude of stuffed animals the remnants had collected over the past few days and was making them sneeze and cough. Yet the boys either didn't make the connection or simply didn't care and kept on cuddling their soft dust covered toys. Rufus watched the scene with a sudden hint of concern, "boys, are you warm enough to come out from under that blanket?"

The boys nodded, and rushed to their father, sneezing and coughing along with him and the Turks as more dust took to the air with each step. "Playing with such dirty toys is bad for you, those need to be washed, the Turks will take care of it. I'll go get my hair done and then we'll go to the beach."

"Yay!" The remnants cheered.

"The beach?" Tseng questioned, this didn't feel like the time to be going on a trip to the beach.

"Yes, I can't stay in Healin Lodge until it's fully repaired. Edge must be in pretty bad shape too. I'm calling my new stylist to meet me in Junon," Rufus had fired the old one due to failing to save his hair before. "Then we'll take a ship to Costa del Sol. You will all stay here and keep him," Rufus pointed at Reno, "away from Costal del Sol. Also, collect all the relevant documents, electronics containing data and such important things from this place, clean them and store them at Junon, clean the boys' toys as well and put them in storage."

"Wait, president, you're going by yourself?" Tseng was disbelief.

"It will take all of you to accomplish the mission I gave you," Rufus glared at Reno.

"It's me, yo!" Reno defended.

"We don't know for how long you will be yourself and I'm not taking any chances. See if you can research ways to exorcise Sephiroth out of Reno. I'll be connecting to the Shinra mainframe from Costa del Sol, go to headquarters and see to it that it's up and running immediately," with his mind made up, Rufus left Healin Lodge along with the remnants.

xoxox xox xoxox

The road was a muddy mess and the areas that had asphalt were cracked and uneven. The cars couldn't navigate the disaster zone terrain to leave the area and the helicopters had fallen over or been stuck by lightning. Thus Rufus and the boys ended up going to the Chocobo Ranch on foot, with Rufus telling stories about how he bravely faced danger back when Meteor was coming. It was his own version of what happened to keep the boys entertained, so they wouldn't start complaining about the long walk.

After arriving at the Chocobo Ranch, they found that the main stable had fallen apart along with he smaller structures around it. Though the ranch was further from the epicenter of the disaster, it wasn't as strongly built as Healin Lodge and even it had suffered considerable damage. At least the chocobos had been smart enough to sense the danger and stampede out, with chocobo Billy and the other workers frantically following after them, to stop the giant birds from escaping. It was that which saved them from the danger of becoming trapped in the buildings when they came down.

Lucky for Rufus, the ranch workers were not sophisticated enough to comment about anything being odd concerning his uneven haircut. Perhaps it was even more fortunate for them, because Rufus Shinra was not in the mood to hear any criticism.

While the boys waited for their father to choose the chocobos that would carry them, a thought occurred to Kadaj as he observed the leftover ruins of the ranch. It wasn't just the area immediate to Healin Lodge that was damaged and he had heard Edge being mentioned. "Tifa, Marlene..."

The other two boys caught on quickly and looked worried, "do you think they're okay?" Yazoo inquired.

"I hope they're not hurt," Loz looked like he would cry.

As if alerted by an odd instinct or an extra sense, Rufus rushed to their side, "what's wrong? Why do you look sad?"

"Tifa and Marlene!" The three replied in a distressed chorus.

"I'm sure they're fine," Rufus called Tifa's PHS, because everyone had everyone's number in Edge. "Tifa? Yes, I did notice the crazy weather and the earthquake. Cloud blames me? On what basis? He can go help the Turks clean up Healin Lodge and Shinra Headquarters if he doesn't believe it affected me too. Anyway, the boys were worried about you and Marlene, could you tell them you're both safe?"

The PHS was handed over to the remnants, who began to fight for it. Before they broke it, Rufus snatched it back and set it to speaker, holding on to it as the boys listened to Tifa and Marlene assure them they were safe and send them their well wishes. Once that was done, the remnants looked calmer and were ready to once again focus on the excitement of riding chocobos.

To be Continued

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